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A faithful cat even after death

The amazing story of a Faithful Cat in sorrow

Faithful cat unbelievable story

we hear a lot about stories of devoted dogs and dedicated to their owners, real heroes, but this time the hero of our incredible story is a three-year-old cat at the time of the incident

This true story took place in the city of Marliana, in Tuscany (Italy), a small town whose inhabitants almost all know each other, the hero is not one of these inhabitants but a cat named Toldo

When Renzo, his master was taken to the cemetery, some of them noticed Toldo following the funeral procession, they will tell it later because the story would not stop there.

Since that day, Todo the cat, goes to his master’s grave every day, which surprised the people of this small town, how could we not be surprised because unlike dogs known for their unconditional loyalty to their master, cats can show a little affection but generally as long as you continue to pet them and feed them well, if not they will seek a new master and will simply forget you

Take a Breath

Amazing Cat Stor

Toldo the cat didn’t just visit his late master Renzo Iozelli daily, but he went even further, told Asa Renzo’s widow, because the cat never goes to his master’s grave “empty-handed”, Toldo always takes something with him, a gift and puts it next to the grave, a blade of grass, a leaf, an empty plastic cup or glass, a toothpick, etc.

Pets really have a soul, and like Toldo dozens of other stories of loyalty and dedication from our four-legged friends, why do I always say that they are not just our pets but rather members of our families.

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