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Are cats good pets ?

Do cats Make Good Pets ?

Cats are excellent pets and would make great cute and quiet companions, especially if you don’t have a lot of space, don’t spend a lot of time at home and have a limited budget. Cats are tuff but still can also show a lot of love and affection and are therefore a good friend for people who feel lonely.

Adopting a cat has many mental health benefits, it stimulates your happiness hormones, makes you happy, less stressful and relieves depression and eventual burnouts . As a first time owner I advise you to choose a  cat that has the same character as you.

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Will owning a cat cost me a lot of money ?

Are cats cheaper than dogs !! let’s see ..

Basically, a dog can cost you during its lifetime up to $25000 while a cat will only cost you around $15000 for the same life expectancy.

Your cat will only cost you about $60 a month, mostly for food and toys, but you will also need to budget for an annual booster vaccination  and check-ups and any surprise visits to the vet, such as for tic treatments, dental cleaning … so you should plan on a budget of about $500 a year.

What to expect when getting a new cat ?

First of all you have to think about the cost of buying or adopting a cat, you can go into the pet store and pick one or get it for free of course if you go to a shelter, think also that you could be taken to neuter/spray and vaccinate your cat for eventual visits to the vet, a bedding, a litter box, two bowls for food and water, a kit for brushing, nail trimming, etc., some food and a toy or two and also furniture protection !! who knows !!

Do Cats need to go Outside and be walked every day ?

Most cats can stay home and only go outside occasionally, just provide them with toys and games to stimulate and distract them.

However, if you like the outdoors and walks in the park, provide leash-training for your cat so that he can accompany you and also enjoy the sunny days and the company of other cats and pets. Getting your cat tired during the day , will also get him to sleep during the night and let you sleep as well .

Getting a cat or a Dog , when opting for a cat ?

Cats and dogs have approximately the same life expectancy , around 12 years , although cats can generally live a little longer , some of them may live till 18 years .

Dogs can cost you a lot more than cats, first of all in quantity and quality of food, dogs also get sick more often than cats and a dog may need interventions and care that can sometimes cost you up to $5000.

Another advantage of having a cat is that, unlike a dog, you don’t have to walk your cat every day and your cat won’t suffer from loneliness while you are at work.

A cat may break a vase from time to time, but generally, it is much calmer than a dog and will be an excellent choice especially if you live in an apartment.

I have Babies , will they be safe with Cats around ?

Basically, your baby is not at risk if left alone with your cat, but unlike a dog who is very patient with babies, a cat may give your baby a scratch or a bite if your baby pulls at his fur or nips at his tail or ears.

Always be with your baby when your cat is playing with him or her, so you can teach your cat his or her limits and be prepared to intervene if your cat suddenly becomes aggressive.

Are Cats Cleaner than Dogs ?

Cats are usually cleaner than dogs, it is obvious that you must regularly wash your dog, regular showers, cleaning of ears and pasta after the outings and sometimes, your dog will be able to come back all covered with earth especially if he likes to make holes in your lawn.

A cat, on the other hand, especially the ones that don’t have a long coat, are usually clean and have this habit of grooming themselves, so you’ll just give them a bath once in a while and trim their nails if necessary.

For long-haired cats, a brush will be welcome, especially during the warm season to avoid having hair all over the house.

Some benefits when owning a cat?

1- Boost your immune system

Adopting a cat is not only good for your mental health but also for your physical health! Dr. Jack Gilbert, director of the Microbiome Center at the University of Chicago, has concluded from his research that cats have 24 classes of different bacterial species; these bacteria carried by the cat are beneficial for physical health because they stimulate the immunity of its owner. 

2-They relieve sadness and even depression

Most cats like cuddles , this sense of touch can stimulate your happiness hormone (serotonin), so let you feel better if you are sad.

3- They get rid of pests and flies

Another advantage of having a cat at home is that they help get rid of pests  that may be around you such as rats, cockroaches and other insects. 

4- A good friend for your kids 

If you already have kids, do not give him a tablet or a cell phone, let him play with your cat, this will strengthen his sociability, his emotional state and communication and thus his immunity. Then your child will feel surrounded and have a friend.

Cons of adopting a cat?

Before you decide to adopt a cat, you should know the things that bother some people most about cats. 

1- They shed a lot

Cats shed a lot of hair every day, so you should know that every day you can see its hair on your clothes, your carpets, your furniture, in the air … etc., so be prepared to clean often. 

2- The smell of his litter box

No more cleaning, your cat’s litter box still needs regular cleaning because its smell is a bit unpleasant. Cat urine and feces usually smell bad. But you’ll  get used to the smell and accept it little by little.

3- Vomiting their food !

Cats vomit from every once in a while, which can be annoying to you. This is usually related to his hairball. However, if the vomiting is repeated too much and you see retched food , don’t hesitate to go see a veterinarian. 

4- Clawing or biting people

For him it’s just a game, but it can hurt especially if it’s a child in front of him. It is an important gesture for cats and can not live without it. He tries to communicate with you, to pass on the message or to play with you. So training to prevent this habit is difficult but still possible.

