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How to pick a cat or Kitten [all Tips]


Choosing the right cat is really important

adopt a cat

I will show you how to pick the best cat or kitten for you and your family, which breed of cat will suit you best, choose a male or female cat? how to recognize a cat’s characters just by looking at its dress and fur? how to choose the best kitten from the litter? and everything you need to know before adopting a cat

You must choose a cat that you will not bring back to the pet shelter soon

Although the number of pets in shelters has decreased slightly in the United States, 3.3 million dogs and 3.2 million cats have been brought back to the shelter in the previous year (ASPCA statistics)
I give you these alarming figures so that you can take the choice of the right cat breed Character for you and take it more seriously, so that you don’t make the wrong choice and regret it a short time later
So I trust you to take your time and choose the best cat that will stay with you until its last day, let’s dive into it…

Which breed of cat to choose?

A cat is far from being just a tuft of hair, choosing a cat or kitten simply because it is beautiful could be a big mistake, especially if you choose a cat whose character does not suit you or your children.
Choosing the right cat breed for you is therefore essential, let’s now look at the most popular breeds in the United States and what are the main character traits of each cat breed, its need. 

Your lifestyle will tell you if this or that Cat breed really suits you and your family

Here are some of the most popular cat breeds in the US, and it is up to you to see if one of them is suitable for adoption, there are other cat breeds of course and you can very well choose another one that is not in this list but the other topics and advice that will follow in the other chapters, will be common to all breeds and can help you make the right choice when you adopt a cat and choose a kitten

1-Select the Siamese cat breed:

  • It is a breed with character but manageablewhen choosing siamese cat
  • A rather silent cat and seems to talk but not meow
  • A cat breed very loyal to its master
  • Very gentle with children even if he tends to obey a single master
  • The Siamese cat tends to stay clean so does not require much maintenance

2-Adopt A Maine Coon:

  • A large cat and can weigh up to 15 lbs or more and females are less imposing than maleswhy adopting maine coon cat
  • Stable behavior, the maine coon is very playful and very curious
  • A calm and very affectionate cat, ideal for children
  • This breed of cat supports eptits appartements provided it comes out from time to time
  • Given its slightly long hair, you’re going to have to take care of it a little more if you adopt it

3-Why choose a Chartreux Cat?

  • It is a very social cat and loves childrenadop a Chartreux cat
  • A rather calm and docile cat so you won’t be afraid to approach her with your baby.
  • It is a cat that changes fur in summer, you will have to brush it every day to help it renew its fur, if not the Chartreux remains a very clean breed of cat and recommended for families with many members and children

4-Adopt a Russian Blue Cat:

  • It is a Calm cat, a slightly shy breed but playful and cuddlywhy picking a russian blue cat
  • A rather robust breed that likes calm and calm
  • A cat that requires no special attention even if it tends to lose a few hairs
  • An independent cat but generally remains nice with children but does not like to be disturbed too much
  • The Russian Blue cat has a quiet, shy and gentle temperament that allows it to adapt easily to domestic life.
  • A cat with character and very courageous
  • A great player but he decides when
  • A very good hunter this Russian Blue cat
  • This breed of cat attaches itself very much to its master and can accompany him everywhere, but this cat does not venture out alone and does not move too far from its home when left alone

5-Adopting a Persan Cat

  • A cat who likes comfortchoose a persan cat breed
  • This breed of cat prefers a rather calm environment
  • A very curious cat despite that not too playful
  • A rather calm and beautiful cat to see
  • The Persian cat requires daily care, to take care of its coat

6-Opt for a Gutter Cat or common cat:

  • This breed of cat is very robust gutter cat nice choice for adopting
  • A cat that does not require maintenance
  • Intelligent and independent
  • very playful when he wants
  • A cat that is easy to feed and care for because it is almost never sick

7-Adopt A Burmese Cat:

  • A very calm cat who likes peace and quietyou can adopt a burmese cat too
  • A cat for the whole family, but the Burmese cat tends to have only one master
  • A playful and dynamic cat
  • His fur will need a little maintenance from time to time.
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You can also choose another breed like, Devon Rex, The Abyssinian, the Sphynx one if you hate cat whith fur or you are allergic to cat ( you should know that many people think that a cat’s fur is what causes allergic reactions , but it is actually proteins in the saliva, urine, and dander of a cat that causes them ) .

The Scottish Fold cat breed , this Cat is very cute, American Shorthair which is a very affectionate cat , British Shorthair, a very sociable cat , the Ragdoll…etc
When you finish deciding which breed of cat to adopt, it’s time to see if you’re going to choose a male or female cat

Choose a male or female cat?

If you are not against neutering pets, don’t worry too much and you can choose both a male and a female.

