What kind of fish can you keep with an axolotl ?

What kind of fish can you keep with an axolotl ?

What kind of fish can you keep with an axolotl ?

You may have one or more axolotls and you want a little more animation in the Tank by adding a few fish but you wonder is it really possible to make axolotls cohabit with other freshwater fish ?

Yes, you can introduce other species of freshwater fish in the tank of your axolotls if it is large enough of course but you have to respect these conditions to start:

  • They must not be numerous (less than 10). 
  • They should never be bigger, or even the same size with your Axies.  
  • You must have an excellent filter and change the tank water more frequently. 
  • And finally, you must permanently supply your tank with these small fish, because they will surely be used as food for your axolotls. 

Keep reading, there are other precautions to take before introducing these fish into the Tank of your axolotls. 

Which fish can you coexist with an axolotl?

White cloud minnows as axolotl's tank mates

Try to introduce fish of less than 4 cm if your axolotl is an adult of course and measures a little more than 15 cm, the principle to be respected here is that the fish must be able to pass easily in its mouth. 

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They must also be nutritious, so I recommend White cloud minnows, Killifish, Guppies, Mosquitofish, endlers or charales (very typical in Mexico) and if you don’t find these species in your pet store, you can use Goldfish

  • axolotl tank mates
  • axolotl hunting goldfish
  • axolotl hunting goldfish
  • axolotl hunting goldfish
  • axolotl hunting goldfish

What are the precautions to take before introducing these small fish into an Axie’s Tank?

In addition to the precautions I mentioned above, you must first of all choose small fish, which are neither sick nor carrying parasites.

You will buy about ten of them and put them in a small aquarium or tank and quarantine them for at least a week to make sure they are safe for your axolotls.

You will introduce them into the aquarium in broad daylight and you must especially monitor more closely what happens in the Tank during the first week.

If you see that the small fish to attack the gills of your axolotls, and they do not react by chasing them away, you must remove these fish immediately.

The axolotls will eat their guests 

best tank mate for axolotls

Yes, you will soon notice that one or two small fishes are missing in the tank, the axolotls have probably chased them and eaten them.

What you are going to do now is to wait for the axolotl to drop a turd, you are going to pick it up with a Turkey Baster for example and crush it. If all goes well, you will find traces of fish bones in it, a sign that your axolotl has digested the little fish well.

What other species can you co-exist with an axolotl?

If you want neighbors that your axolotls won’t hunt, in any case they will try but they won’t always succeed, I recommend fresh water ghost shrimps or fresh water snails that can stand the cold if you can find some…

  • ghost shrimp as axolotl tank mate
  • fancy freshwater shrimp as axolotl compagnant
  • shrimp inside axolotl tank
  • Snails as axolotl tank mates

A freshwater shrimp like Ghost shrimp : they tolerate cooler temperatures, they will also clean the bottom of the aquarium from food remains and maybe serve as food for your axolotls even if they are not easy to catch.  

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Fancy shrimp and Cherry shrimp are very nice but they need a bit higher temperatures, you can try them too.

Is there a risk if you introduce too many fish to live with an Ambystoma Mexicanum ?

Yes, in the long run, because these fish may probably end up stressing your axolotls, that’s why you should never put more than 10 at a time.

There is also their urine and waste and the remains of their food which could increase the PH of the water and make your axolotl sick, not to mention the risk of aggression, a small fish could still manage to thwart the vigilance of your axolotl and tear off a piece of its gills.


Finally, let me tell you the two species of freshwater fish that you should never introduce in the tank of your axolotls, they are the tilapia and the carp.

These two fish are natural predators of axolotls, so avoid making this mistake !

You should know too that younger axolotls may nip each other’s feet and gills if they have no enough space or shelters . Even axolotls up to (5 or 6 inches) may nip their tank mates, occasionally inflicting serious damage , that’s why we recommend a large tanks .

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