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what’s a dog’s favorite color ?

Dogs , with their  dichromatic vision ; don’t see colors the same way we do, but if a dog has to have a favorite color, it would only be either yellow or blue, and personally I would vote for blue, because of the way my dog used to look at the sea!

What is Dogs Favorite Color ?

what is a dog's favorite color ?
When Humans see Dogs are in fact seeing
Just Bluemaybe any shade between blue and purple
Just Yellowyellow , grayish yellow , gray clear
Red , Orange yellowish gray
Green , pistachio green , bluish greenGrayish Yellow
PurpleBlue and its shades

Maybe you are looking to offer a new toy for your pooch and you want to know what would be your dog’s favorite color?

There are other factors to take into account when deciding what the dog’s favorite color would be, such as when he is outside or in the house .

Dogs vision compared to humans

Compared to humans, dogs don’t appreciate the entire spectrum of colors, they don’t see the rainbow as we do, they perceive the colors of course, but they are not always the true colors as you can see in the picture.

A red frisbee would be the same for your dog if it was yellow (Dogs possess only two types of cones). On the other hand, dogs are more near-sighted than humans and less sensitive to changes in brightness.

Dogs also have advantages when it comes to vision, they have a better peripheral vision than humans.

Dogs see better in dim light and detect movement better than we do.

Is there a way to find out which color your dog likes best?

a dog's favorite colour
The human’s and dog’s Spectrum

What color is a dog most attracted to? , If it is easier to know what your dog’s favorite food is, it would be more difficult to know his favorite color.

When you search in the toys aisle, there is of it of all the colors!!! in fact the manufacturers bet especially on colors which are going to please the parents, not the dogs !!! , most part of the toys are of orange or red color!! what is really sad because these two colors, are the worst if you ask the opinion of your dog!

I did a research and read some comments like : ” my dog likes the color pink much more ” …

But when we know that pink is only a shade of red (red diluted with white), we understand that the dog of this man is rather attached to the texture or the smell of the toy and not to its color, which would be only gray in the dog’s eyes !

To find out what is your dog’s favorite color, buy two or more toys of the same kind but in different colors, yellow and blue and their shades and take the test.

This is the only way to find out the color your dog loves the most .

Is the color of the toy that important to dogs?

According to studies, dogs use all their senses when they’re playing, toys painted in yellow or blue can of course be detected more easily by your dog in some cases, but dogs can also like a toy more than another just because of its texture, the sound it makes when he bites it, the smell of the toy, its shape … etc.

The best thing to do when you want to buy a new toy for your dog, is to think about the toys he liked before, taking into account all the other aspects I mentioned before, and when you find a toy that has the smell, the texture, that produces a sound that your dog loves …

You can then choose the color of the toy according to the area where you are going to use it with your dog, I also talked about that a little further in the article.

Dogs favorite color when they are outside

Do dogs have a favorite color ?

Do dogs see colors ? yes they do, but unlike humans , dogs for example see red and green in the same way, i.e., they see both colors as a yellowish gray.

So avoid for example to buy a Frisbee or a red or green ball and invite your dog to play on the green lawn of a Park !! . your dog will have difficulty to distinguish his toy from the grass !! he will turn everything gray !!

So the dog’s favorite color outside would be blue.

What colors are pleasing to dogs when they are inside the house

The problem is that dogs can see colors, but not all of them. Your dog can’t see red and green and all their shades, because he doesn’t have enough photoreceptor cells in his eye (cones, they only have 2, while man has 3) that will allow him to see the whole spectrum of colors.

The colors that dogs could see clearly

Your dog would be delighted if his indoor toys like the KONG are colored blue, yellow and dogs can easily see more shades of blue than we humans can distinguish, these are the two main solid colors that dogs can see the best even though they can see shades of red (for dogs , they look dark brownish-gray or black ) , they don’t see them as we humans do and these were the major visual differences between dogs and people according to VCA Hospitals .

Why do dogs like blue and yellow more?

Dogs love the two solid colors blue and yellow because they are the only colors that dogs can really distinguish from all others , and especially on any background .

As soon as the color of the object, the toy for example, is either yellow or blue, the dog will have a tendency to like it because it is easy for him to distinguish this yellow or blue object everywhere you put it and see the contours of the object perfectly.

Why do dogs hate the color red and orange?

Studies have shown that for example dogs tend to be more afraid of Indigo color, so it is advisable to avoid toys, bedding, kennel … painted with this color and all its shades.

