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Do my Guinea Pigs Like me ?

Do your guinea pig like you and what to do if he don’t ?

Do my guinea pigs like me ?

Do you feel like your guinea pig hates you ? does he run away from you ? or is he just afraid of you ? If your guinea pig likes you, what are the signs and how to know it ? if not what to do so that your little ball of fur finally loves you ?

Your guinea pigs can’t hate you, they don’t know this feeling, they can only fear you and I will tell you how to remedy it, but they can love you too and they will let you know by coming to you, by letting you take them, by eating out of your hand and by purring when you pet them .

I am going to tell you how to know if your guinea pigs adore you, what are the signs which do not soak ? if it is the case for you, it is well then, and if you discover that your guinea pigs did not learn to trust you and you love, know that you are just going to help them a little and I will tell you how to take your guinea pigs to trust you and to love you by socializing them, but before that, let’s see if your little balls of fur adore you and you do not only notice it !

Signs that your guinea pig loves you

You must know that piggies do not love in the same way as humans, therefore, a guinea pig that loves you will only consider you as part of its group, its tribe, it no longer sees you as a threat, it interacts normally with you, feels comfortable in your presence, eats out of your hand and lets you touch, pet and play with it very spontaneously. There are obviously other signs of affection, and these are the ones we’ll see just below.

Before we go any further, here are the signs that will show you that your guinea pig loves you and loves to spend time with you and loves it when you are around:

1- If your guinea pig loves you, it won’t bite you !

signs that my guinea pig likes me

If you’re really your guinea pig’s favorite human, it will never bite you when you bring your hand close to it, take it in your arms or if you try to get it out of its cage. guinea pigs use their incisors to defend themselves and if they bite you, know that they always see you as a threat.

2-If your guinea pig loves you, it will come eating from your hand

If you want to do the test, take a piece of vegetable or fruit and hand it to your guinea pig, and if he comes directly without turning around and start eating right from your hand, know that the bet is won and your guinea pig loves you.

3-If you are the darling of your guinea pigs, they won’t run away from you anymore

Do you remember the first days? when your guinea pigs run away to a corner of the cage, away from you or in their shelter when you approach their cage? In fact if they don’t do that anymore and if they come near you as soon as you get near the cage, know that the bet is won and that you are their favorite.

If they love you , guinea pigs will recognize your voice and as soon as you approach the cage they will get excited because they will expect food hugs or play with you it’s a sign that they can’t wait for you to appear !

4- A guinea pig who loves you, will use you as a perch and climb on you

how to make my guinea pig love me

One of the not-so-soaking signs that your guinea pigs adore you is when you sit on the floor next to them and they come to you and start climbing on your lap and ask you to take them in your arms, put them up high so that you can caress them and also so that they can contemplate the whole room or cover more space with their eyes and they can contemplate the surroundings.

5-One of the signs of affection of guinea pigs are when they gently bite you or lick you

Don’t mistake painful bites for affectionate bites, the latter don’t hurt, whereas if they bite you, you’re really going to feel it lol.

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So one of the signs of affection of guinea pigs and when they bite you just a little bit or they start licking you, that’s how they actually show affection and love for each other and that’s how they strengthen their bonds as a pack, group or family when they are in their natural environment.

They need these bonds because eagles and foxes, owls … and wolves are watching them and they need each other to stay alive.

6-A guinea pig who loves you, does not scratch you

You may take your guinea pig in your arms, but when you put it on the ground and put it back in its cage, you will find that your hands and forearms are full of scratches and scrapes, a sign that your guinea pig did not feel good in your arms and that’s why he took out the claws.

7-A guinea pig who loves you, is not going to urinate on you !

I’m not sure about this one, but I think that a guinea pig who is going to piss on you when you take him in your arms is a guinea pig who asks you to let him go right away !! no? It’s not like the human babies who piss on you if they want to say “I love you in their own way” lol.

8-If your guinea pig loves you, he’s not going to snap his teeth

If when you approach your guinea pig or you try to take him, he starts to snap his teeth and make a sound, know that you are bothering him and he is not comfortable in your presence, he is simply warning you that he may bite you if you don’t move away from him, he doesn’t love you in. 

Same if he is making high pitched cries, a little bit like those of a little puppy who is hungry, he just asks you to leave him alone, your guinea pig doesn’t trust you yet, you will hear this sound too, the first time you cut his claws, it’s a sound they make when they are worried or suffering.

9-If your guinea pig loves you, it will purr when you hold it in your arms and pet it

why do my guinea pigs hate me ?

Finally , the most common and the well known thing is that a guinea pig will emit a deep purr when it is happy, a bit like when you pet a cat and it starts to purr, it’s almost the same sound, and it’s a sign that your guinea pig is having fun with you and actually likes you and likes what you do to it and spend time with you.

Your guinea pig Don’t hate you, it may only be afraid of you

Usually guinea pig owners take the fear and dreadfulness of the guinea pig as hatred. In fact, it could be that your guinea pig is only afraid of you and does not yet trust you completely.

It actually takes a lot of patience and several weeks of effort to get your guinea pig to trust you, because if you just got it, it probably sees you as a threat and as a predator, it is genetically programmed that way because guinea pigs are natural prey for many animals, so their fearfulness is their first defense and survival system.

The process to follow to encourage your guinea pig to trust you

When you bring a guinea pig home, you will have to tame it because it is naturally on its guard and it has just been separated from its real family, stressed and it has only distrust, fear, flight, jumps and teeth to defend itself! and it is up to you to make him understand that you are in fact his friend, and that you are no danger to him and more than that, that your home is safe and his cage and shelter are even safer.

