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what to do for my guinea pig before bed ?

what to do for my guinea pig before bed ? 

what to do for my guinea pig every night

You have just had one or more guinea pigs and you wonder what to do for them before you go to sleep ? 

The quick answer is that you need to make sure your guinea pigs have something to eat at night, water, a little toilet and some other good habits that I will talk about in my article today.

Here is the list of tasks that you will do to your guinea pigs, around 9 or 10 am PM and before you go to bed so that you are sure that your Piggies will also have a great night:

1- A little cleaning of the guinea pig cage before going to bed

You can have this habit of doing a little light cleaning every night, just remove the carpet from the piggy cage, renew the bedding, clean the pellet bowls, the guinea pig beds and put it all back in place.

Also pick up the droppings that are not in the litter box, brush the carpet or blanket to pick up the hair of your guinea pigs so that they do not end up in their hay.

Also search the rest of the hay in the feed trough, your guinea pigs may have hidden pieces of vegetables inside that can rot overnight and make them sick if they eat them.

2-Giving the guinea pig food back

Guinea pig evening routine

You can also give hay to your guinea pigs in the evening before you sleep, they will spend a good part of the night eating hay in fact, especially if it is winter.

If you have given only half of their daily ration of pellets to the guinea pigs, give them their pellets and some pieces of fresh vegetables as well.

No fruit at night, they don’t move too much and the sugar could prevent your guinea pigs from sleeping which will stress them.

Do not forget their vitamin C, or the second half of their daily ration also if you gave them only 10mg in the morning.

3-Check the level of water in the bottles of your guinea pigs

It’s very important that you do this before going to bed, especially if it’s summer and it’s a bit hot, so you must check that your guinea pigs have enough water for the night and that it’s not dirty if you use bowls and if it’s bottles or baby bottles, also check that they work well and that they are not clogged and especially they don’t have any leak that could flood the cage during the night.

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Also check that the water bottles are securely fastened and that they are not likely to fall out during the night.

I advise you to change the water of your guinea pigs twice a day, in the morning and in the evening before you go to sleep , especially if you are trying to get them drink more in case they don’t .

4- A small brush stroke , an important guinea pig evening routine

Before going to sleep, give your guinea pigs a little brushing, it would make them happy and you will also keep their fur clean, take the opportunity to clean their paws if they have accidentally wet them with their own urine, so they will stay warm.

It is winter, check also that the conditions that will keep your guinea pigs warm during the night are all satisfied.

5- give your guinea pigs their medication 

It is also very important that you give your guinea pigs their treatments and medicines if they are sick, the diseases can get worse during the night, never forget that.

6- Hugs for your guinea pigs before going to sleep

In fact, it’s good to take your guinea pig a few minutes before you go to bed, pet your piggy and bond with it.

You will also reassure him because the night and the dark are also stressful for the guinea pigs especially if there are noises outside around your house.

7- Make sure your Guinea Pigs are safe for the night

Finally, you will check that the cage of your guinea pigs is well locked and that they cannot go out during the night.

Check also that nothing can attack them during the night, your cat or your dog if the cage is in the house, and be even more rigorous by checking the safety of the hutch if your guinea pigs live outside the house, because predators are more numerous, foxes especially and even stray cats and dogs.

Here, you can go to sleep now, because your guinea pigs will also have an excellent night.

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