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amazing dog story

Amazing Devoted dog stories

By M Samy | 28/11/2019

Hachiko , the dog that saved his breed from extinction   This amazing dog story is about the devoted Hachiko There were only about thirty …

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emergency care for dogs and cats

Emergency Care and First Aid for dog

By M Samy | 26/11/2019

How to do emergency care  and first aid for a dog Feeding your pet well will not prevent it from getting sick, and although your …

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cat unbelievable story

A faithful cat even after death

By M Samy | 26/11/2019

The amazing story of a Faithful Cat in sorrow we hear a lot about stories of devoted dogs and dedicated to their owners, real heroes, …

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make my home pet friendly

Make my home safe for my pet

By M Samy | 10/11/2019

How to prepare a safe home for your new pet? You should make your home pet-friendly because as soon as you pick your pet, you …

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why pets are good for kid's health

The health Benefits of pets

By M Samy | 06/11/2019

The reasons why pets are good for your health Of course a pet is excellent for staying in good health , both mentally and physically , …

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which food for my dog

The best fresh pet food for dogs and cats

By M Samy | 30/10/2019

How to choose the best fresh pet food for dogs and cats Choosing the best food for our pet is increasingly difficult, given the growing …

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familleetanimaux 1

How to Choose the right pet [All the Tips]

By M Samy | 24/10/2019