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How To Travel With A Sensitive Stomach Cat?

When traveling with a sensitive stomach cat , it is best to either not feed him before leaving or, in case of a long trip, give him only a small portion of an easy digestive food like chicken and rice.

How To Travel With A Sensitive Stomach Cat?

Cats have sensitive stomachs, and having an upset stomach is very common for these little felines. Hence, travelling with a sick cat can be challenging at times.

A dog can be “trained” for a comfortable ride in a car or any vehicle, but cats are demanding animals, and coping with them becomes a problem. 

We will be looking at the aspects of a cat’s upset stomach especially during long trips, what food should be served to a sick cat, and many similar things. So, keep reading to know more! 

How Can I Travel With a Cat That Has an Upset Stomach? 

How To Travel With A Sensitive Stomach Cat?

Before you plan for the trip with your cat , make sure that h/she has a secluded place to stay after reaching your destination. Although a car ride doesn’t have long-term effects on a cat’s health, it is an unnecessary drag for the poor animal, and their human will be hampered. 

If your cat feels uneasy in the car when the journey begins, you can try out the following tips to prevent your cat’s health from worsening. 

Adapt Your Kitten to a Carrier or Crate 

It would be best to begin by acclimating your cat to a carrier or crate where the cat will remain seated for the whole journey. 

You can do this by opening the carrier door for the cat, and once the cat enters, you should put their favorite toys and treats in the carrier, so they start to like it. 


Medicating the cat before you leave home would be a good decision. However, the medicines should be given only according to the vet’s prescription. 

Make sure that your cat is OK with it’s vaccines like Rabies .

A Cat Should Have an Empty Stomach

It would be best to travel with your cat on an empty stomach. So, the cat shouldn’t be fed for almost 4-6 hours before the journey. 

The Face of the Carrier

The face of the carrier should be kept in a direction from where the cat cannot see outside. This way, it will keep the cat distracted. 

Cerenia Medication

This is a drug designed especially for dogs and cats to prevent them from having motion sickness. You can consult your vet with regards to this drug. It should be given in the form of an injection to cats. Cerenia works best if given 2 hours before the journey. 

What Food Is Good For Cats With a Sensitive Stomach?

Typically, it would be best to look for food that includes wholesome, natural ingredients. 

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The foods should also contain healthy fats, proteins, and easily digestible carbs.  Beneficial probiotics and prebiotics can be fed to the little kitten. However, it would be best if you looked out for artificial additives or by-products. 

These additions can be harmful to a cat and even more hazardous if the cat has an upset stomach. You can check a list of proper food for cats with sensitive stomach that contain light and easily-digestible ingredients.

How Can I Tell if My Cat Has an Upset Stomach? 

For humans, we tend to sense something tingly in our stomachs and guess that we might be having an upset stomach. But what about cats? 

Cats often sense that something is off with them, but how do they express it to their human? There are some signs we can know about the cat’s stomach. 

1- Excessive Vocalisation (Includes Howling and Loud Meowing) 

Often, people tend to ignore this sign as an everyday occurrence. They presume that the cat is doing it to get attention, but the cat is trying to express that it isn’t well. 

2- Excessive Licking of Lips 

If you spot your cat licking its lips excessively, consult a vet immediately because your cat might be having an upset stomach or motion sickness. 

3- Pacing and Restlessness

Cats are known to be animals with anxiety. They cannot stay in a position for long unless they are sleeping. 

If you find them pacing about the room without purpose, you should consult the vet as the feline might be trying to express something. 

4- Lethargy

Lethargy or laziness in a cat is a rare phenomenon. Cats love to play and mess around with their humans and whatever is available in their surroundings. 

If your cat is acting lazy or lethargic, you should get its health checked by a vet. Cats can get several diseases but lethargy is a common sign of motion sickness. 

5- Excessive Drooling 

Drooling isn’t a regular physiological activity carried out by the little felines. If you find your cat drooling excessively, you should consult a veterinarian. 

6- Diarrhea

The main reason your cat might be facing diarrhea could be an upset stomach which is caused due to the inflammation of the stomach. 

If such a thing occurs, then a vet should be consulted immediately. This could also happen due to the inflammation of a cat’s intestines. 

7- Vomiting

A cat starts to puke out food when it has an upset stomach. You should check the cat’s litter box if you find your cat vomiting. 

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This way, you will be able to analyze a cat’s problem in a better way. Consulting a vet should be your top-most priority. 

Final Thoughts 

Traveling with an upset stomach cat is easily manageable if you follow the recommendations listed in this article but the most important thing is to get your cat ready for the trip well in advance so that the journey remains enjoyable for both of you.

We also looked at the signs and the indications of an upset stomach given by a cat when it feels uneasy. These signs shouldn’t be ignored. 

It would help if you also took care of the food that you serve to your cat during motion sickness. We hope that this article has helped you.

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