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How to make a ferret litter box and which one to buy ?

How to make a ferret litter box and which one to buy?

To make a ferret litter box you will need just one large plastic container over 25 inches, at least 18 inches wide and at least 1 in. high on one long side of the container. Then line it with litter or pee pads and place it in your ferret’s cage and in the corners of his room.

What makes an ideal ferret litter box?

1- Ferrets need potty training and a litter box that is larger than their body, male ferrets need more space (25 in/18 in/1 in). Ferrets will relieve themselves outside the litter pan if it is not large enough for them, especially if you delay emptying and cleaning the litter box by removing the few old droppings.

 2- A Good home made ferret’s litter box should not have all the edges higher than its eyes. Ferrets are also prey to other animals and they have this habit of always being on their guard when they go to the small corners to relieve themselves.

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At least one edge of the container should be less than 1 in ( 2. 5 cm) so that your ferret can watch the surroundings while relieving itself and to make it easier for it to get into its litter box too.

3- When choosing or making a litter box for your ferret, make sure it has no sharp edges to avoid hurting your ferret.

4- The litter box for your ferret should not have any protruding ends, do not use tape or ends that your ferret can tear off, chew or even worse swallow and risk an intestinal obstruction.

5- The litter box or litter pan of your ferret must be installed in a dark corner of its enclosure and in every corner of the rooms where your ferret has access, otherwise you will quickly find secret-potty under the beds and in dark corners of your rooms.

6- Your ferret’s litter box should be installed in a corner, ferrets like to have their backs covered and need to be sure that they will not be surprised from behind when they do their business.

7- Paper-based litter (compressed paper pellets) and wood pellets are the best litter to put in your ferret’s litter box, the best solution is Pee pads, they are very absorbent and trap pee odors.

Avoid clay and wood shavings litter, they do not absorb urine and do not retain bad odors, plus clay and silica based litter can cause respiratory problems for your ferret. Clay litter can also cause trouble for your ferret’s eyes because of the dust.

How many litter boxes do I need for my ferret?

For a ferret you should have a litter box in its enclosure, choose one that fits in the corner of the cage, make sure it is larger than your ferret.

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Ferrets that are fed with kibble go to the toilet on average once every 4 to 5 hours, on average ¼ hour after each nap, a little less if they are fed with a raw diet and whole prey and make in this case less poop too.

You must then have at least one litter pan in a corner of each room where your ferret has access, otherwise you will often find secret potty spots in your house, under your furniture and in the dark corners of the rooms where your ferret can go without your knowledge.

If you find a corner where your ferret has been doing his business, install a new litter pan in its place because your ferret will often return to that area to do his business.

Which litter box should I buy for my ferret?

How to make a ferret litter box and which one to buy ?

I have only two litter boxes to recommend for your ferret, the one that will be installed in his cage and litter pans that you will put in the corners of each room where your ferrets can have access, here they are:

For the outside of the cage, in the corners of your rooms, I recommend using Midwest Replacement Crate Pan, you can choose between 24, 30 and 36 inches in length, depending on the size of your ferret.

For the litter box, I advise you to use Kirkland Signature Gravity Store Absorbent pads, they are very absorbent and retain the bad smells well and especially easy to change, which you must do daily especially for those that are more used by your ferret.

For the interior of the cage, I do not recommend litter boxes that fit in a corner and are shaped like a triangle, your ferret must have a rectangular litter box if you do not want him to relieve himself outside the litter box and dirty the entire bottom of the cage and your ferret to become stinky .

I recommend PuppyGoHere Dog Litter Pan Misty Gray Color, Size: 24″ x 20″ x 5″. It is large enough for all ferrets.

I also recommend using absorbent Pads instead of traditional litter, but if you want to use litter, I recommend a compressed paper-based litter, which is sold as compressed paper pellets.

Never use a sticky or dusty litters like Clay and Silica based or Cedar or pine litters.Wood shavings contain essential oils ( phenols ) which are dangerous for your ferret.So no cat litters for ferrets.

Final thoughts

If you want to make your own litter box or litter pan for your ferrets, know that it must be wide enough for him and it must at least have an edge (entrance) not very high, of an inche because the legs of your ferret are short and to facilitate the access and that he can watch the surroundings by doing his business (it is more reassuring).

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I advise you to buy directly the ones I recommended, they are not too expensive and also use the pee pads instead of the litter, it’s more convenient.

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