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Do Guinea pigs Smell bad ?

Do guinea pigs smell bad , why and how to solve this problem ?

why do guinea pigs may smell bad ?

No, Guinea Pigs never smell bad if you don’t treat them like a real pig, just follow some hygienic rules and cleaning habits to keep your Guinea Pig clean and smell as good as any other member of the family.So it’s not the guinea pig that can smell bad but it is rather its cage when it is not well maintained by its owner.

Here’s how to make sure that your guinea pig never smells bad and always stays clean so that you can put its cage wherever you want in the house, even in your own room.

When can a guinea pig smell bad?

Everything will depend on you, because if you take a guinea pig or any pet and you lock it several days in a cage without cleaning it, forcing it to eat, sleep and especially to do its business, this cage will probably end up smelling bad and it is not the fault of your guinea pig, but yours.

Those who claim that guinea pigs smell bad, are liars and if they have ever had such an experience, know that the fault lies with the owner of the Guinea pig and not with the pet.

Pet Guinea Pig is a clean rodent that does not smell bad but urinates a lot and in the same place, its urine tends to macerate and have a strong smell especially when it is hot.

The bad smells can come from the litter and not from your pet, unless you let your guinea pig bathe in his urine and excrement by cleaning the cage only once a month, which would be really cruel and that’s why I’m going to tell you how to avoid that the litter and the cage of your guinea pig smell bad.

How to avoid that the guinea pig’s cage smells bad ?

The word magic so that the cage of the guinea pig remains clean and smells good, it can smell like hay, for example, a good smell … the word magic is the planned cleaning, but before it will be necessary:

1 – Choose a good cage for your guinea pig to stay clean

It will be necessary a cage wide enough at the base so that your guinea pig can have space, and reserve a corner to urinate and do its business.

A large cage will also allow you to put enough litter in it to absorb all the urine your guinea pig could produce and prevent it from walking in it and getting its paws dirty.

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Don’t buy plexiglass cages, completely hermetic, which will increase the temperature inside and soak the urine and accentuate the odors, choose instead a well ventilated and open cage.

2-Choosing a good litter to keep your guinea pig clean

It is primordial and essential to choose a bedding that absorbs moisture and odors as well, don’t try to save a few cents on it by buying wood shavings for example because they don’t absorb odors well, and don’t hold it back to prevent it from dispersing outside the guinea pig’s cage.

The best bedding materials are hemp shavings, wood pellets and flax bedding.

Cellulose and corn litter (for the skinny guinea pig and the Baldwins), there is even straw litter in flakes or granules.

Try also the absorbent mat (Vetbed) or polar fleece to line the cage with your guinea pig, you will never smell his urine again if you follow these instructions.

3-Give a bath to the Guinea Pig to prevent it from smelling 

how to deal with guinea pigs odor and their cages when they are smelling bad

Even if you use a good litter, your guinea pig will probably come in contact with its own urine, and to avoid that your pet ends up smelling bad, you will have to give it a bath at least once a month.

You can use the baby shampoo or a special shampoo for guinea pigs, put a towel at the bottom of the sink and put some warm water, wash your guinea pig and wipe it with a towel before putting it back in its cage that you will have previously cleaned too.

4-The biweekly cleaning of the cage will prevent your guinea pig from getting dirty and stinking

You will in fact remove the litter and change it at least twice a week, even three times during the hours when it’s chad like in the summer.

Each time you change the litter of your guinea pig, take the opportunity to soak a cloth with white vinegar and disinfect the bottom of the cage by insisting on the animal your guinea pig has chosen to groom.

You must also clean the cage from top to bottom at least once a month, take the guinea pig out of the cage and wash it and all the elements in it with plenty of water and disinfect everything with vinegar, do this the day you give your guinea pig a bath.

5-Brush your guinea pig regularly, especially if it has long hair

It could be that a little food, a piece of poop or a few drops of urine get stuck in the fur of your guinea pig and to avoid that it accumulates and smells bad, have the good habit to give him a small brushstroke each time you take him out to play with, so his fur will stay clean and he won’t smell bad.

6-Place rodent deodorizers under the litter box

These deodorizers are usually sold in the form of powders and small beads to be placed under your bedding. Their role is to neutralize the ammonia odors contained in urine.


By following these few instructions, your guinea pig will stay clean and its cage will never smell bad, on the contrary, it will smell like your whole house, well.

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