Which part of chicken is best for dogs ?

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Which part of chicken is best for dogs ?

which part of chicken is the best for dogs

All parts of chicken are good for dogs, but if you feed your dog raw chicken Meat , the best part is the chicken wing or thigh, and if the chicken is cooked, choose pieces that don’t contain bones, like the chicken breast.

It is also known that there is nothing better than chicken rice for a recovering dog.

Why is chicken meat good for dogs?

Chicken is found in many brands of dog food, and it’s one of the favorite dog’s foods. This is not by chance, because chicken is good for them, a meat that provides energy, it is rich in fatty acids , amino acids and Omega 3 and 6 , eating chicken allows our pooches to frolic all day without getting tired while having a healthy and shiny coat.

How is raw or cooked chicken good for dogs nutrition ?

The first argument is that the chicken breast is low in calories, but full of vitamins B, phosphorus, zinc and antioxidants so it is ideal for overweight dogs and those who are on a diet, as a protein intake.

Chicken skin is however very caloric for the rate of lipids it contains, so give it to your dog rarely and in small quantities, during the day when he went to the park or after a fetch or training session.

Chicken meat is also more tender than red meat, ideal for puppies and seniors and even for dogs in recovery.

Raw chicken meat that contains bones, such as wings, neck and thighs, will be rich in calcium and other minerals as well as marrow.

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High in protein and essential amino acids and low in saturated fat, this makes this chicken meat ideal for use as a treat for your dog’s training, cut it into small cubic centimeters (1/2 inche square).

This meat, especially the chicken breast, contains more unsaturated fatty acids than saturated fatty acids, so it is beneficial to prevent your dog from possible cardiovascular problems.

Can we give all the parts of chicken to a dog?

Yes, when it is raw, all parts of the chicken are good for the dog, but if you cook it, you must take care to bone the chicken before giving only the meat to your dog.

You can give raw chicken bones to your dog but I advise you to read, before this article on the subject

Can we give dogs chicken feet ?

are chicken feet good for dogs ?

Yes, chicken feet are excellent for puppies and small dogs as long as you don’t cook them, but if the chicken feet are raw, your dog will love them.

You can use them as a reward treat for your dog. 

Chicken feet are also given to dogs on a raw, low-calorie diet to help them lose weight.

Can I give chicken liver or heart for my dog?

chicken giblets for dog

Rich in proteins, in vitamins A and B, in zinc and phosphorus, chicken liver and heart are excellent as a food supplement for the dog, they should only constitute less than 5% of the dog’s daily diet, also make sure that these giblets come from free-range chickens fed with grains and not with growth hormones ! 

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You can serve them raw or cooked, your dog will love the heart and liver of the chicken, you can even use them as high quality treats to reward your dog during training for example.

how I would prepare treats for my dog with chicken offal

make treats with chicken offal

I’m used to buying good quality chicken offal, free-range chickens raised without GMOs and growth hormones (this is very important).

To prepare these giblets (chicken liver and heart) as Treats, I cook them at low temperature in the oven and then I freeze them after cutting them into small pieces and put them in a box.

Chicken necks for my dog ?

chicken necks for dogs

The chicken neck is composed of 40% bones and 60% meat, I usually give them to my dog raw and frozen, but they are not a complete meal for dogs, they should constitute only 30% of your dog’s plate.

Never give the neck of cooked chicken to your dog, because of the bones that can cause him an intestinal obstruction, but when they are raw, chicken cuts are excellent for small and medium size dogs.

I just advise you as a precaution to hold the chicken neck in one of its cups and give the other end to your dog if you are afraid that he swallows the whole piece, same for the chicken wings, it’s a solution also if your dog is a Gobbler.

Chicken pieces that are not recommended for dogs

First of all, be aware that chicken that you will not eat yourself would not be good for your dog either, so choose human grade chicken.

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I would say that the head of the chicken presents a risk for the dog, the beak of the chicken and the bones of the head can injure the dog although the brains of the chicken could be a good treat for your pooch.

The tail ( the butt ) of the chicken and its skin are saturated with fat and can cause pancreatitis to your dog especially if he eats it regularly.

The dog may swallow one or two feathers by accident, but if he eats too much, he risks an intestinal occlusion, so it is necessary to pluck the chicken or the piece before giving it to your dog.

What is the best piece of chicken for a puppy?

the best chicken part for puppies and smaller dogs

You can start feeding raw chicken to your puppy as early as 7 or 8 weeks of age as long as you grind it a little with a special meat or kitchen hammer and remove any bone debris you find a little too sharp.

Chicken neck and wings are better in this case, you can also use the thigh, and don’t forget to supervise your puppy so that he doesn’t swallow the whole piece at once.

The chicken bone that I never give to my dog even if it is raw

IMG 20200906 180508

This chicken bone that I hold in my hand (look at the picture), I took it out of the chicken’s thigh.

If you bone the chicken thigh, you will find the big bone, and there is this little bone pointed like a needle !

I Think that this bone is dangerous for dogs even when raw, I invite you to do like me and remove it from the raw chicken leg before giving it to your adorable Pooch.

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Chicken meat is good for the dog, just be careful with the bones if the chicken is cooked, ask your vet before starting a raw chicken diet, because your dog may be allergic to chicken.

Chicken offal is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals for your dog, but you should only give it every other day to avoid an overdose of vitamin A which could cause health problems for your dog.

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