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What can rabbits eat and not eat ?

What can rabbits eat and not eat ?

what can pet rabbits eat and not eat ?
How To Store Hay For Rabbits

Rabbits are strict herbivores, they are fed mainly hay, leaf and some  root vegetables, herbs and stems, extra pellets and pieces of fruit in moderation. 

Rabbits have a varied diet, which should never be disturbed or changed abruptly, they also love treats, but in very small quantities and especially just for the rabbits that are out of energy.

For this article, I’m going to answer all your questions about whether rabbits can eat this or that food, and I’m going to put it all in the following table:

What can you or can’t give your bunny :

Food / IngredientEdible by rabbits ?
PumpkinYesThey should not eat it too often or in larger quantities.
Pumpkin LeavesYesValuable source of dietary fiber.
Pumpkin SeedsYesRaw pumpkin seeds as an occasional treat
MangoYesIn small quantities , less than 2 small slices a week
Dried MangoYesOnly as treat
Mango LeavesYesOnly Adult Rabbits
GrapesYesOnly As a treat for adult rabbits
Grapes with seedsYesBut you can buy seedless grapes
RosemaryYesRich in Vitamins & Minerals , but it is best to feed this herb in moderation at first, as too much could cause diarrhea
ApplesYesOnly as a treat a few slaces per week
Apple seedsNoDo not give the heart of the apple to your rabbit, the seeds are toxic
Apple peelsYesApple peelings are good for rabbits as long as the apple is well washed and also from pesticide-free agriculture, valid for all other fruits.
Apple tree leaves , twigs , BranchesYesApple tree leaves ( during the summertime ), twigs, and branches ( during the wintertime ) are good  and healthy  for rabbits.
SunflowerYesAs for most flowers, this one is edible by the rabbit, just  as a delicacy of course
Sunflower LeavesYesRabbits love sunflower leaves, but not those from the end of the season, risk of Mildew on the leaves.
Sunflower SeedsYesYes sunflower seeds are not toxic for rabbits but they contain oil, so they are to avoid the hot season and not for long-furred rabbits as well … risk of obesity too
Tomato “ fruit”Yestomatoes are good to give to rabbits in small quantities.
Tomato stems Leaves and seedsNoTomato plants, leaves and stems and even seeds in large quantities are toxic to rabbits.
DrillYesRabbits can have dill,  dill flowers , Dill is an excellent treat for rabbits 
LavenderYesLavender is excellent for the rabbit, it can eat the whole plant, the flowers, buds and stems).
Parsley with leaves and stemsYesA small amount of Parsley ( leafy green) once every two days is enough for your rabbit.
ParsnipsYesRabbit can have parsnips in moderation of course cuz of risk of obesity
TurnipYesOnly in small quantities as a snack for your rabbit
Turnip GreensYesRabbits love turnip leaves 
Bamboo leavesyesrabbits love these kind of leaves
Bamboo sticksYesOnly a s a treat ( as a chew treat )
Dock leavesNoYour rabbit should never approach this whole plant (it contains  toxic oxalic acid )
PeachesYesOnly as a treat , one fruit for the whole week , 2 slices every 2 days
Peach tree leaves , branches or woodNoLike all the other single-seeded fruit trees ( plum, cherry, and apricot ; rabbits should never  eat peach leaves, branches or wood. They are all poisonous.
Tangerines , , mandarins, tangerines, clementines, satsumasYesNo more than two or three segments of tangerine and these other fruits per week for an adult rabbit
Tangerine leavesYesRabbits love tangerine greens and branches , they are safe for them
Clémentines Yesonly as a treat and the juice in water as an appetizer when your rabbit refuses to eat or drink water !
Aloe veraNoKeep your pets away from this plant of aloe vera , its toxic and can causes GI stasis , upset and diarrhea for rabbits and even death
Pea PodsYes Garden pea pods are higher in calories and should given in small amounts . snap peas only as a treat ( start by small quantities )
OlivesNoDon’t give olives ( green or black ) to your rabbit
Olive  Leaves and branchesNoDon’t give olive branches for rabbits
AcornsYesJust as a treat , the acorns should be thoroughly dried before feeding (tannins help clearing up many intestinal parasites.)
