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Are Axolotls Beginners Pets ?

Are Axolotl beginners friendly Pets ?

Despite the lack of information about this freshwater pet, axolotls are beginners pets and one of the more affordable exotic pets, once installed in its tank, the axolotl is really easy to care for, can live quite long and rarely gets sick, budget friendly and really cute and can really be entertaining to watch.

Is An Axolotl The Right Pet For You?

Are axolotls beginner pets ?

Do Axolotls Make Great Pets? Axolotls are highly recommended for aquarium enthusiasts, the axolotl is an animal that offers a wide variety of choices and colors, some of them are really beautiful like Enigma Axolotl ( rarest morph ) so , if you’re thinking about picking an axolotl , you will surely find the specimens that will please you and bring your tank to life.

The axolotl is the pet you’re looking for if you like marine life , aquariums, low maintenance pets that don’t take a lot of time to care for, if you prefer a pet to contemplate without having to pet it, take it out every day for a walk, prepare its meals every day… 

Is the axolotl an ideal pet for a kid ?

A child over 10 years old could have an axolotl as a pet but it is up to the parents to take care of it because you will have to:

  • Prepare the tank , its needs and constantly monitor the water parameters
  • Constantly check your axolotl for signs of illness or stress
  • Teach your child not to stress your axolotl
  • Teach your child what he/she can and cannot give your axolotl!
  • Be prepared to seek the advice of a veterinarian who specializes in exotic pets, especially axolotls, if you suspect that your axolotl is ill.

Yearly axolotl cost

You can get an axolotl and all its equipment for less than $300, but the ideal is to spend a little more, about $700 to choose a good aquarium, the best filtering system, a good decoration and why not some tank mates to keep it company and make your aquarium even more beautiful.

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Tank mates will also give life to the tank during the day since axolotls are generally nocturnal.

Axolotls are endangered species, but you can own an axolotl if you live outside of the states:

  • California
  • Maine
  • District of Columbia
  • New Jersey
  • Virginia

You can check the regulations concerning this exotic species, there are states where the transport of this species is forbidden to not violate the Federal laws especially if you live in New Mexico (you’ll need Permits/License) to not violate the laws 

You can’t go to Mexico City and bring back wild specimens, you will only be able to buy captive-bred axolotls and you will probably find axolotls in pet stores in your state if they are not prohibited.

Axolotls are also regulated and inspected if you live in Hawaii.

Housing the Axolotl , Is it easy to set up an axolotl tank ?

Setting up the axolotl tank is the only task that will require a little time and knowledge. The axolotl tank should have a large surface area and the higher the water level, the better (don’t use distilled water to fill it).

You must prepare the tank at least 2 weeks before bringing your axolotl to allow time for the Cycling process to finish so that the water in the tank is ideal for your axolotl.

The axolotl must have a shelter or hiding place during the day, the tank must be installed far from the sun, avoid hot spots or very noisy places.

You will only need to change 25% of the tank water when you notice that the water is getting a little dirty, otherwise, the filter and some live plants are enough to keep the water in good condition.

Can I just put an axolotl with my other fish?

Unfortunately, axolotls need very specific living conditions, cool, calm water with constantly stable parameters.

Axolotls can also be attacked by other fish that will try to eat their gills so you can’t put any kind of fish with your axolotls that can also chase small fish and eat them.

Axolotls lifespan

An axolotl can live up to 15 years, even a little more if you learn to take good care of it. You can easily take it with you if you move to a new home, just reinstall the tank.

Do axolotls get easily sick

Thanks to its incredible regenerative powers, the axolotl will be able to replace almost any organ in case of an accident, but this animal has a fragile skin and gills, it uses them to breathe in the water and any sudden change in the water parameters can cause an illness.

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If you monitor the water parameters and feed your axolotl well, you will avoid almost all diseases or infections that can affect axolotls.

To avoid most of the Common axolotl diseases , you will especially want to keep an eye on the ammonia level in the tank by changing the media filters periodically and removing any leftover food that your axolotl has not eaten.

You should also take care not to stress your axolotl and especially to keep the water temperature cool.

Daily axolotl care

Adult axolotls usually eat two to three times a week. They feed on pellets and worms but they have a very varied diet . To feed an axolotl you just have to drop the food in front of its nose and it will sometimes jump on it even before it reaches the bottom of the tank.

How big do axolotls get ?

Adult axolotls can grow to a little over 9 inches, so it’s recommended to put him in a large tank, at least a 40 gallon tank, so he can move around in the water with ease.

Consider a larger tank if you are going to house several axolotls or if you want to introduce other tank mates like small freshwater fish.

Are axolotls good class pets?

Axolotls are an excellent subject for students to study especially in the field of neoteny and regeneration but not only that!

The axolotls are also an endangered species which also makes him a good ambassador to talk about climate change, water and lake pollution due to intensive agriculture and governments that do almost nothing to save unique ecosystems like the one of the axolotls, Lake Xochimilco in Mexico City.

All you need is a tank of at least 10 gallons, filled with cycled water and equipped with a filter to transport it.

Can you hold and pet an axolotl ?

Yes, you can hold an axolotl but only for a short time because their skin is fragile and you risk stressing it. You can also pet your axolotl, but in water and you must wash your hand well with water before introducing it into the tank.

The rest of the time, even if they are very cute and attractive, axolotls prefer not to be disturbed or touched, so learn to just contemplate your axolotl.

Some axolotls will learn to follow your hand as you move it across the glass of the tank or just put your finger over the water of the tank.

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A few weeks after installing the tank, you will just enjoy this adorable pet and with time, your axolotl will learn to recognize you and start interacting with you and even let you hold it in your hand and stroke its head.

Do axolotls bite?

Your axolotl may bite your finger but it won’t hurt you, it doesn’t really have teeth! Just little teeth that he uses to grab earthworms and other small crustaceans…

The axolotl can bite other axolotls to defend its food or its territory too.

Final Thoughts

Axolotls are excellent pets known for their permanent smiles attached to their faces, which require only a little effort at first, you will have to install their tank and acquire a little knowledge about their lifestyle and symptoms of their diseases.

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