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Make my home safe for my pet

How to prepare a safe home for your new pet?

safe home for my pets

You should make your home pet-friendly because as soon as you pick your pet, you become responsible for its well-being and especially its safety.

The first thing to prepare for him is a safe home, and a secure environment where your dog or your cat  should be safe without you having to worry about him all the time.

Here are the essential points to pay attention to in order to ensure the safety of your pet once it arrives in your home

Do you need to look for a pet-friendly apartment?

I don’t think you have to move just because you adopt a pet, a little more vigilance and some good habits will be enough to ensure a safe and friendly apartment for your new companion

before looking to rent a pet-friendly apartment or house, let me give you some advice and tell you how to make your current home safer for your pet and especially without spending a single cent

How to avoid poisoning your pet in your home

how to keep my pet safe at home

These tips are to be taken more seriously if your pet is a puppy or kitten, as they will chew everything they can find within reach and a simple soap falling on the floor in the bathroom could be dangerous for your pet.

We will start with some of  the most dangerous products for your pet such as:

  • Disinfectants and household products
  • Laundry products
  • Detergents
  • Motor oil or petrol in the garage
  • Weed killers
  • Fertilizers
  • Different treatments for your garden or plants
  • Liquid or powder fertilizers…etc.

You must also be careful with the antifreeze as it is very dangerous and could poison your pet if you leave it lying around in the garage

How to make a home pet friendly

Your medicines and treatments, and those of your pet too, must be kept out of your pet’s reach, forgetting them on the couch for a minute could be dangerous for your pet, just like toothpaste, they love it!

You must also collect all the poisons and repellents for cockroaches, rats and any other poison you have put on the ground, not only on the edge of the kitchen windows but also and especially outside, in the backyard and in your garden

All these chemicals must be kept out of reach of your pet before you even take it home.

Even products that are not dangerous to humans could poison your pet, as its body mass may not support the dose of the product ingested unlike an adult male.

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You must have the same reflex as you will if you have just had or welcomed a small child or baby into your home

You must also learn to react quickly in case of a medical emergency if your pet suffers from an illness, falls, cracks or swallows a dangerous product.

Some decorative plants can be dangerous for your pet

how to take care of a pet in your home

It is not only household products that can harm your pets, speaking of which, never leave your sink full of water and store bleach, you must also take out your birds and small rodents when using Aerosols, birds in particular are very fragile and sensitive to these products, also consider covering your aquarium if you have fish at home

I also just remembered rodents and rabbits who like to attack electric wires and it may electrocute them, rodents can even attack walls and ingest paint that could poison them, a rabbit would gladly attack the feet of your tables and lacquer and varnish can make him sick or worse, so be careful with that

Human food that never give to a cat

Two squares of chocolate, can be fatal for a little puppy, don’t let your children give them cakes, one tablet of Paracetamol can kill a kitten in 3 minutes but what is even more dangerous are the decorative plants, not all of course

The ingestion of thrush, for example, can cause serious liver problems in cats  , every one should know that before adoption of  a cat or  kitten and can even cause the death of a dog, here are the plants to put out of reach of your pets:

  • The scindapsus
  • The cactus
  • The candelabra cactus
  • The Christmas Cactus
  • Lily of the valley
  • The Ivy
  • The Yucca
  • The Ficus
  • Jasmine
  • The Laurel
  • The rhododendron

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Avoid having your pet electrocuted at home

safe home for a pet

To make your home safe for your pet, you will need to keep it away from any danger of electric shock.

I’m talking about puppies and dogs in particular, they like to chew rubber and plastic, but when it comes to the areas of your electrical appliances, your power outlets, the cable of your vacuum cleaner that you leave plugged into the outlet…etc.; your dog may burn his mouth, even more seriously and you know what I mean!

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Make sure that your cables and sectors and all your electrical connections are safe for your pet

Same thing for smartphone batteries, don’t underestimate the dangerousness of batteries and batteries for your pets , I have already lost a puppy that has chewed and swallowed just a small battery (1.5 V) “peace be upon his soul”

If your electrical installation behind the house is flush with the ground, also make sure to secure it, and any installation that could be dangerous for your pet , such as hydraulic pumps…etc

Also put your electronic devices, modems, playstation controllers, laptops, USB sticks, smartphone chargers etc… and do not leave them within reach of your dog or puppy anymore especially if you leave him alone at home for a while, because he will get bored quickly and start chewing on everything he finds

Lock your Garbage Cans for the Safety Of your Pet

how to secure my home for my dog and cat

Although you feed your pet well, it may be attracted to your garbage can just out of curiosity.

Although you feed your pet well, it may be attracted to your garbage can just out of curiosity.

Many things that we humans consider ourselves as household waste; pets will see them as delicious snacks

  • A moldy cheese that is unfit for consumption
  • Sharp fish bones like razor blades
  • Sweetened drugs or vitamins
  • Batteries, plastic packaging and trays that still smell like meat…etc

You have to close your garbage cans tightly, cats can dive into them just by reflex or because they have seen the neighbors’ cat or a stray cat do it! your dogs can also spill them, they have a very strong sense of smell, and a piece of meat that you have thrown in the garbage would be a good excuse for your nice dog to spill this garbage can

What to do if your pet is in danger

pet-friendly home

In case of an emergency involving your pet, here’s what you need to know:

  • You must always have your veterinarian’s emergency phone number
  • The number of the local emergency clinic
  • Poison Control Centre Number (888-426-4435)
  • How to provide basic care for your pet
  • How to apply a compress and stop your pet from bleeding


Finally, I know that I have not yet mentioned all the dangers to which your pets may be exposed in your home, for the simple reason that each home is different.

Accommodating a dog in a country house is different from an apartment in the city, the dangers your pet faces are different

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Your dog could be attacked by a wolf or bear if you live on the Blue Mountains side, but is almost useless if you live in the city

I just ask you to be vigilant and I ask you to leave me in a comment your remarks, other advice or suggestions so that all the houses where our four-legged friends live are well secured for them


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