Fruits that Dogs Can or Cannot eat

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What fruits can dogs eat  ?

what fruits can dogs eat and those they can't ?

Do you want to know the fruits that dogs can or cannot eat ? Which ones he likes the most and especially which fruits can harm your dog and are dangerous for him?

Before the end of this article, you will know everything about the relationship : Dog , Fruit ; the fruits to give to your dog and in what quantity and especially those which it is necessary to avoid …


Fruit For a Pooch !?

Yes that’s right, dogs like all Canids are omnivorous and not carnivorous, it also surprised me when I saw a wolf running with half a watermelon in its mouth, and also my father who was crying about the jackal that was stealing our grapes, a childhood memory…

So don’t be surprised, fruit is one of the things dogs like to eat the most.

what fruit I can safely give to my dog

Yes dogs eat fruits, but not in large quantities and especially not all !! because some fruits are good, even excellent for the health of our four-legged friends, but there are other fruits that can really harm the health of our dogs, we will talk about that a little further.

Here it is now:


The list of the 10 fruits most appreciated by dogs


1-Dogs love Apples and Pears

Can dogs eat pears ?Like Apples , Pear is a real treat for a dog, you have to remove the seeds of course.

The pear is one of the favorite fruits of dogs, who appreciate its sweet taste. With vitamins, pears are also a good source of fiber. 

Be careful to remove the seeds before serving it to your dog, they could be toxic. 

You can give 20g per day for small dogs, and a little less than 100g per day for larger dogs.

This fruit is a real vitamin supplement for your dog, because this fruit is not only rich in vitamins (A, B, C, E and K) but also in antioxidants.


2- Blueberries make your dog smarter !!

can i give blueberries for my dog ?

This fruit will help your dog’s cells to regenerate themselves especially those of the brain which will guarantee a good mental health when he will be in the senior team and this fruit consumed regularly could protect your dog from dementia once he becomes old.

This fruit is also rich in fiber and antioxidants.


3-Dogs also like strawberries and raspberries

Do dogs eat strawberries and raspberries ?Rich in iron, magnesium, potassium, folic acid and vitamin C, strawberries are an excellent fruit to give as a treat and in moderation for your adorable dog.

They are also known to contain an enzyme that can make your dog’s teeth whiter. 

Strawberries can be very sweet, so don’t give your dog too much:

Less than 20 gr for small dogs and not more than 100 gr for other larger dogs.


4-Bananas are recommended for dogs

Do dogs eat Bananas ?

Just don’t stuff your dog with this fruit as you risk causing constipation.

Half a small banana several times a week for a medium-sized dog.

This fruit is excellent for the good health of your dog’s coat and skin.

You can also give your dog a few pieces of banana if he has a diarrhea.

Fruits you can give your dog or puppy safely


5-Watermelon is my dog’s favorite fruit

can my dog eat watermelon ?

I love watching my dog eat watermelon, he really loves it.

Dogs love to eat watermelon because it’s a refreshing fruit, but what they don’t know is that this fruit is also rich in vitamins and minerals, which are very beneficial for the health of our pooches.

It is very recommended to remove the seeds and especially the peel of this fruit before giving it to your dog.


6-You can give your dog Peaches 

can my dog eat peaches ?With moderation of course, a fresh peach will feed your dog and guarantee him to be full of vitamins and minerals, especially fibers.

It is very important to remove the core of the peach before giving it to your dog.

If you want to give mangoes also for your dog, it is necessary to remove the pits as well, this fruit will provide essential vitamins for the health and well-being of your dog, such as vitamin B6, A, C and vitamin E).

Mango is a source of potassium and beta and alpha-carotenes, and will help boost your dog’s immune system.

Remove the pit and peel the fruit before feeding it to your dog.

Because of its high sugar content, no more than 20 grams for small dogs and less than 100 grams for others.


7-Pineapple is a fruit recommended for dogs

the fruits that dogs love the most

Pineapple contains a molecule called Bromelain, which will help your dog to fight against inflammation.

This fruit is also very moisturizing, like watermelon, it is recommended for dogs who do not drink enough water.

This fruit is ideal if you want to reward your dog and at the same time provide him with vitamin B5, manganese and extra fiber.

You can cut some pieces of this fruit into small cubes and use it as a treat if you train your dog too.


8-Melon and Cantaloupe are good for dogs to quench their thirst

can i give melon or cantaloupe to my dog ?Less than 50 grams per day for small dogs and up to 150 grams for medium and large dogs, melon/Cantaloupe is very good for dogs in hot weather.

This fruit is on the one hand very digestible and on the other hand not very caloric, therefore ideal to please your dog, but this does not allow you to exceed the quantities that I recommended you previously.


9-Sweet potato for your dog

sweet potatoes for dogs

I don’t know if you’ll consider this a dessert, but I do remember that my dog loved to eat sweet potatoes ( boiled of course because raw potato is toxic for dogs. ).

I learned earlier that sweet potato is good for the muscles, it will invigorate your dog after a long walk in the park or his daily training sessions.


Can I give dates as treats to my dog?

Yes, a dog can eat dates, but you have to remove the stone, and no more than two or three dates per week.

Dates are recommended for dogs suffering from digestive problems, they are very rich in fiber, but also full of vitamins.

Since they are very sweet, try to give your dog some physical activity when you give him pieces of dates as treats.


These fruits can kill your dog

Don’t let your dog hypnotize you with his big eyes when he watches you eat.

We are always tempted to share our desserts with them but some fruits or part of them, like seeds are really harmful to our dogs’ health.

Here are now the fruits that you must not give to your dog, because they can make him sick, or even kill him in case of excessive consumption.


1-The Seeds of Pears and Apples 

do dogs eat apples and pears ?

Dogs love apples, but if you don’t remove the seeds, rich in cyanide, you can poison your dog’s heart.

Be sure to wash the apples, peel them and especially remove the seeds, cut the apple pieces into small cubes and give them as treats for your dog.


2-Never give grapes to your dog 

can dogs eat raisins ?Grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs and can quickly cause kidney failure in your Pooch.

Always make sure that your puppy or dog does not have access to this fruit, or raisins as well, the same goes for wine.

Scientists believe this is due to mycotoxins, which are present in the mold on the skin of grapes when they are ripe.

Grapes are the fruit a dog should never eat, if you have vines in your home or garden, make sure your dog cannot reach the grape bunches.

The common symptoms of a toxic reaction to grapes are :

  • Appetite loss
  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration
  • Reduced urination


3-Your dog can only eat Apricot and Cherry pulp!

You must avoid any contact between your dog and these two trees, fruit seeds, leaves, branches … etc…

You can only give your dog the pulp of the fruit.

For example, never throw a cherry tree branch and ask him to fetch it. Both trees contain cyanide, which is very toxic.


4-A dog should never eat gooseberries: Les Groseilles

This fruit could cause kidney failure in dogs, so if you surprise your pooch, especially if it’s a puppy, eating gooseberries, you must take him to the vet immediately.



Know for example that Cranberry is a fruit that is good for your dog’s kidneys, and that is why you must also take into account the medical treatment of your dog if he is following a medical treatment in order not to disturb him with these fruits.

Also think about not disturbing your dog’s diet, and so that this does not happen, gradually integrate the fruit in his diet.

Always remember to wash the fruits well, and remove the seeds and pits and pluck them well to avoid you risk of poisoning or suffocating your puppy for example with a fruit pit … etc…

Tell me know ,Which fruit do you think your dog will like the most?

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