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The Best Hay For Rabbits

What is The Best Hay For Rabbits ?

The fact that you are looking for the best rabbit hay is proof that you really love your fluffy and that you care about its well being.

You are right to look for the best hay for your Bunny, because hay and grass make up almost 80% of a rabbit’s well balanced diet, which is then supplemented with pellets, a little greenery consisting of leaf and root vegetables, and finally a handful of pellets and a piece or two of fruit to make your rabbit happy.

what hay should i buying for my bunny

In fact , if your bun doesn’t eat hay , it’s a big problem that you should solve very quickly .

But since hay is the most important food of the balanced diet of your rabbit, I have done a research and I have brought you the 3 best hay models for your rabbit, which I will classify from the best to the least good according to the criteria of the rabbit specialists and the needs of the rabbit as well as the veterinarians and nutritionists.

Here are the 3 best hays for rabbits:

What Hay you should buy for your rabbit whatever its age?

The ideal is to mix at least 3 different qualities of hay

On the one hand there must be :

At least 50% Alfalfa hay for :

  • Rabbits less than 7 months old
  • Rabbits underweight
  • Rabbits in convalescence provided that they do not have access to calcium-rich food (some vegetables).

If not, 20% of the Alfalfa hay will be enough for the mixture

On the other side, you will mix two more hay from the following three brands:

  • Oxbow Western Timothy hay
  • Kaytee Timothy Hay
  • Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay

Choose at least two of these hays and mix them in equal parts to complete the previous part of the alfalfa hay.

For example for a rabbit less than 7 months old and growing up
50% Alfalfa + 25% of each of the other hays

For a normal size adult rabbit
20% Alfalfa + 40% of each of the other two hays
, Oxbow and Kaytee for example.

The principle is to make a mix between three of the hays that I have recommended, taking care to give Alfalfa hay according to the age and health condition and weight of your rabbit, while the other hays can be given without moderation.

Here are the links to buy your hay, note that I chose Alfalfa hay and Kaytee in the Small pet select store because of the quality of the hay and their fast and free delivery if you buy for more than $40, if not the other links are to Amazon.

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But if for one reason or another you can only buy one hay !

Buy Alfalfa hay if your rabbit is less than 7 or 8 months old if not buy one of the other hays, I have ranked them from the best to the least good.

If you want to do the right thing , please follow my recommendations bellow :

You must have Alfalfa Hay, so start by ordering at least one bag.

Order also Kaytee Timothy hay with one of the other Oxbow hays (Western or Orchard Grass), you can order all three of them with Alfalfa, your rabbit will enjoy mixing these four best rabbit hays.

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1- Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay

I think that if you have already done a little research on this, you already know this brand of Timothy Hay .

But I want to recommend as first choice their Oxbow Western hay, a fleole hay, rich in fiber that rabbits love, I have experienced it and thousands of customer reviews confirm it too.

If you give your rabbit Timothy hay Oxbow Western hay, he/she won’t be interested in anything else except his treats because it smells and tastes so good because it’s a natural prairie hay that keeps its good grass and flower smell long after you open the bag of hay.

This hay is ideal for rabbits that are also overweight or have a fiber deficiency.

Some customers were full because they found some dust at the bottom of the hay bag, but Timothy company did not hide it and it’s normal because it’s hay that comes directly from nature and it’s not picked by hand, personally I think it’s not bad especially because it’s also very rare to find dust in these Timothy bags and it’s not really an issue !!!.

Oxbow Western hay will be very dry, very easy to crumble and serve to your rabbit, just shake it a little to remove any dust, just as a precaution and serve this excellent hay to your rabbit without moderation.

It is a hay harvested in the USA, 100% natural and first choice, which has all the nutritional qualities required for the well-being of rabbits and the good health of their digestive system too.

So I highly recommend Oxbow Timothy hay and if you want to go through my link to Amazon, click on the following button.

Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay

2- Kaytee Timothy Hay

Timothy hay from Kaytee Meadows is the hay I recommend if you can’t find Oxbow Western.

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These two hay models have almost the same qualities, but what I don’t like about Kaytee hay is one thing, bunnies love it too, even though it’s a little less fragrant than the Oxbow Western hay, I only blame it on the fact that rabbits can waste some of this hay if you don’t have a rake that has a bit of a small mesh because this Kaytee hay is cut too short compared to Oxbow which is cut into longer stems better for chewing .

So your rabbit will drop some of this hay in his litter box underneath his rake, it is not totally lost because your rabbit will be able to eat it or it will be used as litter too.

Kaytee is a hay that has all the essential nutrients for your rabbit, it is a hay produced in the USA, not too expensive and excellent when you have a lot of rabbits to feed or rabbits and guinea pigs for example.

If you can’t find Oxbow, buy Kaytee, it’s my second choice.

Kaytee Timothy Hay second choice for bunnies

If you want the Second Cutting Timothy Hay ,Second cut hay is a good hay for healthy adult rabbits , its has  the perfect ratio of nutrients for your Bunny health maintenance. It usually has more leaves on the stems and a medium amount of flowery heads which is more attractive to your rabbit ; you have to get it from Small pets Select Shop , the price is the same , click on the link bellow ” free shipping if you purchase for more than $40 “

Kaytee Timothy Hay Second Cutting for your Bunny

3-Alfalfa hay for Baby and picky bunnies

Different from the first two hay types, alfalfa hay is high in protein, fat and calcium, ideal for rabbits less than 8 months old, and which are in full growth.

You can also sprinkle some of this hay on the Oxbow or Kaytee hay if your rabbit refuses to eat them or does not eat enough hay.

This alfalfa hay is also good to have as a treat, or for a picky rabbit.

I recommend this alfalfa hay if your rabbit is less than 7 to 8 months old, or is underweight and in case your rabbit doesn’t like the other hays, crumble some of this alfalfa hay on his racks and he will love to eat his usual hay.

This is the you can use to make homemade bunny treats as well by mixing it to other ingredients .

Kaytee Premium Alfalfa fresh Hay for your Bunny

Finally, whatever hay you choose, make sure that your rabbit always has enough dry hay in his racks.

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Always check to see if your rabbit is eating enough hay and as much hay as usual so that you can react quickly if he doesn’t eat enough hay before he develops digestive problems.

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