Maple Leaves & woodYesIn spite of all the misunderstanding around the Maple, know that rabbits can eat it without any risk of cyanide poisoning
NettlesYesNettles are very rich in minerals and vitamins, and your rabbit can consume it without risk, just avoid those with seeds, they can cause irritation in the mouth.
Jicama Flesh (Mexican turnip or Mexican yam bean)YesHigh in fiber and Vitamin C ; the flesh, of  Jicama doesn’t have any poison in it, which is the only part of the vegetable you can give to your bun (don’t give it for baby rabbits under 12 weeks )
Jicama Leaves, peels and stemsNoYour rabbits should never eat the leaves, stems or peelings of the Jicama because they contain a fatal poison called Rotenone.
Oak Leaves and branchesNoOak as a tree is toxic for bunnies , keep it away from  them
CitrusYesis okay to give your rabbits citrus fruit, but in very small amounts
Citrus leaves and branchesYesRabbits can have as much as they want of citrus greens and branches , its safe
Blackberry BushesYesThe leaves and stems of blackberries even with thorns are good to give to the rabbit, wash the front to remove any cobwebs that may be on them.
PlumsyesYou can give plums to your rabbit in moderation and remember to remove the front plum so that you don’t break a gum.
Plum tree NoNever give your bunnies twigs, leaves or wood from plum , its toxic for them
CaterpillarsNoA rabbit may eat a  small bug by mistake that’s why you have to check the leaves carefully before giving them to him.
MarrowYesYes  rabbits can have Marrow, when they are not yet too dry, the whole plant is edible, the leaves, fruit and even the seeds.
CucumberYesRabbits love cucumber, they eat the leaves too, give the fruit in moderation.
OrangesYesRabbits can have two orange wedges, even a little bit of the skin or some natural orange juice of course just as a treat.
Kale YesJust as a Snack & In small portions and not often, because both kale and spinach contain too many oxalates and goitrogens that are dangerous for rabbits.
BananasYesOnly as a treat 
Bananas PeelsYesIn small amounts
PomegranateYesYes bunnies can have Pomegranate , the fruit with the peels , but just as an occasional treat cuz it causes reproductive issues in rabbits.
Pomegranate LeavesYesStart with small amount and see if your rabbit likes it ..
BroccoliYesIt is best to give the rabbits only the broccoli leaves at the beginning and see how they react.
Broccoli is rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber but it is also known to provoke gas especially the floral part of broccoli (the florets).
CeleryYesBuns like Celery , but use it just as a snack 
Asparagus /Asparagus endsYesNot for baby bunnies and use it only as a treat (4-inch section of thin asparagus ) Asparagus is a great source of nutrients,fibers and vitamins.
AvocadoNoRabbits should never eat the avocado, or even go near the avocado tree.Avocado fruit, pits, skin and leaves are toxic for rabbits because they contain a toxin called “Persin”.
Arugula ( Rucula )YesRabbits should only have a small amount of Arugula just twice a week, it contains too much calcium which is harmful to the rabbit.
AlfalfaYesYes  but Lucerne or Alfalfa must be given to rabbits less than a year old, they have an extra nutritional need. Alfalfa plant or alfalfa hay is recommended just as a treat for a recovering rabbit or a rabbit that refuses to eat hay, mix some alfalfa in its Timothy hay .
Apricots ( the fruit )YesTwo slices as a treat and not every day !!
Apricot leaves , twigs and branchesNoRabbits should not eat the stems, buds, twigs or leaves of apricots, as well as all fruit trees whose fruit has a stone and oas seeds such as an apple for example “the stone”.
BreadNoDo not give your rabbit bread, croutons, crumb or the Pizza  lefts… nothing ! the rabbit is a strict herbivore and not an omnivore.bread will not do your rabbit any good, it will release too much sugar and deregulate the floral balance in the fragile intestine of your rabbit … no cakes or cookies too … watch your children.
Blueberries , blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries.YesThese fruits are all to be given just as a treat, no more than 3 per week.
For the leaves of these plants and the stems, you can also give them to your rabbit when they are tender and fresh and after the birds are well cleaned.
