My Free Books For Dog Owners

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Let me welcome you to Famillypet, the Blog that will surely help you with your pet. As a welcome gift, let me help you with your dog training and behavior with some of my books

Know Your Pet


Read about Dogs , their needs , behavior , training …

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Do you have a smaller pet ? a Rabbit , Guinea pig , Hamster …

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Do you really know your Axies ? lets see

For Dog Friends

Hey! M. Samy here , Welcome to my Blog I’m just a Pet Lover that I’ve been around and caring for all my life and a.Now a full-time blogger at your service .My motto here at Famillypet is: “Pets First”

Living with Guinea Pigs

Axolotls as pets

My Free Books For Dog Owners

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Don’t forget your Gifts, a book to understand your dog, another to know the secrets to succeed in his training and finally, a third book of Brain games to have fun with your dog and develop his intelligence.


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