5- Damages your furniture 

Cats do not only scratch people but also your furniture; scratch your carpets, your beautiful new chairs, your table, Your clothes, it will leave traces and therefore it can be a real problem. But fortunately there is a solution! There is a special scratching post for cats to scratch there instead of your furniture or your clothes, a little education and they will stop damaging your furniture.

Best cats for first time owners

There’s a lot of cat breeds and If it’s your first time adopting a cat, you need a cat that is easier to live with, friendly , cute and can leave you in relief all day. 

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Here is the list of best cats for beginners : 

1- Ragdoll 

It’s a very friendly, gentle, and calm breed. It doesn’t  move too much, happy, which likes hugs a lot and therefore will stimulate your happy hormones. As a first time owner, this breed will never bother you. you will need to pay at least $1000 to have it, but I think it deserves.

2- Birman 

Burmese cats, originally from Burma (now Myanmar), have beautiful blue eyes and a pointed coat (lighter body with darker “spots” on the ears, nose, paws and tail). 

Some people prefer to have a cat that looks like them in one or some of their characteristics such as eye color .

This breed of cats are very gentle and friendly and don’t move around too much, so they won’t bother you. You should pay at least 250 $ to adopt it and up to 700 $ to buy it. 

3- Turkish Van  

Are you worried about how to shower your cat? 

The Turkey has no problem with water, they like to bathe and even resist coldness. I think you can even take him out with you for a walk in the snow because they resist coldness. Originating from the region of Lake Van in Turkey and looks so cute too. You can get one for $500 , but get prepared to hear prices like $1100 too !! .  If you’re  from a very cold country, this cat will be right for you.

4- Munchkin 

Munchkins will melt your heart with their cuteness, they’re the cutest cats for me, they’re characterized by their short legs & their very cute face. 

For beginners this cat will be very gentle and calm because he is the kind who is afraid to destroy things. They are much cuter when they are small, plus they can live up to 14 years. So take care of them and they’ll  be by your side as long as possible.

They cost today about 1500 to 3500 dollars, depending on the quality. This price is still rising because there is too much interest for this breed. 

5- The Siamese 

This breed is special with their beige or off-white skin color, and black around the tail, feet and eyes.

If this is the first time for you to have a cat, I also recommend this breed because this type of cat adapts quickly with people, even new people, and is very social. 

It may costs you  on average between $668 and $2900 …

Is it better to have a cat than another pet?

There are many similarities between dogs and cats, but there are some differences that should be taken into consideration before you decide which pet you should buy. 

The points of difference lie in : 

1- Sociability 

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Both are sociable in general, both  like to be surrounded by people, but the cat is much more affectionate and therefore more sociable and can even follow you to any place. 

What I want to pass on to you is that the dog is generally selective, that is to say he selects the people he likes and that he doesn’t like.

On the other hand, in terms of food the dog is easier, he can eat what you give him more easily than the cat, the latter is difficult to convince about these meals.

2- Smartness 

The intelligence differs, the dog is sensitive to emotions, what is called emotional intelligence, he can feel your pain only by looking in your eyes, he can know that you have a problem and if he can solve it. 

That’s  the kind of  intelligence that most people are looking for. As for the cat, he has an intelligence that arises from egoism, he is intelligent in how to get your attention, how to make you feel pity towards him. I am not against cats, I love them and I had 7 cats until today. But I’m telling you what the specialists of animal behavior said. 

3- Affection 

Affection is all the feelings and emotions that someone can have for you. 

“Your dog loves you 5 times more than your cat” says the behavioral Paul Zak. 

The dog is therefore much more attached to you and can feel what you feel and therefore can be a better pet for you especially for lonely people. 

4- Cats needs more training effort than dogs

“Cats need more education than dogs”,  says the animal psychologist Marian Breland Bailey.

The dog is understanding and peace loving, and above all wants to make you happy so he will generally obey you. 

Your cat in spite of that he /she loves you and everything but the priority to his comfort and his desires, so it requires more education to make it obedient. 

5- Diseases and infections 

It is a common point between the two dogs and cats, both pets can carry many infectious diseases that can be transmitted, but no risk if they are vaccinated and if they consult a veterinarian regularly. These are the most common cat diseases and how you can easily avoid them .

Do not let them play with any pet you meet on the street. 

6- Walks 

Unlike dogs, cats don’t require regular walks, they can simply stay at home. They don’t need much space, a cat can stay home all the time as long as there is light or sunlight that can penetrate your window.

What are the best cat breeds for an apartment?

Recently , many people prefer to have a cat without hair to avoid finding it in everything , in your clothes, your furniture etc .( cause they shed a lot). Also,  buying a hairless cat can be very suitable for an apartment. 

To choose the right cats for an apartment you should take into consideration several characteristics such as :

  • Hypoallergenic cats
  • Those that do not lose too much hair
  • Who are sociable and like people
  • Calm 

Here’s a list of best cats for an apartment 

1-  Sphynx 

It is a breed of cats very well known for their lack of hair. Also, one of the most unusual breeds in terms of appearance. People are attracted to this cat because of its wrinkles. It costs from $1500 to $3000.

