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Best tanks for Axolotls [Buyers Guide]

The best tank for an axolotl should first be a 40+ gallon glass one , have a rectangular shape and the wider the base, the better, because even though axolotls only need about a foot of open water, they like to have a large surface area to freely move around , not to mention that you’ll soon be needing floor space for the next tank mate, decorations and live plants.

Two mistakes to avoid when buying an axolotl tank

1- Never use a less than 20 gallon tank for an axolotl

You should know that a 10 gallon tank cannot be used to house an axolotl, I am even against those who propose it, it is too small and it is out of question that I recommend it.

I will also suggest the best 20 gallon tank for axolotls just for the following reasons:

  • You can only use a 20 gallon tank to temporarily house a juvenile axolotl, less than a year old and no larger than 7 to 8 inches.
  • You only use this small tank as a starter until you prepare a 40 gallon or larger tank for your growing axolotl .
  • This 20 gallon tank will be useful in the future to temporarily house your axolotls in case of problems in the big tank or to quarantine possible tank mates or live plants before introducing them in the main tank.

2- Don’t be fooled by tank kits or starter kits

Please note that aquarium kits are not made for axolotls and you have to buy all the elements separately, so I will choose tanks adapted to axolotls and then recommend you the other elements adapted to axolotls and which can be installed in any tank.

One more thing, axolotl tanks should not have a lid, axolotls never escape from the tank and this will just heat up the water and create problems for your axolotl.

One last thing, don’t look at the price, it’s better to buy what you need , the right supplies from the beginning to avoid stressing your axolotl by constantly changing the tank, filters, the substrate …. etc.

I will now give you a list of the very best aquariums and eventually breeders suitable for axolotls, I have chosen the best axolotl tank based on the number of axolotls you will be keeping.

I will then give you the criteria that led me to choose these different tanks and you will also have other very useful tips to properly home your axolotl as well as a list of everything you will need to at least bring your axolotl and install it safely in its new tank.

LANDEN 60P 23 Gallon Tank

best tank for one axolotl

With an area of 370 square inches (23.62 x 15.75 in) (60X40 cm), this 23.22 gallon tank is the best choice to house a juvenile axolotl while providing a minimum living space after installing a hide in one corner, a small air stone and filter on the other side and a small rock or deadwood in the middle with some slow growing live plants.

This tank is 15.7 inches (40 cm) high which is more than enough to use substrate, add some midground and floating plants and still have a good water height and volume for your 5 to 8 inch axolotl to move freely around in the tank with ease.

LANDEN 90P 44 Gallon Tank

best tank for 2 axolotls

Also made of a very clear white glass (91% transparency) , easy to clean and perfect for admiring your axolotl, this 35.4 X17.7 in aquarium is the best choice for housing one or two adult axolotls.

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Its rectangular shape, 585 square inches of surface area and 17.7 inches of height will allow you to put in everything your axolotl will need, a good filter, an air stone, two hides, substrate, some Deadwood, rocks and up to 10 live plants; all this while leaving enough free space for your axolotl , even for a couple of them to move around freely in the tank.

Considering the size of the tank, its sturdiness (10 mm thick glass) and the quality of the glass, this tank has an excellent quality/price ratio and is the one I recommend as a starter tank for your first axolotl.

LANDEN 100P 50 Gallon Tank

best tank for 3 axolotls

Even though this 50 gallon axolotls tank (39.4X 17.7) is only 4 inches longer than the 44 gallon one, it will give you a wider vision and even more space to either house a third axolotl or even have the possibility to make your axolotls tank more animated and beautiful by housing a few suitable tank mates, such as a dozen small freshwater fish and/or small shrimps.

For me, paying $60 more for this tank is really worth it since you will give life to your aquarium during the day by housing small fish that since your axolotls will mostly be active at night.

LANDEN 120P 72.2 Gallon Tank

Best tank for more than 4 axolotls

This 72.2 Gallon axolotls tank will give you the freedom to really create a true environment for your axolotls and their tank mates.

This tank is 47.2 in (120 cm) long and 19.7 in (50 cm) wide and high, which makes it the best solution not only for housing more than three or even four adult axolotls, but also for adding as many tank mates and live plants as you want.

Personally, I think it is the best aquarium for axolotls, not only for the reasons I mentioned before or its technical aspects, but especially because, sooner or later, you will probably want to bring more axolotls, more plants and other decorative elements , that will need an adequate filtration system and this tank would be ready to fulfill all your wishes.

Want my opinion ? buy it, you’ll thank me later and I’m sure you’ll never regret your choice because you’ll have the possibility to be more creative since this big tank is wide enough to make your axolotls happy and to hold almost all the decorations that will come to your mind.

Why did I choose the LANDEN brand ?

Firstly, these tanks are affordable and sold without accessories, which is perfect because when you buy a starter kit, you will not be able to use for your axolotl the accessories that come with the tank, so it’s just unnecessary purchases. The price/quality ratio is good because of the excellent quality of the tanks.

These tanks have the perfect dimensions for axolotls, not only are they rectangular but they are much wider than those offered by other brands and this is very important when it comes to housing an axolotl and to be able to install some background live plants.

These tanks are made of a quality glass with a transparency of at least 91% and it will not decrease with time.

These tanks are sturdy and the glass is 10 mm thick, you will receive your tank well packaged and the customer service is excellent according to the reviews that I have scrupulously checked so, your tank is guaranteed during the shipping, so you don’t have to worry if your tank is damaged during delivery, it will be quickly replaced.

