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Why do hamsters die so weirdly?

Hamsters die so weirdly because not only they are quite fragile, but since they are easy prey, they tend to keep their wounds and the symptoms of their illnesses well hidden and will only let them show up once their situation becomes serious or they simply die for no apparent reason.

Why do hamsters die so randomly?

why do hamsters die so weird ?

Hamsters die so randomly when you don’t learn to detect possible health problems in them, especially when it comes to stress-related diseases like wet tail which is the #1 cause of sudden death in hamsters.

Your hamster can easily die during the night when you have seen it in good shape before you go to sleep! But as I said before, hamsters often hide that they are sick; it is an innate behavior of prey since predators often choose weak or sick individuals.

So learn to detect the symptoms, even the smallest ones, of diseases that may affect your hamster, and regular visits to the veterinarian are highly recommended, especially when you don’t have enough experience with this kind of pet.

Do hamsters ever die normally?

Yes, when a hamster is born from genetically selected parents, you buy it from a passionate breeder and when that hamster is cared for by someone who has taken the time to learn about these adorable creatures, the hamster will live a happy life and will probably die of old age.

Some hamsters, like Roborowskis, can live up to 4 years if the right conditions are met.

Can hamsters die from being scared?

Yes, a scared hamster will quickly give in to stress, which is the main cause of some fatal diseases like wet tail, but more importantly, the stress in hamsters is a trigger and amplifier of other diseases like heart disease and watery diarrhea.

A stressed hamster will show signs such as hyperactivity, excessive salivation, lack of appetite, and bare-biting behavior.

You should never frighten a hamster because this could cause its sudden death.

Are hamsters hard to keep alive?

Hamsters are quite easy pets and not hard to keep alive when you get to know them and take good care of them.

It is important to avoid buying hybrid hamsters that were born in mills and have the wrong genes, so they are predisposed to diseases.

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Hamsters need a lot of space and natural bedding, easy access to food and water, and a clean sandbox and you should never put two hamsters in the same pen.

A well-balanced diet with fresh veggies, and not too many treats, especially fruits that contain too much sugar or too much fat, learn to check the expiry date of his food and vary his diet and the seeds you give him.

A hamster needs to exercise every day, so set up a wheel for your hamster to run on, as well as hides, chews, and toys to encourage him to explore.

Regular visits to the vet and you should always keep his cage clean, avoid strong odors, toxic objects in the cage, and sudden temperature changes.

Keep strangers and your other pets away from your hamsters’ enclosure. Your other pets can scare your hamster to death and you should also wash your hands well before touching your hamster to avoid transmitting diseases.

And finally, never drop your hamster and avoid putting things in the cage that can allow him to fall on something hard like his water bowl! 

Hamsters are also champions of escape, they are nocturnal animals that have only one idea in mind “how to get out of this cage!” if your hamster escapes and you don’t find him very quickly, his chances of life become very slim.

What is the most common hamster death?

Most hamsters die because of the wet tail and usually after something scares them, but cancer and lung problems are also common reasons for early death in hamsters.

Final Thoughts

Hamsters seem to die in strange and sudden ways, but there’s always a good reason behind a hamster’s early death.

Sorry to disappoint some of you but hamsters never kill themselves and only die because of a disease either genetic or acquired or because of an injury caused by a fall that may have caused internal bleeding or some organ failure … there’s always a reason.

Learn about the life and the needs of these adorable creatures so that you can give them a better life and detect problems before they happen so that you can intervene in time to save their lives and extend their life expectancy; they deserve it.

Hamsters also die, like all other pets, and it’s also important to learn how to comfort a hamster during his last days and help him in his journey to the other side.

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