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Taking Care Of Your Pet in California : 5 Places Your Pet Would Love

Taking Care Of Your Pet in California : 5 Places Your Pet Would Love

Is your pet fond of going out ? Of course, who isn’t! Looking for an apt place for your pet might be challenging. Or, worse, your pet might be bored of visiting the same place over and over again. However, the worry is now over with several new pet-friendly spots emerging in California. Here are the top 5 places you will love take your pet in California. 

Best pet friendly spots inCalifornia

5- Huntington beach

Huntington beach has many pet-friendly spots on and off the actual beach. The place is open for all and is one of the friendliest cities in California where you can take your pets and spend quality time.

The city welcomes the pets with open arms at hotels, restaurants, and parks. The pets can even roam freely along the paved paths near the beach made especially for the pets. 

What’s more? Various events are organized in Huntington Beach for pets, especially in the summer and spring where you can come with your pets, participate and enjoy.

So, if you are making any plans to visit Huntington Beach make sure that you keep a track of the events so that your pet can enjoy it to the fullest. 

4- Mammoth Lake

Mammoth Lake is one of the best pet-friendly locations where you can take your pet in California and enjoy a wonderful time.

The Mammoth Lake is surrounded by natural forests where the pets love to roam and enjoy their time. During winter, you can bring your pets here and make them take part in various activities like cross country skiing. 

It is true that the pets also love snowfall just like us and so to spend some wonderful time with your pets, you can always visit Mammoth Lake.

You can even come with your pets in the summer season and participate in activities like camping, hiking, swimming , we all know that your pooch will love it !

Want to have some time for yourself? There are several local pet daycare options that you can easily opt for and enjoy some alone time.

Looking for accommodation options? Westin Monache Resort, Tamarack lodge, and others offer you pet-friendly accommodation services which you can always avail of. 

3- Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is the most desired place where you can spend a wonderful time with your pets. Want to enjoy some outdoor sessions with your pets?

Santa Cruz is the perfect choice where you can enjoy hiking with your pets and also enjoy the natural beauty of the place. 

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The lovely views of the oceans and hiking trail of Santa Cruz, accompanied by a range of dog foods, make it one of the most desired places. The place is perfect for pets and offers you great pet care options.

The bungalows and resorts of the place are pet friendly and offer you the best accommodation options where you can enjoy a fun time with your pets.

While you keep in mind your pet’s comforts, it is also crucial to look into their well being. Unfortunately, your pet may get sick or injured unexpectedly.

Thus, you should also consider getting your pet insured. Several pet insurance policies like Lemonade Pet Insurance (available in California) offer you financial coverage for unexpected vet bills. These insurance policies can help you look after your pet better without worrying about the expenses. 

2- Mendocino

You and your pets will be welcomed with open arms in the Mendocino wild beach and the pets love to enjoy the wild and raw nature of the place.

You can shop from the wide number of pet-friendly shops of Mendocino village. You can go on a walk with your pets and also take part in various pet-friendly activities along the 13 miles long coastline in Mendocino. You can take your pets with you and make them accompany you while you go sportfishing and whale watching. Mendocino offers you the perfect options for making your pets happy. 

1- Carolina

Carolina is one of the favorite places for pet lovers. Want to give your pets a treat in the rural environment and want to spend a wonderful time with them?

Come to Carolina and enjoy the rural beauty of the place. The citizens of the place are warm towards the pets and to provide your pets with great hospitality you should always visit Carolina. The place also offers you a wide range of pet-friendly accommodations where you can stay and enjoy your weekends with your pets and make them feel special. 

Lets Wrap all This Up  

Now that you know about several places in California where your pets would love to visit; don’t waste your time and make the right choice and make your trip with your pets a memorable and enjoyable one. 

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