How Ezoic helped me

Hi, My name is samy
I will say what I think of Ezoic, just to thank them as I always do nowadays with Steve Jobs for allowing me to have a job while staying in my bed, so you must understand that Ezoic allowed me to believe in what I do by making me see the results of my efforts, which Google via Adsense did not consider important to do.

I created my blog, I installed Adsense and I earned in two years about $13!! ( and I can’t get them !! cuz I have to earn more 80$ before they pay me !! ) you can imagine the deception!! I knew that given my efforts, I deserve better than that!

earnings before ezoic

I discovered Ezoic, fortunately before I gave up blogging.

I didn’t have the necessary traffic but I followed their courses , earned $100 !! thanks Ezoic ! and I was accepted to install Ezoic in my blog !!! I can’t thank them enough !

The difference between Adsense and Ezoic is that with Adsense, google is not going to give you the data to improve your site and on top of that, you are going to be paid about $2 when google is going to earn $98 !! while with ezoic it is completely the opposite !

The first month I earned about $45.56 with Ezoic (and the next month, I earned almost double without even adding new content, with the help of Ezoic AI ) , I couldn’t believe it, but by the end of the month they sent me my earnings!

The difference between Adsense and Ezoic is that with Adsense, google is not going to give you the data to improve your website !! and on top of that, you are going to be paid about $2 when google is going to earn $98 !! while with ezoic it is completely the opposite !; For ezoic to make money with you, you must first make money and they do everything to help you do that and always encourage you.

It’s not over yet !! thanks to Ezoic I finally have access to my website data, not like on google analytics !!! the difference is that with Ezoic, I finally discovered the type of content that makes me earn money, the topics on which I have to write and I was even able to monetize my videos that I posted before on youtube but that make me earn nothing at all !!!

One more thing!!! I recently migrated two of my blogs to Ezoic free hosting, I had some difficulties ( cuz I never did it before ! ) but Ezoic helped me to put everything in order, thanks to them.

With this, my two blogs and ads are displayed faster than before! I have seen an improvement on my results concerning core web vitals and in my earnings of course! and all this is offered by Ezoic! hosting, plus replacement of several paid plugins! …etc ; all this is included in Ezoic Leap.

Ezoic has recently created Ezoic levels to encourage us even more to persevere in our work and improve our sites, they even offer grants, I am in level 1 but I do not complain because Ezoic has encouraged me to make more efforts with this system of Levels

I have a tip for all the bloggers who might be reading this!

Please, if you want to see the benefits of your efforts on your blogs as soon as possible, register on Ezoic, at the beginning, you will see ads in your blog and you will believe that this will bother your readers! it’s wrong! because as long as you continue to create a good content, your readers will continue to read you and support you even with the few ads that will appear at the beginning of your content and that will make you earn a lot of money among other things!

At the beginning, you will see a slight decline in traffic but after two or three months, everything will return to what it was before and the only plus is that you earn 20 times more money with your site than before installing Ezoic, all this thanks to the AI of Ezoic which will optimize the ads on your site by displaying more and more less ads while making you earn more money!

My personal case is maybe special !! because before I registered on Ezoic, I gave myself at least 5 years before making the first withdrawal of money from my bank ; but when I activated Ezoic, I made a withdrawal from the second month and the most important is that Ezoic has encouraged me to create more content, to learn more about blogging and SEO thanks to their very useful courses ( by the way, thanks for the $100 you gave me at the end of these courses ! ) ; Webinars and their professionalism of course.

I can talk about Ezoic until the morning but sincerely, they don’t need anyone to promote them, you just have to register, install Ezoic on your blog to never leave them ! (to make it fast, you just have to integrate your site and install their Plugin if you are on wordpress, the ads will be displayed automatically on your blog and you will earn the same day money without harming the UX of your blog! )

Final Thoughts :

To summarize, since I am on Ezoic, my earnings are always increasing and my traffic too without forgetting the morale which is at the highest because I finally know thanks to Ezoic data what to do to earn more without damaging the UX on my sites.

Thanks Taylor Beshop, thanks for all the Ezoic team, thanks Ezoic, personally, I consider myself lucky to work with you

M Samy