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The health Benefits of pets

The reasons why pets are good for your health

why pets are good for health

Of course a pet is excellent for staying in good health , both mentally and physically , no one can tell you that there are no health benefits when having a pet at home

Look at the world we live in today, we have almost no connection with the nature around us, especially with other species, except when it comes to chicken legs, veal chops or duck liver!

Having a pet at home is a way out of everyday stress, my kittens and their mother are my private doctors

As soon as you are with your pet, it will make you forget all the worries you have, it overwhelms you with affection, it amuses you, it will force you to go out and walk with it, change the air…etc., even your “human” best friend will not be able to do half of all this

For those of you who are not yet convinced, here are some reasons why, adopting a pet is good for your health:


Your pet will keep you active 

health benefits when adopting a pet

Having a pet in your home will force you to move and stay active, instead of places to stay on the couch all the time watching TV

Walk your dog, sometimes up to three times a day, run after your cat who has just fled with a sock, try to reason with your parrot who no longer wants to enter his cage…etc

All this and at every moment, a pet will force you to move at any time of the day, which will accustom your body to movement, circulate blood in your arteries and prevent your joints from rusting


A pet is an antidepressant with no side effects

why pets are good for health

When you are with your pet, and watch it do its stupid things, your body releases Ocytocin, which greatly reduces stress  and against the effects of Cortisol, which is responsible for this state of stress

Without going into these details, if you don’t have pets in your home yet and you know a friend who has pets in his home, visit him and play a little with his cat or dog, or look at his hamster or rabbit when he bites his carrot, believe me, you’ll forget your worries and you’ll instantly feel more joyful 

It’s normal, we’re stressed because we’ve lost all contact with animals, don’t forget that not even 100 years ago, all American families have at least one animal in their homes, either farm or pet, it’s the same, the main thing is that all Americans were less stressed because they still have direct contact with animals and nature

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All modern therapists prescribe a pet for people suffering from psychological trauma, many soldiers returning from Iraq or Afghanistan are a good example 

Old people also feel better as soon as a cat jumps on their lap or a dog comes to them and begs for a piece of meat, and all retirement homes have adopted pets because they save money on the budget reserved for antidepressants and tranquilizers

A furry pet could prevent allergies in your children

why pets are good for kid's health

In the past, when people were in daily contact with animals, all these allergies did not exist!

Many specialists, supported by serious studies, say that having a furry pet in your home will allow your children to develop immunity against allergens and respiratory diseases such as asthma

Do not hesitate to introduce your cat or dog to your baby or newborn, this will only strengthen his immunity, I invite you to ask Dr. James E. Gern for information about exposure to pets because unlike him I am far from being a specialist in the field 

pets and humain health

But personally, I was born and spent my entire childhood in the company of cats, dogs and sheep, and I have never suffered from any allergies until today


Pets are good for the heart

are pets good for hreart

In the hypertensive world we live in, everyone should adopt a pet and hug it at least 10 times a day

Serious studies have shown that taking your pet in your arms or simply stroking it is enough to reduce blood pressure ! you see !

What do cats and dogs do in most American prisons and penitentiaries? They reduce the stress and aggressiveness of prisoners, that’s what they manage to do to pets, why do you deprive yourself of them then?  , you can go now and pick a right pet for you , just listen to your instinct and heart

should you have a pet when you have babies home ?

As I said in the previous chapter, a pet will make you run all over the house, you and your kids, even your mother-in-law, she would have to play sports, imagine a dog running away with the dentures of the evil mother-in-law, sorry girls but I’m going to love the scene 

So, walking with your dog or playing with your cat or any pet will allow you to move around a little, especially if you work all day in a sitting position, so think about it.

For people who live alone, a cat or dog will reduce their risk of developing cardiovascular disease by more than 30%, as will older people, if you see that your grandmother could still take care of a cat or dog, offer her a gift, it will prolong her life believe me and she will be very grateful to you

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Your pet will save you from addictions

pets benefits for health

Most teenagers now spend most of their free time in front of the TV, or attached to their smartphones, believe me, it’s a serious problem

A pet, a dog for example, will encourage your children to go out and little by little, they will build relationships with other pet owners, and this could become a lifelong friendship, see more

A pet will help your children develop their mental abilities, their sense of responsibility and prepare them for their adult lives.

Giving your child the responsibility of feeding and caring for a hamster, for example, will make him feel this sense of responsibility and give him a certain confidence, especially when he can feed correctly  and take good care of your pet. 



A pet is an excellent way to stay active, keep your heart healthy and instill a sense of responsibility in children and will prevent them from repressive behavior in the future and also from isolating themselves from society

Having a pet at home is good for your health, we all need this contact with nature, and pets are the best way to have this contact, so feel free to adopt a dog, cat, rabbit or any animal your heart chooses, this will change your life and make it better

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