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Can my guinea pig see me ?

Can my guinea pig see me ?

Can my guinea pig see me ?

You may be wondering if your guinea pig really sees you and is it paying attention to you and is aware of your presence?

Yes your guinea pig sees you and knows that you are there, how can he not see you when he has a field of vision of 340° and he can see 33 frames per second? The real question is is my guinea pig really interested in me? and I will give you the answer and the signs so that you will know if your guinea pig reacts to your presence and considers you as a friend and family member or not yet.

Does my guinea pig have to look straight at me to see me?

how to strength the bond with your piggies

Don’t be surprised if your guinea pig doesn’t look you straight in the eye and turn around to look you in the face, it only needs one eye to see you and know that you are there.

Nature has endowed guinea pigs with excellent vision so that they can detect predators at the right time, so don’t be sad if your guinea pig doesn’t look you in the face, he can see you even if he doesn’t often turn his head towards you.

How do I know if my guinea pig is interested in me ?

Don’t forget that even though these small rodents are born and only know life in a cage, they are still living beings who surely dream of large spaces, green meadows or frolic as they want … etc. 

So, don’t ask your guinea pig to be happy all the time, he’s kind of in prison, he eats, he sleeps but that’s about it…

But when your guinea pig wants to show you that he cares about you and is happy to see you, he will start to get excited as soon as he hears you coming into the room and when you get close to his cage, you may find him running around in the cage, jump in the air, or get closer to the side of the cage, near to raise their snout in the air, sign that he has seen you and he is happy that you are there, and especially he knows that it is time to give him his vegetables, vitamin C or treats …

Here are other signs that your guinea pig loves you and your company:

  • He doesn’t run away to hide from you.
  • It eats out of your hand 
  • He lets you take it
  • Instead of biting you, it will only bite you, finger, toes or your shoes, just a little bit with affection. 
  • It will purr like a cat when you hold it in your arms and pet it.

What are the signs if your guinea pig doesn’t like you?

First of all know that your guinea pig can’t hate you !! they don’t know hate !!! On the other hand, your guinea pig might not trust you, might be afraid of you and not consider you as a member of his group and he will let you know by doing so when you get closer to his cage. If your guinea pig is afraid of you, it will:

  • Hide in his shelter as soon as he hears or sees you.
  • Trembling or jumping every time you try to take it
  • Throw a stream of urine in your direction as you approach the cage.
  • You’ll hear your Guinea Pig snap its teeth if you go near it and it might even bite your fingers if you move your hand near it.
  • He will scream loudly if you take him by force and he may even urinate on you so that you put him in his cage.

Don’t you hurt your guinea pig without you knowing it?

Your guinea pig ignores you and runs away from you because you may be hurting it without you doing it on purpose ! how ?

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You caress maybe your guinea pig in a place that already hurts him and you did not realize, a paw that hurts him, a stomach ache … etc 

In this case, your guinea pig could bite you just to show you his discomfort, and tell you that he is suffering, he asks you to help him somehow !!

If you also approach your guinea pig just after you have played with your cat, dog, fury or any other pet, and you always keep the smell of this other pet on your hands.

In this case, your guinea pig may run away from you, don’t go near you and if you insist, it will bite you, to defend itself ! wash your hands well and change your T-shirt if you have another pet before you approach your guinea pig.

You can also force your guinea pig to hate you and run away if you give him baths very often, while it’s your fault if he smells bad because you don’t clean his cage enough !!

Your guinea pig will ignore you if you don’t like it !! If you don’t like your guinea pig, you must follow all the steps of taming to make your guinea pig trust you and consider you as his friend and member of his group.

How to increase the Bond between you and your Guinea pig ?

Strengthening the relationship of friendship, trust and love between you and your guinea pig is an everyday job, here are some tips to achieve this:

1- Begin by not presenting yourself to your guinea pig empty-handed ! always bring with you a piece of fruit, carrot … a treat to offer to your guinea pig and encourage him to eat from your hand, little by little, you will no longer need treats so that your guinea pig will come to meet you.

2- Get your guinea pig used to your voice, talk to him and call your guinea pigs by their names, they will eventually learn them and react when they hear their name and they will know that you are talking to them and they are more interested in you.

how to increase the bond between me and my guinea pigs ?

3- To strengthen the relationship between you and your guinea pig, I advise you to place its cage in the place you frequent most when you are at home.

Let your guinea pig see you most of the time and when you take him out of his cage to play, don’t stay in the same room where his cage is so he won’t be tempted to take refuge there before you finish playing with him or brushing him.

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You should also bring some pieces of vegetables or fruits when you take him out of his cage, this will encourage him to stay with you as long as possible.

4-Never yell at or in the presence of your guinea pig, never bring another animal near your guinea pig unless you have already introduced it to him , especially your dog , never leave your children or other people alone with your guinea pig, never leave your guinea pig without water or food, take care of your guinea pig as soon as you notice that it is not going well finally, tell your guinea pig how much you love him and he will surely feel it and understand it from the tone of your voice and he will surely end up loving you too.

5-Avoid also to surprise your guinea pig, never approach his cage as a predator would do and when you arrive in front of the cage, approach your hand gently to his head, not from the front but from one side of his head so he will better see your hand and he will come to feel it and will not jump as he would do if you surprise him ! they hate that ! 

So get into the habit of talking to your guinea pig as you approach its cage so they won’t be afraid of you because they will recognize your voice before they even see you and they will stay relaxed.

Let’s wrap this up

Your guinea pig sees you all the time but for him to be interested in you, you will have to make some efforts of taming, you must take care of your guinea pig, give him his food, clean his cage and change his litter, play with him, give him affection and he will surely end up giving it back to you.

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