I see a lot of parents buying KONGs and red toys for their dogs, especially frisbees and balls and other stuff to play fetch for example, this is a big mistake! , Animals are allergic to red color and get furious when they see it ! ( Dr. B R Jaksania )

In fact, a dog sees the colors red and green almost the same way, the green becomes gray in the eyes of your dog and the red Dark Grey.

As for the toys painted in orange, the dog will hardly distinguish them on the ground because he sees them in fact Dull gold !!! Better to say that he must sniff them because they become almost invisible on the ground!

what colors are the best for dog supplies  and toys

When you throw a red frisbee or a red ball and you ask your dog to go look for it in a green grass, the poor dog will especially use his nose and his sense of smell to find the toy because he does not distinguish it easily in the grass, it will be for him a grey toy on a grey grass !!!

That’s why it is recommended that the toys you take to the park for the dog are yellow or blue.

The blue or yellow toys are easy to find by your dog and he will enjoy better games like fetch and especially he will quickly learn his lessons if you try to teach him tricks using yellow or blue objects, he will not waste time to look for them, he will turn these objects or toys easily in the grass or on the ground.

Also, when training your dog outside, you should use a yellow or blue sweatshirt to help your dog distinguish your hands from the background when you give him instructions or treats as a reward.

You may have noticed that in dog competitions, such as agility sports, the obstacles and courses are all painted yellow and blue to make the courses clearer and easier to distinguish for the competing dogs.

When you put on gray clothes, if your dog distinguishes you in a park, when you lie down on the grass it is probably thanks to your yellow hair or to his sense of smell, so do not complicate things and put a blue or yellow pull.

So what is the color that calms dogs?

Dogs tend to stay calm when the colors that dominate the area are either blue or purple.

These two colors seem to calm our dogs, that’s why vets use them to paint the walls of their clinics.

So we can say that the favorite dog’s color to rest and calm down is blue, without forgetting purple.

What would be the best colors for the dog then?

the color that dogs love the most

The only colors we see the same way as dogs are blue and yellow.

A toy that we humans see red, your dog will see it in yellowish gray, and if we see the pistachio green toy for example, the dog will see it in grayish yellow…

If you plan to play on the yellow sand of the beach with your dog, buy him a blue toy instead, and when you go in the water, choose a yellow ball so that it can contrast with the blue color of the water.

The world of the dog is made of two essential colors, blue and yellow, a little purple when we see the light blue object and the rest of the spectrum, the dog sees it as a kind of yellowish gray of different shades.

What color should dogs food be?

If your dog has yellow or blue as a favorite color for his toys, crate, collar … know that when it comes to food, the dog does not have a favorite color but tastes and smells that he prefers.

If industrials add artificial coloring to dog food it’s to soak you, you and not because your dog loves this or that color of food !

The dog’s food should be natural, brown or gray and white for meats and greens etc. for vegetables.

Why is red dye bad for dogs?

Dog food containing the dye RED 40 should be avoided at all costs, as it causes many health problems for dogs, including allergies, ash and even cancer.

In short, your dog doesn’t care about the color of his food as long as it is healthy, natural and smells good.

Do dogs prefer Dark or light?

Dogs can see better than us in the dark, the Dark does not frighten them and they hold this quality from their ancestors , the wolves.

Daylight also does not bother them if they want to take a nap, so they have no preference for light or dark, but if you want to make their life easier, do not leave the light in their room on at night , so the room should be pitch black when your dog’s sleeping

Do dogs have a favorite color in the night?

Thanks to the layer of eye tissue called tapetum lucidum, which reflects light into their retina, dogs see much better than we do in the dark. They won’t see blue and purple like in the daytime but they will surely distinguish the difference between these colors and the others and their favorite color at night would be yellow.

At night, dogs rely more on their developed sense of smell and hearing and their eyes only serve them when they get closer to their goal, an object they want to grasp, a door to go through, a ball to bring back … etc.

Which LED light is preferred by dogs?

It must be said before that LERDs are not dangerous for dogs, although some people say that flashing LED bulbs are harmful to dogs’ eyes, known to be three times more sensitive than those of humans.

In my opinion, you don’t need to worry about LED lights, I’m one of those who prefer natural light, your dog is probably of the same opinion, so I would prefer you avoid any artificial light for your dog, even full color LEDs, especially red LEDs.


The colors to which the dogs are most attracted are yellow and blue. and all other colors that can be a mixture of these two colors.

So , stick to these two colors if you want your dog to see something other than gray !

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