What Rabbit Breed is best for Beginners?

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What Rabbit Breed is best for Beginners?

Every pet rabbit lover should start with one of these three breeds, Mini Rex, Holland Lops or Mini Lops. So , for your first rabbit as a pet, it is wise to choose the Mini Rex, life expectancy 7 years, a breed of rabbit of small or medium size 4.5 lbs, easy to maintain, rather calm character and especially a breed of rabbit that is known for its robustness and resistance to disease.

I have chosen for you two other breeds of rabbits that would also be ideal for a first time, but they will need just a little more attention; let’s go for it. 

1- Rex rabbits, Mini Rex, Dwarf Rex are the most suitable for a first time

What Rabbit Breed is best for Beginners?
Rex Rabbit

I recommend you the Rex Dwarf rabbits or Mini Rex rabbits (resulting from a cross between dwarf rabbits and Rex); if it is the first time that you have a rabbit as a pet.

Similar to the Dutch Lop, Polish and Havana rabbits, they are known to be docile and very calm, they are very cuddly and tolerate small children as long as you learn how to handle them well.

Like the Mini Rex, Dutch Lop, Mini Satin, Havana, Chinchilla, and Himalayan breeds, Rex rabbits are also excellent if you already have a cat or dog because of their calm temperament.

best rabbit breeds for first time owners
Mini Rex Rabbit

Also recommended for people who have allergies and asthma because of their short, soft and outward pointing coat, and most importantly, because they do not moult during the warm season.

They are the most popular rabbits in the USA, they live on average up to 6 or 7 years, they do not require special care and a healthy diet, good hygiene and daily outings will prevent him from contracting diseases.

With a minimum of maintenance, they almost never contract common diseases, such as otitis because of their protruding ears and dental malocclusions if they often have hay and chew toys in their cage.

For the grooming, a small brushing just to please him, otherwise they do not even need because their hair is short and they take care of their fur themselves.

I also recommend you this breed of rabbit “Rex” for the uninitiated in rabbit breeding, because the rex rabbits do not need much space, a small cage will be enough and a small space that you frame with the baby gates so that they play and stretch their legs.

Finally, I recommend Rex rabbits for beginners because a cage that is suitable for one Rex, will surely be suitable for two, one male and one female, both preferably neutered if you don’t want them to breed and avoid all the head rankings that go with it….

2-For a beginner, Holland Lop Rabbits are my favorite

The Easiest rabbit breed to care for
Holland Lop Rabbits

If you want a rabbit a little more dynamic, who loves to play even if he is not easily caught, as a pet, and are willing to provide a little more space (at least a cage of 20*30 inches) and effort to take care of daily brushing)  I recommend the Holland Lop, a breed of rabbit that can live twice as long as the Rex, which makes it an ideal breed for older children and teenagers.

Like the Rexes, the Holland Lops (a cross between the French Lops then the English Lops on one side and the Netherland Dwarf Rabbits on the other); are small too, less than 4 lbs, easy to maintain, they just need a little more brushing because of their medium size fur.

I recommend them for beginners because they also do not have any hereditary diseases or a predisposition to a particular disease, but I recommend you for this breed of rabbit to make sure they wear their teeth well by providing them with quality hay and chew toys.

The Best Rabbit Breed to start with
Holland Lop Rabbit

The cage or hutch must also be cleaned a little more often, at least twice a week (very little compared to some breeds that require it every two days, like Andoras);  because of their drooping ears on one side, which they drag close to the floor of the cage and on the other side (to avoid infections and mites), because of their hair length, a little longer than those of the “Rex”, likely to retain more dirt, hay and pellet debris as well as urine and droppings especially on their hindquarters, which you can clean with a little wet cotton).

While brushing once a week will suffice except during the moulting season, you should brush your Holland Lop several times a day to prevent it from swallowing too much hair and risking hairballs and intestinal blockage.

I recommend this breed of rabbits for beginners, as my second choice, just because they require a little more maintenance, otherwise, Hollands Lops are really friendly, cheerful, playful rabbits who will return your love, which has made them also, a breed of rabbits well spread in the USA and especially when it is their first pet.

To take advantage of the qualities of Hollands Lops, it is preferable that you give them access to at least one room, why not the whole house and outings in the garden are highly recommended especially on sunny days, 

3- For the first time, Mini Lops are an excellent choice too

Best beginner rabbit breed
Miniature Lops

The Mini Lops rabbits, also called “Little Hanging Ears / Little Darlings” are a good choice for a beginner of any age, it is a breed of rabbit that would be an excellent choice for a celebrant, as well as for a family with children (he loves children and hugs), by adopting a castrated couple for example, they can live inside or outside the house or apartment.

