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15 Reasons why you should get pet insurance

15 Reasons why you should get pet insurance

Pet Insurance will not only give you peace of mind, but more importantly, it will ensure that you can easily deal with the unforeseen and unexpected health issues of your pet, especially when it comes to an illness that requires your dog, cat, ferret, rabbit, hamster or any other four-legged friend to undergo surgery or require costly treatment or long term care.

I hope that you will make the right decision to purchase pet insurance for your new family member, and that you will join the 2% of American pet owners who have insured their dog and the sadly low 0.5% of those who have insured their cat…

join those responsible people who truly value their pet’s life, well being and happiness.

Reasons why you should get pet insurance

1 – Thanks to Pet Insurance and you can, by the way, get the best pet insurance here, you will save money and be reimbursed every time you take your pet to the vet for an illness , an accident and any other care and contingencies you include in the wellness and routine plan of your pet insurance.

2- You can pick a pet Policy according to your budget, you can insure your pet against accidents, illnesses and even against any unforeseen event through a wellness plan for even routine check ups if you want, and you can cover all your pet’s expenses if you pick them all.

Just make sure you choose a pet insurance plan with No Cap or at least with high annual reimbursement cap ( +$15000 ) and Cancer should be included in the plan too especially if your pet breed is prone to this disease , I recommend this option especially for ferret owners cuz they are prone to cancer , hamsters too by the way !! ( it can costs a lot of money ) , and if your dog is a Labrador , Rottweiler or Doberman .

Also think about lowering your plan’s “Deductibles”, that is to say the amount you will pay before your pet’s insurance is triggered! For example, if your deductible is $200, your insurance company will not reimburse the vet’s bill if it does not exceed this amount, i.e. $200. (The higher your deductible, the less your pet insurance plan will cost and vice versa.

3- If you buy a pet insurance plan, you will give more freedom to your pet because you know that it is safe and at the moment when you encounter a pet health emergency, which could cost you several thousands of dollars, you will not hesitate one second before taking your pet to the vet to be taken care of even if you don’t have money available.

4- You need to buy pet insurance because you will finally be able to treat your pet at the best vet of your choice, because you would just need to get reimbursed for your pet’s qualified expenses from your pet’s insurance company, you will get your reimbursement usually after a week, but can go up to two months which is not really a big deal!

5- You’ll need pet insurance cuz Senior pets often require more care and you will need a large budget to cover it, especially when it comes to chronic illnesses, accidents and surgeries. You can always buy pet insurance for your senior dog, cat or ferret…etc but it’s best that you buy pet insurance as soon as you bring your four legged friend home to benefit from discounts and pay less in principle.

6- When your pet is insured, you will be able to pay this pet insurance according to your ability, you can pay every month, as you can pay for 6 months or a year, according to your budget, so there is no reason to leave your pet without an insurance plan!

7- The most important reason to buy a pet insurance is that it will allow your pet to live longer and in better health because it will benefit from all the medical follow-up it is entitled to, be treated as soon as the first symptoms appear, benefit from the best treatments and medicines and all this can be covered by its insurer.

8- You can also insure your pet against theft, you may not know it, but many pets go missing here in the United States and thefts are the primary reason! . Your Pet Insurance Company can also help you find your dog or cat if you lose it with their Lost Pet Recovery Specialists If you also sign up for a pet protection plan .

9- Pet insurance Premium may only cost you between $35 and $47 for a dog per month, and an average of $30 for a cat, while your pet could require thousands of dollars in care due to an accident you can never foresee or an illness or cancer that could arise at any time in his life, what are you going to do if you don’t insure him? dig into your family’s emergency fund or watch your dog, cat or ferret suffer without you being able to treat him!

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According to The American Kennel Club, your pet could cost you up to $40,000 over its lifetime, so why not save money by purchasing pet insurance because medical care is often the biggest budget killer! ; and please , don’t tell me ” Oh no !! my puppy is supper healthy and it’s gonna be like this all his life … “ please just don’t think like that !! please at any time , you can change your mind !!

10- The average bill when you take your pet to the vet is often between $100 and $1000 if the vet doesn’t discover that your dog needs emergency surgery (which costs on average $3000) or expensive treatment and follow-up care; which is all the more reason to buy pet insurance for your furry little friend!

The amount you will be reimbursed will also depend on the Caps/Limits, the maximum yearly amount that your insurer will cover for your dog’s vet bills (they are negotiable).

11- You should buy your pet insurance now and choose a Premium plan with no lots of Exclusions and no Caps if possible because you will have to wait between two and three weeks for it to be operational, and you will not want to make your dog or cat wait if he suddenly gets sick or has an accident which will complicate and make his insurance a little more expensive because of the pre-existing conditions due to your delay!

On top of that, if you have just adopted a puppy or kitten, know that the younger your pet is, the cheaper your pet insurance is going to be. You should sign up for a pet insurance when your pet is 100% healthy (otherwise, you’re never going to get the best quotes! , it will depends on your pet’s vet veterinary records ! , i.e. older pet plus more diseases equal expensive pet insurance ) so that this insurance will only cost you the minimum.

12- You must buy a pet insurance so that you will not be forced one day to make a life-and-death decision when the vet will tell you that your dear pet needs an emergency surgery that would cost you $7000 in the big cities ( and more than half of this amount elsewhere ) or else it is better to pay to stop his suffering and euthanize him ! If your dog or cat or ferret, rabbit, hamster … is covered by a Premium Pet Insurance, the decision would be easy to take and you will save the life of your four-legged friend without thinking too much!

13- Pet Insurance will save you a lot of money if your pet gets a chronic allergy or several allergies, pet owners don’t know this, but allergies will cost you a lot of money in the long run, the thing is that the vet’s bills may not be big but they will be very frequent!

14- By buying a pet insurance for your dog, cat or any other pet, you will finally get rid of your care credit, which has often proved to be a bad investment because it ties you to one vet especially if you have debts with him! and forces you to always consult the same veterinarian even if sometimes, you know that taking your pet to a specialist is a better option for him

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However, if your pet has pet insurance, you will just upload your vet invoice on the website of your pet insurance company and you will be reimbursed , usually in one week. Some pet insurance companies , can offer to pay directly your vet .

15- You will do well to buy pet insurance for your pets, not only to get reimbursed for your expenses at the vet, but also to get reimbursed for preventive check ups if your vet discovers that your dog for example is likely to have a serious and fatal problem if you don’t discover it and treat it as soon as it appears as in the case of Cardiac arrhythmia, His insurance will only have the option to pay for his heart workup like a regular heart check to avoid a sudden death that would cost them much more than that!

My Last Tips:

So we agree that your pet really needs Pet Insurance, and from the moment it arrives in your home to avoid any unforeseen events.

The company you work for may have a plan to cover pet insurance of their employees, so ask around! 

If you are going to insure several pets at the same time, you will be entitled to discounts, same thing for the military and the students.

Your veterinarian will probably be able to advise you on which type and insurance company to choose for your pet and which insurance plan is best for him, taking into account his breed, age and any health problems he may face in the future, especially if he has any pre-existing conditions.

Get a no limit hereditary conditions pet insurance plan, that covers cancer, dentistry and vet examinations, with low deductible and high or unlimited cap, your friend will surely need it and you will also have the peace of mind that you will be able to face anything that could happen to your pet.

Here are some insurance companies that I can recommend (please do your own research and adapt it to your own pet and your vets advice ):

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