The Complete axolotls Shopping List ?

Before filling your tank with Fresh water Conditioner treated tap water, here are the other elements that you will also need to properly setup your axolotls tank ( axolotl shopping list) , to keep your axolotl water cool and clean and at the right temperature and to create a healthy and perfect environment for your axolotls. You can choose from these suitable live plants for axolotls and get These items that you will absolutely need for any size tank, here they are:


Axolotl tank Substrate

Customizable LED Light

Axolotl tank Hide

API Axolotl tank water test kit

Why at least a 40 gallon tank to start with?

You must choose at least a 40 gallon breeder even if you are going to start with only one or two axolotls, here is why:

1- Choose a large tank to increase the life expectancy of your axolotl

The more water you put in the tank, the larger your axolotl will grow. When you put an axolotl in a small amount of water, like a 10 or 20 gallon tank, its body will grow slowly while his internal organs will grow in a normal way and will be cramped and this is what will greatly reduce the life expectancy of your axolotl.

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Axolotls can live in up to 12 inches of water, but since they are walking fish that tend to stay on the bottom, it is very important to choose a large tank even for a single axolotl.

2- To avoid algae formation in the tank 

The nitrogen cycle will take several months to establish properly in your axolotl tank and to avoid water quality issues, it would be better to choose a large tank because the more volume of water you have, the less will be the Ammonia, Nitrate and Phosphate concentration.

If you choose a large tank (+ 40 gallons), you will also reduce the frequency of water changes and avoid over stressing your axolotl, which can lead to disease.

By installing your axolotl in a 40 or 50 gallon tank, you will avoid having to wait several months for the water cycle to be properly established in the new tank when you are forced to transfer your axolotl from a small tank that has become too confining for him.

3- To have more floor space

Axolotls need a lot of space to thrive and if you choose a less than 40 gallon tank, you will quickly find yourself cramped since you also have other elements to put in the tank such as hides, the air stone and especially some live plants that will play a great role in competing for food with the algae and prevent their formation in the tank.

4- Axolotls grow fast

An axolotl can grow up to 9 inches during the first year and then grows 6 inches on average each year. That’s why it’s important to put it in a large tank right from the beginning to give it a chance to grow normally and to thrive.

5- You will have more space for decoration

I strongly recommend starting with a 40+ gallon tank because you will soon learn about new things and you will probably want to buy more axolotls, other tank mates such as small fish or shrimp or new live plants which you will not be able to do if you choose a small aquarium from the start.

6- Choose a large tank for the well being of your axolotl

Axolotls have poor eyesight and when you put it in a small space, it will often bump into the tank’s sides and other decorative elements and get wounds that may become infected and cause other diseases.

Quick Steps to Set Up your New axolotl Tank

  1. Get all the elements ready and clean them with just water
  2. Find a solid and beautiful stand on which to put your axolotl tank
  3. Install your tank away from sunlight, noise and heat sources, in a dark , quiet and a low-flow spot.
  4. Make sure the stand is horizontal.
  5. Don’t leave anything between the tank and its base (table)
  6. Place your tank and turn it over to hide the Brand logo
  7. Pour the substrate (2 to 3 in) after having thoroughly washed it with tap water
  8. Put the hide, the rocks, deadwood …
  9. Set up your live plants 
  10. Put a clean towel on the substrate and fill your tank by pouring the water on the towel to avoid creating eddies 
  11. Install the filter and the media and start the cycling system
  12. Place your floating live plants and install the LED Light and the aquatic thermometer
  13. Your axolotl should not be introduced into the tank until the nitrogen cycle is complete and the water is ready to avoid stressing it and making it sick.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a tank does an axolotl need?

A single axolotl needs at least a 20 gallon rectangular tank, a 40 gallon tank for one or two adult axolotls, a 55 gallon tank for 3 axolotls or a couple of axolotls with some small fish as tank mates and a 72 gallon tank or more for more than 4 axolotls (from 4 to 6).

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Is it OK to use Tap water to fill an axolotl tank

Before filling your axolotl tank with tap water and even before making a water change once your axolotl is introduced in the tank, it is necessary to treat this water with an API TAP Water Conditioner to eliminate Chlorine and Chloramines and avoid making your axolotl sick and crashing your nitrogen cycle.

Do Axolotls Need a Bubbler ?

Axolotls love bubbles and air stones, they often go and land right on top of the air bubbles, bubblers help oxygenate the water and axolotls also use them to gulp a little air, this helps them float better when they want to surface.
You should use a quiet flow Air Pump with an air stone or a penn-plax airline tubing. Don’t put it in the middle of the tank, it belongs on the other side where there is no hide.

How long should I cycle my axolotl tank?

How long does it take for your new axolotl tank to be ready?. Cycling an axolotl tank will take at least two weeks for the water to become safe for your axolotls, but it will take several months for the nitrogen cycle to settle in and then you must do periodic (weekly) water changes and always check and adjust the water parameters whenever you change food or introduce a new tank mate or live plant into your axolotls tank.

Do axolotls tank need a Lid ?

An axolotl tank does not need a lid but you should lower the water so that there is at least 1 or 2 inches between the water level and the edge of your tank. You should also not let your live plants grow over the edge of your tank. Finally, contrary to what people think, axolotls do not venture out of the water and do not come out of aquariums.

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