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Is it Better to Boil Meat for Dogs ?

The digestive system of dogs is actually better prepared for raw meat than cooked or boiled meat, so if you have an adult dog, healthy and regularly exercised, you can give him raw meat but, yes, it is always better to boil the meat, just for safety especially if you have a puppy or an old dog because if meat is contaminated with salmonellosis or other bad bacteria, it could easily get them sick.

Rumors that may prevent you from feeding raw meat to your dog?

is it better to boil meat for dogs ?

If your dog does not suffer from any digestive or immune disease, you can give him raw meat without worrying about the following preconceived ideas:

1- A diet based on raw meat is not balanced: It is wrong because you can also give vegetables, fruits …etc to balance your dog’s food. In fact, there are many other foods that dogs love to eat and that you can add to their raw diet.

2-Your dog is going to get sick because of the bacteria that could be contained in the meat: Completely False! because a dog’s digestive system (in good physical condition) is able to eliminate and degrade bad bacteria like salmonella.

3-Giving raw meat to your dog will make him aggressive: Not true! a dog who has learned the right manners and to stay calm is never influenced by the food he eats! raw meat does not make dogs aggressive but they become aggressive because they have not followed Obedience Training.

4- Raw Bones can kill your dog: Not at all!! giving a big piece of beef bone to your dog will only help him to have better dentition and especially this bone will give him the Calcium he will need.

You just have to be a little more careful with chicken bone likes, especially with puppies!

Precautions to take when feeding raw meat to your dog

The first rule to respect when giving raw meat to your dog is that the meat must be of human quality.

Never give your dog a piece of meat that you will not eat yourself!

When it comes to offal, you must buy animal offal, produced in a natural way and not those fattened with industrial cattle food and growth hormones!

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Ask your butcher for offal and tell him that you want fresh offal from animals raised in the open air, on the farm, and not in factories.

The second rule is to make sure that this meat is really fresh if not frozen and then thawed just before being given to your dog.

Don’t forget to clean your dog’s bowl after each meal! and don’t let your dog lick you too, and wash well with hot water every time you feed your dog.

It is necessary to give several pieces to your dog: muscle, liver, tripe, heart, and kidneys …etc.

If you give your dog meat that contains bones, stay close to him when he’s an angel to prevent him from swallowing pieces of bones without chewing them…

To learn more about the BARF Diet, I recommend the website of Dr. Karen Becker so that you can learn how to balance your dog’s meals, because the meat is only going to make up 75% of his meal, and you have to add fruits and vegetables to balance his food.

You will also know what side effects to expect if you want to change your dog’s diet from kibbles to raw food.

When is it better to boil the meat before feeding it to the dog?

Giving raw meat is not recommended for a puppy (risk of bone deformities and growth problems if you don’t give him the right ratio of calcium and phosphorus).

Raw meat is also not recommended for an old dog that has always been fed exclusively with kibbles all his life.

The advanced age of a dog is the wrong time to change his diet, especially to a raw diet.

You should also boil the meat before giving it to your dog if he suffers from late-stage kidney or severe liver failure.

The same goes for dogs suffering from cancer, chemotherapy, or other immunosuppressive diseases.

The best Food for your dog in these cases is a cooked homemade diet designed by a nutritionist certified by the ACVN (American College of Veterinary Nutrition).

Why it is advisable to feed raw meat to your Pooch

is it safe to give raw meat to my dog or better boil it ?

The gastric juices of the dog, whose PH is 1 (therefore very acidic), are characteristic of a totally carnivorous diet.

Low and medium-quality kibbles do not contain enough protein to meet the dog’s needs, hence the risk of contracting diseases such as :

  • Diabetes
  • Pancreatitis
  • Chronic constipation
  • See the development of certain intestinal parasites
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It is therefore advisable to give your dog a piece of raw meat or offal from time to time, this will only do him good and here are also the benefits of raw meat and a raw diet for a dog:

Raw meat is not only better for your dog’s digestive and immune systems, it’s also great for healthy teeth, skin, and coats.

What is the best raw meat for dogs?

The best meats to give raw to your dog are Poultry (as long as the poultry is free-range and grain-fed in a natural way, if not remove some of the fat from the chicken and give supplements or foods rich in Omega 3 to your dog).

Lamb, veal, and rabbit are good and it is better to avoid Pork and Beef because, in the long run, these two types of meat would cause digestive problems for your dog.


If you have a puppy, wait for him to grow up a little before giving him raw meat, just feed him with Premium kibbles.

The same if your dog has become old, do not change his diet if he is used to the croquettes, you can give him boiled meat or cooked food.

If you have an adult dog who is in good shape and does not suffer from digestive problems, no kidney problems …. ask for the opinion of your vet and then give him raw meat but of human quality and fresh while monitoring his development.

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