Brussel SproutsYesYou can give one small or a half a large Raw Brussel sprout for your adult rabbit , only twice a week , it causes gas .
BasilYesBasil is a suitable herb for rabbits , a small amount every day is ok.for an adult rabbits, you can give 2 stems of basil with leaves.
Bell PeppersYesYes Rabbits can have Sweet Bell peppers , as a treat , the fruit as all the plant is ok to give , you can leave or remove the seeds … as you want
Bok ChoyYesYes. Rabbits can eat Bok choy including choy sum. Start with small amounts .
CabbageYes High in minerals and vitamins , especially Vitamin C , all types of cabbage are good for rabbits .don’t give too much and don’t introduce it to quickly , start with small amounts , it causes gas.
CarrotsYesCarrots “ fruit” are high in sugar , so they should be given only as a treat , not every day . You can give him the tops too.
CauliflowerYesRabbits can have Cauliflower florets , don’t give too much it may causes your bun to bloat and become gassy.
Cauliflower LeavesYesYou can give your Fluffy every part of the cauliflower plant , look which part he enjoys the most .
CornNoRabbits should never be given Corn , fresh , dried and even cooked it’s harmful for them
Corn LeavesYesRabbits can have young maize plants , fresh and soft corn leaves and stalks .
CherriesYesYes, Rabbits can get cherries, all types: black, Montmorency, or dark red cherries .. but they should be given in small amounts , just as treat.
Cherry treeNoNever give your bunny any other part of the cherry tree , only the fruit !! no cherry twigs, branches, leaves, limbs and cherry barks , the tree is poisonous for rabbits.
Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate Biscuits
NoNever , ever give chocolate or anything that contains chocolate  for bunnies !! it contains theobromine , fatal for rabbits.
DandelionsYesYour bunny can absolutely have Dandelions  , the whole plant and the flowers are safe and very nutritious , it’s source of many vitamins and minerals .
Dog FoodNoForget it !!! we are talking about bunnies here , not wolves LOL
Dragon FruitYesRabbits can have Dragon fruit but in small amount , juste as treat and should be introduced very slowly 
DatesNoDates are not recommended for rabbits, they are too sweet and contain calcium too, they can cause stomach Upset and digestive problems for your rabbit.
Palm leavesYesPalm leaves can be given to rabbits, clean them well and let them dry in the shade before serving them.
Dried CranberriesYesLike all the other fruits , cranberries , fresh or dried could be given to rabbits only as an occasional treat .
DaisiesYesLike many other flowers , buns could eat daisies , don’t worry ,  there aren’t any health concerns to them doing so.
EggplantYesa small slice of raw eggplant is ok for buns .(contains sugar and  poor in fibers and vitamins ! )
Eggplant’s Leaves , flowers , stems and tops , only the peelings !!NoOnly the raw vegetable “ fruit” could be eaten by bunnies , eggplant leaves and tops are poisonous and shouldn’t be given to rabbits.
Eggs and Egg  ShellsNoNever give eggs for rabbits , egg shells are rich in calcium that could disturb your bunny”s digestive system.
Edamame BeansNoEdamame beans contain a lot of phosphorus, calcium, acidic and sugar , this  makes them harmful for rabbits
Edamame ShellsNoRabbits shouldn’t get Edamame shells .
Curly endive
White Endive
Belgium Endive
YesRabbits can have Endive just as part of their daily fresh greens.Endives are rich in fiber and nutrients .
Eucalyptus leaves , bark , branchesNoSpecialists say that this tree is toxic to rabbits even though a few occasional leaves don’t seem to make the rabbits that ate them sick !!!
EscaroleYesBuns can have escarole as part of their daily leafy greens.
Evergreen TreesNoIt’s not a correct question to ask, you have to treat each kind of tree separately, but as a general rule, you shouldn’t give the leaves or wood of this kind of tree to rabbits even if they have already seen them eating eucalyptus and olive leaves for example, but you have to avoid !! ok ! !
FennelYesYes the rabbits can have the fennel, the bulb and the stem, they love it, you just have to mix it with other plants and veggies for its daily ration of greens.
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