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How Much Does Ferret Surgery Cost ?

Ferret Tumor average removal cost 

Tumor removal for a ferret will cost between $300 & $500 on average, but the cost of the surgery will also depend on the stage of the tumor and its progression as well as the health of your ferret which could increase the total cost of the surgery to around $1200.

how much does ferret surgery cost ?

Chordoma tumor removal cost as an example

Chordoma is an ” Embryonic tissue located in a ferret’s vertebrae” , it’s like a bump growing on the end of the ferret’s tail , it’s a common tumor in ferrets , it may looks like a zit or a cyst , it’s tuff when you touch it … don’t worry , it’s not that dangerous !

Don’t worry, this kind of tumor won’t affect other parts of your ferret’s body and once treated, he usually won’t get it again.

How do you recognize a chordoma?

Chordoma tumor in ferrets

Regular and firm, white gray and usually round growth on the tip of the ferret’s tail, smaller ones are not painful, but larger ones can make your ferret’s life a little difficult, making it difficult to move around and also causing abrasions when he drags it along the ground.

How to know if it is time to treat this chordoma?

The best thing to do is to consult your veterinarian as soon as you suspect that your ferret has a chordoma. As soon as this lump reaches half an inch, it will start to bother your ferret, in his movements, the abrasions when he drags it on the ground, it will get stuck in his bedding and in the doors but especially, if you have another ferret, it could bite him on his tail and cause him a lot of pain and an infection that will cause him more pain and cost you more money too especially if your ferret is not subscribed to a pet insurance.

How to treat Chordoma ?

The best effective treatment for Chordoma is surgery, the vet will actually amputate part of your ferret’s tail, this is a sacrifice that the ferret must make to get rid of this tumor.

They usually recover well from this surgery and after a few days, your ferret will forget all about this mishap and continue to live normally as before.

How much does Chordoma Tumor surgery cost?

Let’s talk about vet costs now ; this surgery is not an internal surgery and it will not cost you more than $900, in some places you can even pay less than $500 for the blood test and remove the tumor from your ferret’s tail.

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The cost will also depend on your ferret general health , does it already have other problems like insulinoma etc., in which case you will also have some extra costs for treatment like a probable steroid injection to stabilize the blood glucose level and a pain injection and daily pain killers after the surgery.

Don’t look at the cost of the surgery, I advise you to find a veterinarian who has already done this kind of surgery even if it means paying more so that you can be sure that this tumor will not come back.

So what is the average cost of a surgery ?

I would advise you to budget $1000 so that you are prepared for other additional costs and treatment after surgery, the majority of tumor removal operations in ferrets (Pancreatic tumor, adrenal tumor, Mast cell tumor can go up to $1200, depends on tumor progression and stage) cost between $300 and $600 depending on the location, and a little more for possible blood work and perhaps other injections to prepare your ferret for surgery.

In most cases, I would say that surgery is less expensive than treatment if not done at the ferret, such as Insulinoma, which will require around $150 per month of treatment.

Final Thoughts 

The bottom line is that your ferret is well again, surgeries can cost you a little over $1000 in the most complicated cases, but they are usually much more effective than treatments.

One tip we always give to new pet owners is to start saving money right away in case your pet needs emergency surgery.

Pet insurance is also a good way to plan for these kinds of contingencies, so consider getting a good plan for your pets.

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