We would like our guinea pig to understand English, we’ll just read him this previous paragraph and that’s it lol but that’s not how it is done and taming a guinea pig can take several weeks and require a lot of patience especially if your guinea pig is of character and a fearful temperament, fearful and shy.

Here are the steps to follow to tame your guinea pig and prepare him to love you afterwards:

1- Food is the best way to get closer to your guinea pig

use food to make your guinea pigs love you

To get close to your guinea pig, not only start by feeding him well but also try to gently bring him to eat with your hand.

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Start by putting a piece of his favorite vegetable or fruit in front of his shelter, do not touch him when he is in his shelter, he will take it as an aggression! Just put the piece in front of the door of his shelter and little by little he will take the pieces and eat them even if they have a little of your smell, this is the goal finally, to recognize your smell as that of a member of his group.

Little by little you will open the door of the cage gently, talk to him in a soft voice, hold your piece of fruit or vegetable in your hand, approach him gently and invite him to eat from your hand.

Be patient, he will eventually do it.

2- Choose an open cage

Wide at the base and elevate it so that your guinea pig is a little high off the ground and can see and control its environment, this will give it more confidence because it will see that there is no threat in the environment of its cage, which will facilitate your approach.

The open cage and a cage that is not closed above and that has no roof in fact, this kind of cage requires that you put one or two shelters for your guinea pig and they are only recommended if you do not have other pets in the house or in the same room. But this type of cage is ideal to better interact with your guinea pig because you will not have to open the cage door and put your hand inside to get close to your guinea pig but with this type of cage, the contact is direct and easier.

3- The next step will be to touch your guinea pig with your fingertips while it is eating with your hand

Use one or two fingers of the hand that actually feeds it, not the other hand.

Be patient, and once your guinea pig lets you touch it and continues to eat with your hand, try to let go of the food or piece of fruit and pet it gently on the head, avoiding sudden movements.

After a few attempts, he will let you do so and you let him pet him, keep talking to him when you interact with your guinea pig, and for the last stage of taming, you will have to try to bring him up on your lap by bribing him and attracting him with small pieces of his favorite fruit, they love apples.

And lastly, you’re going to start trying to take him gently in your hands, and stroke him, don’t hold him if he wants you to let him go, and don’t put him down if he shows signs of well being, just keep stroking him and telling him how much you love him.

4- A little company will help him feel safer

To facilitate the taming of your guinea pig, it is advisable to have at least two of them, even if you put them in two separate cages close to each other, but don’t prevent you from putting them together and this will give them a feeling of security that will encourage them to trust you more and interact better with you.

If you feel that your guinea pig doesn’t like you or is afraid of you, start by bringing a companion, of the same kind of course and a guinea pig of the same age and size too.

5- If your guinea pig bites you or you bite it, don’t correct it !

During its taming, your guinea pig will maybe bite you or only bite you must, just to soak up your smell or even to warn you that it would know how to defend itself if you plan to betray it and nibble it lol.

Avoid shouting at him especially or even shouting near his cage, this will frighten him and make him more fearful of you, they are social animals but love the quiet.

6- To succeed in taming your guinea pig, respect its vital space

The rule is simple if you want your pet guinea pig to trust you and love you, you must not in fact touch him in any way, try to take him or disturb him when he is in his shelter, when he sleeps or when he eats unless it is in your hand and it is him who came to you. If you do that, he will take it for an aggression and an intrusion in his territory and you will lose the confidence he has in you.

7- Interactions with your guinea pig at fixed times

Make your interaction with your guinea pig at the same time each day.

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I recommend every afternoon, in the evening in fact they are calmer at that time.

When you do this, he will get used to it and he will be waiting for you at the same time every day and expect you to take him in your arms and pet him and play with him.

8- The last stage of taming your guinea pig

After your guinea pig has trusted you and lets you handle him as you want, it is time to let him discover the rest of the house by enlarging his environment a little more each day, until he is taken to the garden.

Let him discover little by little the other members of the family and the other pets if there are any, make sure that he is the one who takes the first step towards the unknown and do not force him if he does not want to go for example in the arms of your little child! don’t forget, children are not as delicate and can hurt your guinea pig, be careful!

So these were the steps to follow to tame your guinea pig if this is the reason why your pet seems not to like you, and by doing this you will actually teach him to trust you and appreciate you too.

The Secret to win the love of your guinea pigs

use fruits and treats to gain your guinea pig's love

I’m going to give you the secret that will drive your guinea pigs crazy about you in no time.

The two tricks are the sixth sense and apples, I explain, you will actually use a piece of apple twice a week to offer it to your guinea pig and take advantage of it to get closer to him a little bit more, they love apples and he will little by little let you pet him and he will quickly love you for this habit.

My second advice to win the love of your guinea pigs is to breathe very deeply and to get rid of any possible negative wave before approaching their cage, guinea pigs are very sensitive animals and they can feel anger and discomfort in your home, fill your heart with love before you approach your guinea pigs and don’t forget to tell them, how much you love them with a soft voice and a lot of sincerity, believe me, they will understand it and quickly, you will return this love.

It’s your turn to play now and earn the love of your ginipic

If your guinea pig loves you, you must continue to make efforts to ensure this love, behave like a member of the group, respect your habits and keep your promises to your guinea pigs by feeding them well , caressing them … etc. always at the usual time.

If on the other hand your guinea pigs always mistrust you, know that they do not hate you, animals do not hate, only men have this behavior, just tame your guinea pigs and make them understand little by little that you are their friend and that they can trust you, and believe me, just show them your unconditional love and they will soon surprise you and give it back to you.

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