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Are Ferrets Quiet Pets ?

Are Ferrets Quiet Pets ?

Ferrets are very quiet pets, they only make little sounds and sometimes whistles when there is a reason to do so, when they are playing, stressed, scared, upset or hungry, cold or in pain. Some ferrets are completely silent and you will rarely hear them!

are ferrets quiet pets

How do ferrets noise looks like ?

Here is the sound of two ferrets playing together, it’s not really noise ! it’s just two ferrets having fun together and enjoying their playtime by chasing each other .

If this kind of sounds bother you, I think you are not ready to have a pet, try instead a goldfish, they are completely silent !! not really but you will not hear the ultra sounds they emit !

Listen to these two ferrets playing , it’s funny:

Here’s how your ferret will let you know he’s happy and having a good time

When are ferrets the most active ?

Ferrets sleep from 8/9 AM to 5 PM and from 9 PM to 5 or 6 AM, they are crepuscular animals, they spend more than 16 hours, sometimes up to 20 hours a day sleeping or just lying down and taking successive naps in their hammock, and only wake up to go to their litter box or drink some water.

Ferrets are active for 2 to 3 hours at sunrise, and 3 to 4 hours at dusk and outside of these two periods, you will almost never hear your ferrets, especially if you cover their enclosure and make it a dark shelter as they love to sleep and feel totally safe.

Are ferrets noisy at night?

Ferrets usually sleep from 9 PM or at the latest 10 PM and except in special cases which I will mention right after, you will almost never hear your ferret unless she wakes up to poop or pee or drink some water.

Your ferret will sleep like this until 5 AM or 6 AM, when it is almost daylight and if you get up to feed him, take him out to play and stretch his legs, he will be happy, otherwise, you can let your ferret adapt to your sleeping rhythm and only take him out of his cage once you are up, at 7 AM or 8 AM.

So ferrets are not noisy at night except in the following cases:

  • If your ferret is hungry because you did not give him enough to eat.
  • If your ferret has eaten something off his ideal diet that he shouldn’t have, like fruit or veggies
  • If your ferret is sick or has indigestion and is in pain from a bowel obstruction
  • If your ferret is too hot or too cold, try to keep your ferret at a temperature between 30°F and 70°F.
  • If your ferret is in pain, he has a sprain or a broken leg and you didn’t realize it or any other illness.
  • If you have two or more ferrets in the same pen and they suddenly start fighting for some reason at night, they usually do not wake up to play.
  • If your ferret senses danger from a curious dog or other animal that has broken into the house, ferrets are also prey to other animals and may scream to warn you of danger as well.

Are ferrets noisy during the day?

Since ferrets sleep most of the day, expect your ferrets to sleep from 8 AM until almost 5 PM, the time you usually get home from work.

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Ferrets do not make noise when they sleep during the day and the only time they may make noise or vocalize to express a need or a state of joy or sorrow is at dusk and at nightfall when you take them out for their daily playtime, and there I don’t think their noise will bother anyone.

Are deaf ferrets noisy?

You should know that there is no rule that says that deaf ferrets are noisy! Each individual has his own character.

Just during their active hours, during sunrise and sunset, deaf ferrets don’t hear themselves, that’s why they vocalize and you will quickly learn to decipher these sounds, which are usually very fun and pleasant to hear.

Sounds your ferrets can make and what they mean :

Dooking : You will hear it when your ferret invites you to a game of jumping and fooling around.

Barking (loud chirp): This is a sign of excitement, it can mean both a good or bad mood.

Whimpering: You’ll hate hearing this sound, it’s a sad sound like your ferret is upset and doesn’t like what you’re doing to him.

Hissing (restrained chuckle) : This hissing is a sign of fear or anger, it is a kind of warning. ferrets also hiss when they play fight with each other. it’s the same as teeth grinding sound, when your ferret emits this sound, stop touching him until you are sure of his intention and that it is not a warning that he is going to bite you !

Squeaking: This is a sign that your ferret is having fun and loving the moment and he’s enjoying his playtime with you or with another ferret.

Whining: When you hear your ferret make this sound, know that he is probably in pain, he is sick or something hurts him! Try to reassure your ferret, otherwise take him to a vet, he could be sick, he may have swallowed something in your absence! . Dont worry if you hear your ferret snoring while he’s sleeping , its Ok.

Sneezing and Coughing: It could be a symptom of the flu if there is a runny nose or eyes, otherwise, it’s normal, it’s because of dust or it’s just like that! don’t worry.and for coughing, know that it may be a sign that your ferret has a respiratory problem!

What to do to avoid ferrets’ noisy nights ?

First of all, you should know that your ferret is a living creature and will probably make a little noise from time to time, even during the night and sometimes even while sleeping, this is called ferret whining or snoring.

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But here are some tips if your ferret is too noisy at night when it is normally supposed to sleep and not make any noise:

1- Don’t put your ferret’s cage in your room and keep it as far away as possible from where you sleep or work!

2- Make sure to soothe and tire your ferrets during their playtime, especially between 5 PM and 10 PM, so your ferrets will get tired and as soon as you put them back in their cage, they will quickly fall asleep.

3- Always make sure that your ferrets stay in excellent health, feed them well and make sure that they don’t swallow anything that could swell their belly at night and prevent them from sleeping.

4- Cover the cage of your ferrets , by the way , Get the ideal cage for your ferrets here ; even during the night so that they feel safe and sleep and so that you don’t wake them up every time you turn on the light…etc

This Special cage cover will also absorb any noise your ferrets may make, so consider installing it for them.

Also install a ferret-safe fleece liner, if you don’t want to hear them moving around the cage at night, when they wake up to drink water or relieve themselves.

5- Provide your ferret’s needs and plenty of enrichment in the room dedicated to your ferrets, such as toys, tunnels, stuffed animals … so that your ferrets get tired and spent and sleep at night without waking up too much.

Are there any silent ferrets?

Do ferrets make a lot of noise ?

There are parents who say that they never hear their ferrets and they even worry about that!

Each ferret has its own character, and if your ferret is silent, know that it is not alone and that there are ferrets that do not vocalize.

Final thoughts

Ferrets are not noisy, not at night and not even during their playtime. I personally love to listen to them making all those sounds and interacting with humans or each other.

Ferrets are amazing pets, they are playful and will quickly make you forget your worries, believe me, it’s worth it to have ferrets even if they are noisy! 

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