The Mini Lops, less than 6 pounds, (a cross between the German Lop and the Small Chinchilla), are also good pets for seniors, they bring them joy of life and keep them busy during the day.

These rabbits are a good choice for beginners because on the one hand, they are robust, just look at their body, well muscled and round when they do not suffer from obesity due to poor nutrition, and on the other hand, they have no known hereditary diseases and generally live their 10 years of age on average just by having made a few rare visits to the Vet.

For this breed, I would personally advise you to give them good quality hay and chew toys as they are known for their incisors that grow a little faster than other breeds.

The Mini Lop Rabbits, all colors (agouti, broken, pointed white, self, shaded, ticked, and wide band), is a breed recommended for beginners because of its ease of maintenance, they require only one or two brushes per week despite their hair which is of average length.

You could give him a brush every day during the moulting period, and it is necessary to count two molting periods per year. Mini lops are rabbits that clean themselves well, but they are also very easy to train (Litterbox training), so they will always keep a dry and clean coat, and ears all clean even if they drag them to the floor of the cage.

Mini Lop rabbit famillypet

You can always wet some cotton and clean the few stains they will leave if they can’t do it by themselves.

If you choose a Mini Lop as your first rabbit, expect a dynamic and energetic rabbit, who loves to be hugged and stroked, but especially to get out of his cage and run around on the sofa or from one room to another, they also love to go out on the lawn, especially when there is sunshine and you also give him his piece of carrot…

Mini Lops are a smart breed of rabbits, they love challenges and training, games and puzzles with treats, so don’t hesitate to bring them different toys, this will satisfy their natural curiosity.

Let’s wrap this up

If you want my opinion then ; the best rabbit breeds for a beginner are the Rexes, especially the Mini Rexes, the Holland Lops as second choice and finally the Mini Lops.

I have chosen these three breeds of rabbits for the first time because they are easy to maintain, do not require any special knowledge or specific equipment to have them and above all they do not get sick easily enough if you learn to take good care of them and detect health problems as soon as they appear.

Otherwise, all rabbits are easy to care for when you learn a little more about these adorable animals and you might even have an Angora or a Flemish Giant, you’ll just spend a little more time with them.

The 58 most common rabbit breeds in the United States

Here are more than 50 rabbit breeds pictures with their names so you can pick the one you wanna get , you can download the pictures or pin them to Pinterest if you want that as well

rabbit breed chart with pictures
rabbit breed chart with pictures

Frequently Asked Questions

Listen to me rabbit lovers: before we get into this Q & A about ideal rabbit breeds for the first time, let me tell you one thing, which is the following:

In principle, a beginner can choose any breed of rabbit as long as he learns about the breed and is willing to give his time and money to take care of it.

So all the advice and answers to the questions that will follow are just to prepare you and help you make the right choice of rabbit and so that you know what to expect when adopting a rabbit.

What is the ideal age for a first rabbit?

You should never bring back a rabbit before it is weaned, around two months, but for a beginner, I would advise an adult rabbit, already neutered, so you will see its true character without the behaviors caused by the mating periods that can soak you.

Rather choose a Doe or a Buck for a first rabbit?

The best combination for a first rabbit is a sterilized couple of course if you don’t want a bunch of kits, but you can choose one like the other, they are not that different !

What is the best breed for a first rabbit in a warm climate?

Your rabbits should always have water available and shade, but Flemish Giants, Frensh Lop and Satins are known to withstand the heat better, but if this is your first rabbit, avoid the Giant Flemish , it’s too much work for a novice.

Which first rabbit for children?

When it comes to taking care of the rabbit, you should not rely entirely on children, because an adult is needed to monitor the rabbit’s health, the symptoms of diseases, the quantity of black spots and the quality of the hay …etc.
But if you’re looking for an energetic, playful rabbit who loves company, cuddling and being handled by children, I would say that Mini Lops are the best in this case.

one or two rabbits for the first time?

Personally on Famillypet, I always recommend a companion for all pets, who would like to live alone ????
So I would say that a castrated couple is better than one rabbit, especially if you are away during the day. Rabbits are social animals that enhance the companionship of their pets, not to mention that taking care of one rabbit is no easier than taking care of two.

Which rabbit breeds are the easiest to care for?

The breeds of rabbits with short hairs and which do not grow too much, less than 6 Lbs are the easiest to take care of, I would name Holland Lop, the Lionhead, and the English Lop.

Which breed of rabbits for the outdoors?

Indoors or outdoors you must still ensure all the necessary conditions to raise rabbits. Rex Rabbits , Mini Rex , Mini Lops and New Zealand Red Rabbits are known to be good candidates for life outside the home although in my opinion they all can if the conditions are right.

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