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All the Ways your cats can get Fleas

Cats may get fleas in many ways, from other pets, local wildlife, after an outing or a visit to the vet, and even from your visitors or things you buy them.

Fleas during their whole life cycle can only travel a few inches on their own (less than 10 inches), but they can use other hosts to travel many miles to your cat. I showed you how to effectively get rid of them, but now, let’s see all the possible and hidden ways your cat can get fleas even if it’s an indoor cat, and you’ll also get some good practices for keeping your cat Flea-Free and flea-proofing your home after giving your cat it’s suitable flea treatment; let’s dive in : 

1- Cats can get fleas from another pet

Ways your cats can get Fleas

Even indoor cats can get fleas from other pets:

  • A friend who visits you and brings his dog.
  • The neighbor’s cat or dog that passes your post scratches itself and drops a few flea eggs or larvae.
  • Your cat getting too close to another cat waiting to be flea-treated for fleas at the vet’s.
  • Your other pet.

Fleas may cause serious health issues to your cat, that’s why you should inspect and brush your cat whenever you suspect it has been in contact with other pets.

2- Cats often get fleas From local wildlife

You may not notice them, but many other wild animals, potential hosts who can bring fleas right to your front door, your garage, or your balcony, may visit you to inspect your trashcan or your flower bed without you even knowing it, here’s the list:

  • Bats
  • Birds
  • Rabbits
  • Squirrels
  • Rats
  • Stray cats and dogs
  • Raccoons
  • Possums
  • Deer even bears in some cases
  • Coyotes
  • Skunks
  • Mice

So, even though your cat had received the best flea medicine ever, all it takes is for one of these visitors to scratch and drop a few fleas, their eggs, or larvae in your backyard, for example, and they’ll finally find their way onto your cat if he comes within inches of them.

It’s therefore essential to clean in front of your door and carry out preventive flea treatments around your home all year round, as it’s difficult to stop your cat from going outside – cats are very curious!

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Don’t forget to inspect your cat every time he sets foot outside, especially in the warmer seasons, even if he’s already had his flea treatment.

3- Cats may get fleas from humans

Fleas like furry mammals, but they can also use humans as a means of transport, here are some examples :

  • You can bring back fleas, eggs, or larvae when you sit in the park, not necessarily in the dog park!
  • When your friend asks you to feed his cat or dog when he hasn’t received his flea treatment!
  • A flea that jumps out at you when you pet a cat or dog in the street or at a friend’s house!
  • Sitting on a friend’s sofa and bringing home a few flea eggs from your cat or dog.
  • When you go to the pet store and bring back a few flea eggs or larvae stuck to the soles of your shoes.
  • If you ask a pet sitter to come and feed your cat after spending time with another flea-ridden pet.
  • Trimming your flowers when they’ve been visited by a wild rabbit or just a bird that has dropped fleas or their eggs right where you put your foot.
  • Being visited by someone who carelessly carried flea eggs in their clothes or under their shoes.
  • The neighbor’s kid who comes to trim your lawn after he’s finished trimming the neighbor’s, but without cleaning his lawn mower first!

As you can see, there are many ways in which humans can carry fleas in all their stages of development, which will then end up on your cat’s back.

So remember to inspect your clothes every time you come home from the park, the vet’s house, a friend’s house with a cat or dog…You should also understand the Importance of regular vacuuming in flea control, and the importance of being up-to-date with your cat’s flea treatment, especially during the flea season, when it’s hot and humid.

4- Cats bring back fleas From other places they visit

Even if your cat never goes out, which it may well do without your knowledge, even right outside the front door or on the balcony, it can very well catch fleas, their larvae or pupae, or even collect their eggs under its paws or when they lie on the floor; here are a few examples:

  • Your cat may pick up fleas or eggs from a friend’s house you’re visiting.
  • Your cat jumps into your car when you’ve just brought a friend home with his cat or dog!
  • When you take your cat to the vet for a simple inspection!
  • If you take your cat with you when you go shopping.
  • Your cat can bring fleas from the Park, your backyard, your friend’s house…
  • If you spend the night with your cat in a pet-friendly hotel room!
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So remember to comb and inspect your cat’s fur every time it returns from anywhere, especially places where other pets have access.

5- When you move into a new home

When you have a cat, one of the most important things to do when moving into a new home is to treat it for fleas and rats.

The previous owner may have had pets, or even other animals may have had access to the house and deposited flea larvae or eggs, I’m talking about squirrels, raccoons, birds, mice…

6- Cats can get fleas from things you buy for them

Fleas, especially their pupae or eggs, can wait nicely in a pet store on cat clothes (cat apparel) that someone else has tried on their cat and then put back on the shelves.

You can buy a bed for your cat that already contains flea eggs because someone else had the idea of taking their cat to Walmart and having them test which bedding they like! when they haven’t even treated it for fleas.

So always be very careful when you buy clothes, bedding, stuffed toys, cat trees, or cat sand … for your cat: always wash these things at high temperatures and treat them with a flea spray before letting them come into contact with your cat.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the chances of your cat catching fleas are very high, even if he never or rarely goes outside.

Always check your cat for fleas, because flea treatments are only part of the solution, you’ll also need to keep fleas out of your home, and your surroundings and, above all, avoid bringing them into your home without your knowledge!

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