2- The Persian 

It is a perfect apartment cat.  It’s  a cat that loves to play with toys. Persians are particularly emotional cats that love to cuddle with their owners. The price of a Persian cat differs according to several factors such as sex, age, hair etc. But it costs starting from 500 going up to 5000 $!

3-The  Exotic shorthair 

Another apartment cat. He gets along very well with people, likes toys, and especially does not bother too much, so very calm. The price is quite interesting compared to other cats, despite its good characteristics. This cat costs from 1100 to 2200 $.

4- Ragdolls

Chosen among the best apartment cats because of its very calm behavior and therefore does not need too much space. So he can live even in a very small apartment without problems. I also mentioned it in the title above about the best cats for first time owners where more characteristics and price are  mentioned. 

5- The Turkish van 

A good apartment cat. I think you know the cause because it is mentioned above! It is a very calm cat, does not move too much, is sociable and has no problem with water, so it can take a shower with you.

6- Korat Cats

Finally I finish the list with this breed of cats that are very calm and hate the outside noise. It prefers to stay at home sitting on the sofa. Two words can summarize the character of this cat: soft and calm. It costs on average 600 to 800$. 

Which pet if you already have a cat at home? 

Two characteristics that you should consider in a pet before buying or adopting it: 

The Size

I advise you to have a small pet, because cats hate to be next to other large animals. Cats are very possessive and feel uncomfortable with large animals, even afraid of them. 

The noise !

It’s necessary to choose an animal that does not make too much noise, cats are very calm animals that are afraid and even hate noise. As an example the hull, a dog that does not control his screams, and other animals that scream too much.

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On the other hand, there are some pets that don’t bother them, for example rats, birds, even rabbits, cats don’t have a problem with pets in a cage.

Which cat breeds  if you already have a dog at home ?

By understanding the cat’s temperament, you will understand which pet can be suitable for him. Indeed, cats hate and are afraid of bog barking dogs and loud sounds .

So can a cat live with a dog?

Fortunately, cats adapt easily with a little education. 

If you haven’t bought a cat yet and you already have a dog, here is a list of cats that can live easily with a dog:

1- Maine coon 

This is a domestic cat that gets along with just about everyone, including children and even dogs. 

2- Ragdoll 

This cat is excellent, the proof is that I have mentioned it several times in this article. It’s a good cat for an apartment, a good cat for a first time owner, and even more, it’s a cat that adapts with other animals including dogs. 

3- Bombay cat 

This cat can live with your dog without any problem because he has a good character too. 

There are also other cats that have no problem with dogs like the Japanese bobtail, American bobtail, Norwegian forest cat…etc.

On the other hand, there are some cats that you should avoid buying for your dogs like : 

The Ocicat

Established from the Siamese and Abyssinian ? This cat breed likes to attract too much attention and to be surrounded , he usually prefers to be the only one in the family.

There is also the Oriental Shorthair that is very possessive and asks for a lot of attention. 

If not with a little training both your cat and your dog can get used to and live together. 

Best cat breed when you have kids ?

There are children who are afraid of cats, other children a little ager become friendly with cats so if your child is about 2 to 5 years, choose cats that are very small and very cute & avoid black color but choose light colors I give you some examples: 

1- Munchkin cat 

This breed of small cats are so cute that looks like a small fur toy can be adaptable to your small child, this breed does not grow too much and remain small in size as long as possible. It remains the best breed of cats for a child of this age. 

2- Skookums

Another cat that looks too much like a munchkin with their common point which is the very short feet and a very cute face in addition it does not grow quickly. its too cute features and its body will certainly make your KID FEEL HAPPY.

3- Turkish angora 

With his orange color & his cute face, your kid won’t be afraid of him at all especially when it’s small.

These three cats are the best ones for a kid with 2 to 6 years.  Kids who are more than 6 years old generally can play without a doubt with any beautiful cat as long as it’s small. After all, you know your kid more than I do. 

What if your kid has an allergy to cat hair?

It must be said that allergies to cats are due to substances secreted by their skin and not because of their hair, but let’s talk about it anyway.

It’s simple! You should choose the so-called hypoallergenic cats, which carry less allergens and at the same time look cute and don’t scare your kid. Among them we quote: The Siberian, the Bengal sliver and the Russian blue.

Do Cats Run away ?

Unfortunately, unlike dogs, cats can get bored and run away from home, even though they usually only stay for two or three days and often stay within a mile of the house.

To prevent your cat from escaping from the house, make a habit of closing your door and windows, buy him toys and leave him some food and water every time you go away and before all that, think of Microchipping and spraying your cat .

Cat or Dog for Seniors ?

For seniors, an adult cat would be an excellent companion for older people , it is calmer and not likely to disturb or run around the house, also choose a cat that has no health problems, and whose temperament is rather calm.

Lets wrap this Up

To conclude, a cat is a very gentle and calm pet, which does not disturb its partner too much. 

Some Cats may need a lot of attention and training to be perfect. 

However, they adapt very easily with people and other pets. Moreover, they can live in narrow or very small apartments, they are routine animals and like to stay at home. If you already have a pet, there is no need to worry about having a cat to join him. 

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