But if you are like me, against the sterilization of animals (except in very special cases), and in particular pets, you must think about the characters of cats when they become adults, here are some tips and some cat attitudes to consider before deciding whether to adopt a male or female kitten:

A male cat has its own territory that it delimits with urine streams, so think about it then
The female cat, tends to do opera and sing aloud when she is in heat, especially at night.

If you choose a cat, you may have to manage a litter of unwanted little kittens, and maybe twice a year when the cat is not supervised and not sterilized
A cat in the mating season will meow for almost a week every month if she doesn’t have a lover, see if you could handle this too, while a male cat, unsterilized, could run away if it detects a female cat in rut in the surroundings and in the neighbors houses

Adopting a cat means making the decision to sterilize it or not

Before adopting a cat, you must answer this question, will you be able to support the decision to sterilize the female or to neuter the cat?
This practice may seem cruel, but it may also be necessary, especially when we see the number of stray cats and kittens that die of cold each year because their mothers have not been sterilized .

The decision is difficult and I could only give my opinion on the subject, but I advise you to think about it at the beginning before your kitten becomes an adult
If your decision is made about whether to choose a male or female cat, and you have decided to adopt a kitten, let’s now look at how to choose the best one

How to Choose a Kitten before adopting it

When you are in front of the litter of kittens, at the Breeder, believe me you will get lost without the advice I will give you
To know which kitten to choose among all the others, his brothers and sisters, you will follow a rule, here it is:

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Choose a kitten that will adapt to your lifestyle and that of your family when this kitten becomes an adult, it won’t take forever, just a few months

How do I know which kitten to choose ?

  • You will crouch in front of the kittens, observe them and then take them in your hand one by one
  • First of all, ask the person in charge of the Store, the shelter or the breeder to put aside the male or female kittens according to your choice, and then you will have two possibilities:

1-If your lifestyle or that of your dynamic family

If you or your family tend to travel too much, to go out a lot, you often leave the house empty, you work outside, you receive a lot of guests, you organize parties at home…etc.; Here is the kitten you will choose..:

  • An active, playful and curious kitten
  • He will come to you as soon as you enter the room where the litter is located
  • When you hold it in your hand it remains comfortable and in no hurry to let it go
  • He could even lick you or chew your fingers to play
  • When you let go, he follows you or goes straight to provocate one of his brothers or sisters to play with it.
  • It will seem adventurous to you, not afraid of obstacles, a shoe that would happen to be in the stone…etc
  • This kind of kitten will quickly adapt to her new environment and will quickly become attached to you and other members of your family and will not be intimidated by your guests or when you take her out or on a trip

2- Which kitten to choose if your lifestyle is rather calm

In this case, you will choose a kitten that will become a calm cat and that likes tranquility and that will be monotonous and will not require too much care or your presence all the time near him, how to choose this kind of kitten? here are some tips:

  • Instead, choose a fearful kitten, who does not meet you when you squat in front of the litter of cats
  • The kitten that suits you in this case will tend to run away from you and feel rather uncomfortable when you carry it in your hand, and will be in a hurry to put it down.
  • Choose a shy kitten who seems not to take any risks, a kitten who won’t look at you from the front and may even turn his back on you or hide behind his brothers or mother
  • Choose a kitten that stays lying down when you enter the room but still check if it does not have a disability
  • This kind of kitten you will recognize him, rather calm and stays behind his brothers and sisters when he sees you, you will have to earn his trust little by little when you bring him home.

What is the ideal age of a kitten before adopting her?

If this is your first kitten and you don’t have another adult cat at home, please wait until at least the kitten is 14 weeks old, so you can give her mother time to teach her a good education, to teach her to be quiet and not bite anything that moves .

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His mother will have time to breastfeed him well too and give him the necessary antibodies and immunity so that he doesn’t get sick often once he becomes an adult cat.

If, on the other hand, you have another adult cat in your home, you can bring him home a week or two before, i.e. at 12 weeks or even 10 weeks, but it’s not the same, it’s better to let his mother take care of the basics of his education and socialization

It’s up to you now

When you want to choose a cat or a kitten, learn a little more about the cat breeds in order to select the cat whose genetic characteristics match your intentions and then you will have to choose the cat that looks like you

Just listen to your heart and it will guide you when you select a kitten, don’t forget that it is a new family member, that you have to feed, care for and walk around, take this into consideration too

first toy for your adopted cat

Finally, so that your cat doesn’t get too bored, you can always try to awaken his instinct with this wonderful cat toy, it will allow him to exercise at the same time, this is what I would advise you as the first gift that you will offer for your cat if you bring one home of course.


A good alternative if you no longer want a cat as a pet

If you have just realized that having a cat is rather against your will and that it does not suit you any more, why not have a hamster, they are cute, children love them and moreover they are not expensive to buy and maintain

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