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How To Follow Best Safety Practices When Giving Your Dog CBD

CBD (cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring organic substance in the cannabis plant family. Its popularity has exploded in recent years due to its beneficial qualities. Although its benefits to humans are known, did you realize that it also applies to dogs?

Dogs share a similar endocannabinoid system as you. CBD works with this system to bring about many advantageous health effects.

Dog owners are increasingly adopting CBD to manage various health concerns, such as pain, stress, epilepsy, and rheumatism, in their dogs. The demand for natural healthcare products like CBD is also growing due to rising veterinary expenditures.

Is it legal? CBD was delisted from the Schedule 1 category of the FDA by the 2018 Farm Act. It is no longer a controlled substance. However, you need to consider the following safety factors before giving your dog CBD:

How To Follow Best Safety Practices When Giving Your Dog CBD

Always Purchase from a Reputable Supplier That Specializes in CBD for Dogs

Always check the COA (Certificate of Analysis) on the product’s label to determine a reliable seller. It will provide laboratory test findings, including data on the product’s THC content which should ideally be absent.

The COA should indicate the following tests:

  • Heavy Metals Test
  • Microbial Test
  • Pesticides Test

Look for another supplier if the product’s label or the vendor’s website doesn’t provide this information.

Since the manufacturers have nothing to conceal, a trusted brand of CBD oil for dogs will have a COA. Ask your veterinarian, consult with other pet owners, or do a Google search to find a reliable CBD supplier.

Companies under the National Animal Supplement Council must adhere to strict quality standards and regulations. You can read customer reviews to gauge the effectiveness and reputation of a company.

Opt for THC-Free CBD

Both the hemp and cannabis plants contain CBD. CBD from hemp contains less than the legal limit of 0.3 % THC, which causes the “high” found in cannabis. Despite evidence to the contrary, cannabis CBD still contains a tiny amount of THC, even though it cannot make you feel “high.”

Avoid any amount of THC that is hazardous to dogs. Other adverse effects include diarrhea, vomiting, and many others. Look for CBD for dogs that contain no THC.

Avoid Using Hemp Oil 

Beware of deceiving manufacturers. Many producers refer to their CBD oils as “hemp oil” and tout their health benefits. However, it has very little or no CBD and is therefore not beneficial for canines.

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You can offer your pup hemp seed oil products after adding CBD. Always refer to the COA to confirm a product’s CBD content.

Mix the CBD with Their Favorite Food

Dogs love food and would eat all day if we allowed them. If you give these four-legged creatures, quickly gobble their preferred food. You can include CBD oil in your dog’s favorite food if you wish to give it to them. This makes it more likely that they will take in all of the CBD.

This approach typically works since the food’s flavor masks the taste of the CBD. Dry foods work incredibly well to cover up the texture and flavor of CBD products.

However, most wet foods might only partially mix with CBD. Your dog can detect a shift in the texture and flavor of its usual meal. Therefore, ensure that the food passes as your pet’s regular diet.

Begin with a reduced dose when combining this cannabis component with food. It’s crucial to remember to give the CBD a few minutes to fully absorb into the food before proceeding to feed your dog.

Check the Dosage

More study is required to establish more precise doses because no products are FDA-approved for usage in animals. If your vet advises using CBD, heed their recommendations because dosage varies depending on the product’s intended use.

Researchers have studied the effectiveness of CBD oil in reducing the signs of canine osteoarthritis in the past. They discovered that 2 mg/kg administered twice daily reduced discomfort without adverse effects.

Which Dog Health Issues Can CBD Treat?

CBD can be used to treat ailments common in dogs and humans. They include:


CBD might help reduce discomfort and inflammation when absorbed by your dog’s body. It affects nerves producing pain sensations, but specialists are unsure exactly how it does it. Research has shown that treating joint inflammation lessens the discomfort that dogs experience from osteoarthritis.


Canines and humans can both suffer from seizures. There is strong evidence suggesting that CBD can effectively cure seizures.

It is one of the first medical disorders for which it has been authorized. The latest assessments of CBD’s efficacy for managing epilepsy recommend combining it with AEDs.


Dogs exhibit specific actions when they are anxious, just like humans do. People with anxiety disorders frequently scream, shout, or lash at you. Anxious dogs will destroy objects, bark, or urinate indoors.

Since CBD calms human anxiety, it can do the same for pets. According to the American Kennel Club, CBD has a relaxing but sleepy effect on dogs. 

Final Thoughts

CBD affects each animal differently. If your vet advises that you try it, you will need to try a variety of brands, dosages, or forms before settling on one that is effective for your pet. Even if it takes time to discover the correct product, watching your dog be its healthiest, happiest self is worthwhile.

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