What is a Dog’s Favorite Color ?


What’s a Dog’s Favorite Color ?

what is a dog's favorite color ?

Dogs , with their  dichromatic vision ; don’t see colors the same way we do, but if a dog has to have a favorite color, it would only be either yellow or blue, and personally I would vote for blue, because of the way my dog used to look at the sea!

When Humans see Dogs are in fact seeing
Just Bluemaybe any shade between blue and purple
Just Yellowyellow , grayish yellow , gray clear
Red , Orange yellowish gray
Green , pistachio green , bluish greenGrayish Yellow
PurpleBlue and its shades

Maybe you are looking to offer a new toy for your pooch and you want to know what would be your dog’s favorite color?

There are other factors to take into account when deciding what the dog’s favorite color would be, such as when he is outside or in the house …etc

Is there a way to find out which color your dog likes best?

a dog's favorite colour
The human’s and dog’s Spectrum

If it is easier to know what your dog’s favorite food is, it would be more difficult to know his favorite color.

I did a research and read some comments like : ” my dog likes the color pink much more ” …

But when we know that pink is only a shade of red (red diluted with white), we understand that the dog of this man is rather attached to the texture or the smell of the toy and not to its color, which would be only gray in the dog’s eyes !

To find out what is your dog’s favorite color, buy two or more toys of the same kind but in different colors, yellow and blue and their shades and take the test.

This is the only way to find out the color your dog loves the most .

The dog’s favorite color when he’s outside

Do dogs have a favorite color ?

Dogs see red and green in the same way, i.e., they see both colors as a yellowish gray.

So avoid for example to buy a Frisbee or a red or green ball and invite your dog to play on the green lawn of a Park !! . your dog will have difficulty to distinguish his toy from the grass !! he will turn everything gray !!

So the dog’s favorite color outside would be blue.

So what is the color that calms dogs?

Dogs tend to stay calm when the colors that dominate the area are either blue or purple.

These two colors seem to calm our dogs, that’s why vets use them to paint the walls of their clinics.

So we can say that the favorite dog’s color to rest and calm down is blue, without forgetting purple.

The best color for the dog’s eyes when he is inside the house

The problem is that dogs can see colors, but not all of them. Your dog can’t see red and green and all their shades, because he doesn’t have enough photoreceptor cells in his eye (cones, they only have 2, while man has 3) that will allow him to see the whole spectrum of colors.

The colors that dogs could see clearly

Your dog would be delighted if his indoor toys like the kong are colored blue, yellow and dogs see more shades of blue than we humans can distinguish.

What would be the best color for the dog then?

the color that dogs love the most

The only colors we see the same way as dogs are blue and yellow.

A toy that we humans see red, your dog will see it in yellowish gray, and if we see the pistachio green toy for example, the dog will see it in grayish yellow…

If you plan to play on the yellow sand of the beach with your dog, buy him a blue toy instead, and when you go in the water, choose a yellow ball so that it can contrast with the blue color of the water.

The world of the dog is made of two essential colors, blue and yellow, a little purple when we see the light blue object and the rest of the spectrum, the dog sees it as a kind of yellowish gray of different shades.


The colors to which the dogs are most attracted are yellow and blue. and all other colors that can be a mixture of these two colors.

So , stick to these two colors if you want your dog to see something other than gray !

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