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11 ways to keep your pet happy and healthy

To keep your pets happy and healthy, you just need to establish a routine and learn to interact with them, properly feeding them and taking care of them when they’re showing signs of illness.

Having a pet makes you happy, healthy and emotionally balanced, and loving, but when it comes to taking care of them, what should we do? Well, that is not rocket science; all you have to do is to make your pet comfortable so that it feels at home.

Your pets could be fishes, dogs, cats, rabbits, or other species like spiders, turtles, and so many other things. But caring is the only activity that will ensure a good lifespan, better health, and a sporting mood.

If we need to break down all the pillars of pet care, then we will see that all are pretty basic. No pet needs extraordinary attention from your end. Rather just like you treat yourself, be sensible enough towards your pet friends and treat them the way they deserve, and you are done.

For dog owners, deworming of puppies is important. For bird owners, proper nail clipping is also suggested. So, based on your choice of pets, the care level depends.

11 tips for keeping your pet happy and healthy

11 Tips for Keeping your Pet Always Healthy

Staying healthy is a result of routine life, discipline, and good practices throughout time. But staying happy is a matter of mental exercise, good ambiance, getting to love someone, and being reciprocated in the same manner.

Pets and their human friends pair a strong bond, so much so, that despite their difference in IQ levels, the love gets real. Since there is no hidden interest, both of them make a great friendship based on pure mutual emotions.

But, what are the basic things that we need to know first? Here are the things explained in simple terms.

1- Get to Know your pet well

This is one simple form where you need to get introduced to your pet species really well. The knowledge might come from a book, or you could rely on first-hand experiences.

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So, before bringing a new member of the family, research about it and know the temperament. After taking it home, give it some time to adjust to the surroundings. Don’t rush into anything like that; rather, wait for some days unless it gets that comfort in the habitat.

2- Set a regular routine for your Pets

For a healthy pet, you should first start by making your home pet-friendly and than maintain a routine that ensures quality time with you. Also, proper feeding, resting, and relaxation times and activity hours should be set on that routine itself.

Distribute a moderate amount of time for each activity and let it be a habit. You don’t need to maintain a stopwatch for that, but it should be spontaneous.

3- Interact with your pet

Interaction between two pets can be interesting , especially if they share the same house. The mode of interaction could be different, but this deepens the bond. The way you and your pet get accustomed to each other tells a lot about your understanding.

There will be reliance, strength, and mutual bonding for each other. Your pet will know this is the human that has been taking care of it, so when vulnerable, your pet will be open to you. Make it express everything that the little friend of yours goes through.

4- Groom it whenever required

The concept of a pet spa, salon, or grooming parlor is nothing new to pet owners. Be it large or small, dogs, cats, or even birds, all have their own type of pet grooming center where they can be pampered with some rejuvenating experiences.

Therefore, take your pet to such places once a month or even on its special day like birthday, and that is surely going to be a treat. This habit makes them stay healthy and free from germs and other fur-related problems.

5- Timely checkup

How your pet behaves shows a lot of things; look out for certain symptoms and signs. If you think something is not OK, then consult an experienced vet as soon as possible.

The best option is to take the pet for a routine check-up so that a lot of serious diseases can be prevented beforehand. You can talk to the vet about its diet, health condition, and exercises that you should make the pet do.

6 – Neutering and spaying pets makes their life better

Pets can avoid a lot of health problems when you get them fixed. Neutering/spaying your pet will surely make him healthy and happy by reducing the probability of him contracting diseases like various cancers, diseases related to genitalia and also behavioral disorders and frustration especially during the rutting and mating periods.

Vaccines and treatment against parasites

Pets, especially those with fur, can fall victim to many parasites and diseases that you can easily prevent with preventive vaccines and treatments against parasites and certain infections.

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Also learn to detect the symptoms of the diseases that your pet may have in order to treat them in time and before they become serious.

7- Proper housing

When you adopt a pet, it should be treated as a newborn in the family and you should never deprive it of its freedom by locking it in a pen or a cage, especially when it is a small pet.

In order for your pet to be really happy to live with you, you must do everything possible to give him the necessary training in order to let him roam freely in the house.

Potty-training and obedience training are the first training that every pet should receive so that you can let him have access to more space in the house and avoid frustrating him and even provoking diseases related to the stress of confinement.

8- Pets need to go outside

If you want your pet to be happy living in your home, you absolutely must take it outside and walk it on a regular basis. On average, pets need to get out of the house at least once a day, whether it’s a dog, cat, guinea pig, rabbit or turtle, daily walks will make your pet happy and will give it the opportunity to exercise, which will be beneficial to its physical and mental health and will also strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

9- Training makes pets happy and healthy

Pets love to interact with their parents and scheduling training sessions for your pet will surely make him happy as you will actually teach him to understand you, what he should do and what he should not do, and this will reduce the conflicts between you and your pet as you will teach him not to do stupid things and this will surely ensure him more freedom either in the house or while walking.

Training your pet will also stimulate him mentally and physically, which will help him to expend his excess energy and avoid many diseases, and this will rid him of behavioral problems such as destruction behavior and finally training will give your pet more appetite and will also help him to have a good night sleep and a better physical condition.

10- Pets hate to be left alone

In order for your pet to be happy with you, it is absolutely necessary to avoid leaving it alone at home for long periods of time.

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Most pets are sociable and need to interact with their parents, so when you leave them home alone, make sure you provide them with enough food and water, but more importantly, toys and other distractions to keep them occupied while you are away.

Visiting them at noon is always a good way to check on them and play with them before you go back to work. Pet sitters may also help in this case .

11- Get your pet microchipped and get prepared for emergencies

Unfortunately, for various reasons, many pets escape from the house and then get lost and are in a lot of danger when they are left to their own devices outside.

Getting your pet microchipped will help you to quickly find your pet if it gets lost or kidnapped by the way or just goes outside without your knowledge and does not come home.

And finally, you should definitely get pet insurance to cover the unexpected and emergencies, and save some money for your pet so that you can take care of him quickly if he gets sick and not watch him suffer.

Final Thoughts

Spending a lot of time together is a fundamental thing, but caring for the little one from its childhood to its grown-up phase is important. Ensure that it is getting an adequate amount of sleep and activities. The feeding habits should be good and balanced.

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