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How soon can I give my cat another flea treatment?

You should wait at least one month before giving your cat another flea treatment even if the medicine you just applied to him did not eliminate all fleas. Indoor cats can be treated against fleas only once every two months, especially in winter and fall when fleas are not very active.

How often should I give my kitten flea treatment?

How soon can I give my cat a second flea treatment?

Monthly flea treatments, even during the winter are also recommended for kittens to protect them from fleas, just make sure to respect the doses to choose and choose a treatment adapted to the age, weight, and health of your kitten to avoid overdose.

Can I flea-treat my cat twice?

You must wait at least 30 days before applying a second flea treatment for your cat to avoid an overdose and this can be really threatening for your cat . If even after applying the product, you still see fleas on your cat, this is probably because you have not eliminated the fleas, their eggs, and larvae from your environment.

In this case, I recommend that you treat your home for fleas and brush and bathe your cat at least once a week before eliminating the adult fleas until you apply a new treatment after 30 days.

Frontline didn’t work can I apply Advantage?

No, you should never combine two flea treatments and if your cat still has fleas after using Frontline, you should wait a month before using Advantage.

You should treat your home for fleas beforehand because it is very likely that Frontline has eliminated your cat’s fleas but they are still in the environment or one of your other pets has fleas without you knowing it.

It is advisable to treat all your pets for fleas at the same time and treat your home as well to ensure that the fleas are all eliminated and their eggs spread throughout your home will not hatch and return to your cat’s back even after the flea treatment.

Can I give my cat an oral flea treatment if the topical one didn’t work?

No, you should only use one flea treatment on your cat and you should wait at least 30 days before treating your cat again for fleas. There’s an appropriate way to give your cat flea medicine and a step-by-step you should follow.

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It is recommended to use topical flea medicine because oral flea treatments only remove adult fleas.

Do flea treatments have an expiration date?

Flea treatments remain active even if you open the package and leave it in the open air. This kind of flea medicine remains active for a long time and if your treatment does not seem to work, it is probably for other reasons that I will mention a little bit further

Can you overdose a cat on flea treatment? 

Yes, you can overdose a cat on a flea treatment if you :

  • Use a flea medicine that is not intended for cats
  • Use a medicine without taking into account the weight and age of your cat.
  • Bathing your cat with flea shampoo after applying a flea treatment
  • Giving your cat a new flea treatment within one month of the first treatment.
  • Combine two flea treatments at the same time
  • Giving a flea treatment to a cat that is already wearing a flea collar
  • Let your cat lick the medicine before it becomes dry.

Can I flea my cat again after 2 weeks?

No, most flea treatments should only be given to cats once a month and if your cat still has fleas after applying the flea medicine, it’s probably because you haven’t eliminated the fleas from the environment.

Why are there still fleas on my cat after Frontline?

If your cat still has fleas after Frontline, it’s probably because either: 

  • You have used a treatment that is not appropriate for your cat’s weight and age
  • You have treated your cat for fleas but have not eliminated the fleas or their eggs from your home.
  • You have used an oral flea treatment that eliminated the adult fleas but not the flea eggs that have hatched and re-infested your cat.

You should therefore wait a month after the first treatment and treat your cat and your home for fleas simultaneously.

Combining flea treatments?

You should never combine two flea treatments at the same time and you should never apply flea medicine to a cat that is already wearing a flea collar.to avoid overdose. 

The ideal would be to use a spot-on flea treatment that will eliminate the adult fleas, their larvae, and eggs and treat your home against fleas at the same time to avoid a new infestation.

Final Thoughts

Flea treatments should be spaced at least one month apart to avoid making your cat sick. You should also treat your home for fleas and if you still notice fleas on your cat, you should not treat it for another month, daily brushing and weekly baths (not with flea shampoo) are recommended to contain the infection until a new flea treatment is administered.

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