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Teach your dog the Tricks he needs ?

Teach your dog all the tricks he needs

Dog training , teaching a dog all the tricks step by step

You just got a puppy and you want to teach him the essential commands or you just want to start training your dog and teaching him/her all the tricks he will need in his daily life and to better communicate with you and its environment.

This article is the complete guide to teach your puppy or dog everything he needs to know, from the SIT command to the roll over, to finally train your dog to turn on the light, to bring you a beer from the fridge and even teach your dog to smile, let’s dive in..

Remember this advice for all the following  trainings

Always reward your dog at the right time, because if you do it a second before or after your dog has done something right, it won’t work and you have to do it again!

Before starting each training session, you need to get your dog to focus on you and listen to you.

If your dog is distracted by something else, eliminate it before the distraction and then start the training session.

Don’t forget that the best way to correct a dog’s bad behavior is to train it, dog training solves many behavioral problems like excessive barking, aggressiveness ….etc.

1- How to teach your dog to Sit ?

Teach my dog to sit down

Make your dog sit in front of you.

Hold the treat between your thumb and index finger and bring it close to your dog’s mouth. 

Raise your hand without moving it too far from the dog’s mouth as if you were going to put it over the dog’s head, to force him to stand up for a first time until he sits down on his own.

Do it Very slowly

how to get my dog to sit down

It’s right at that moment, when your dog sits down that you would give him the treat.

Repeat this exercise until your dog associates sitting with the treat.

Once your dog understands that you are giving him the treat because he is sitting, repeat the exercise this time saying the word “SIT” just after he sits on the floor and just before you give him the treat.

All you have to do is repeat this exercise a few times, to finally apply the command by saying SIT to your dog and reward him right after.

Some Tips :

At the beginning of the training, it is necessary to give your dog the treat at the exact moment he sits down and especially before he gets up or even before he intends to do so !

In this exercise and the same for all the others that will follow, try never to lose the attention and the focus of your dog, and always try to tire your dog by playing a little with him before starting the exercise, so he will be more attentive to you.

2- Teach your dog the command STAY

Teach the stay command without distractions at the beginning :

2020 09 10 18 55 08 How to Teach your Puppy to Sit and Stay YouTube

To teach your dog the Stay command, you will make this small change in the previous training:

Tell your dog to sit, and when he sits he will obviously expect you to give him the treat.

This time before giving him the treat, make him wait a few seconds .

You will then make him wait longer and longer between the moment he sits down and the moment you give him the candy.

Repeat this exercise by introducing the word stay while he is waiting for you to reward him.

Your dog will quickly understand that the word Stay means that he must sit until you ask him to do something else!

Reinforce the stay command using a distraction :

How to reinforce the commande stay

Once your dog has understood what you want him to do with the Stay command, you will now make the exercise a little more difficult by adding a distraction to your dog.

You will now put the treat on the floor in front of him while he is sitting down, and thus strengthen his training.

The first time, tell your dog to sit down, then put the treat in front of him, and after a second or two and especially before he tries to get up to fetch it, you will pick it up and give it to him. ” repeat the word Stay while he’s waiting “

You will repeat this exercise, gradually increasing the time your dog spends looking at the treat on the floor in front of him.

This is how you will reinforce this command and have a dog waiting and stay until you ask him to do something else…

You can then make the exercise even more difficult :  

teach a dog to stay

By throwing the treat a few inches in front of your dog and train him not to pursue it and respect the stay command.

The first time you throw the treat in front of your dog, pick it up directly before he gets up and give it to him.

Gradually increase the waiting time and help yourself with your hand by putting it in front of your dog when you throw the treat to let him know that you don’t want him to follow it.

Be patient !

The mistake not to be made during this lesson :

When you start training for the Stay command, don’t make your dog wait too long in the sitting position before giving him the treat, otherwise he will get up and you will do it all over again.

At the beginning, reward your dog after he has waited even two seconds and gradually increase the waiting time.

The Ultimate Test for the Stay command :

How can you make sure that your dog has really learned the stay command?

By putting him to the test, throw his favorite toy few feet in front of him, or his ball and ask him to wait using the Stay command. 

Reward him with two or three high level treats (the ones he usually gets only when he impresses you!) when he obeys this command in such a situation.

3-Teach your Dog to Come when Called

teach a dog to come

For this training, you will need high level treats, I recommend cooked chicken or turkey, in small portions.

You can even play with your dog/puppy a little bit to calm him down and make him a little more focused on you and attentive to what you are telling him.

So let’s start training your doggie to come to you every time you call him.

Start by putting the special training leash ( this Amazon link if you want to get a good one , i advice you at least the 30 Feet ones ) , so put it on your dog, I also advise you to practice this exercise in the house and reproduce it later outside in places where your dog is subjected to distractions, which makes training a little more difficult, but with a little consistency and patience you will succeed.

A tip for training outside the home

train a dog to come here

Never start your dog’s training sessions right after you go out, give your dog time to get his feet on the ground and sniff his surroundings so that he is more likely to listen to you and learn new tricks.

So let’s get started

Start by asking your dog to sit in front of you, take three or four steps backwards and then say your dog’s name followed by the command “Come”.

Use a cheerful tone and use your hands to encourage your dog to come towards you.

As soon as your dog comes towards you, Treat her/him

If your dog does not come to you, repeat the exercise using his favorite toy.

If even with the toy, your dog does not always come towards you, which is very rare, try to reduce the distance between you and your dog until he comes towards you, then gradually increase this distance.

In the worst case where your dog has not understood anything, it can happen when you train a puppy, in these cases here’s what you will do:

Put the treat between your fingers, bring your hand close to the muzzle of your dog, and as soon as he sniffs them, move back and make your dog follow you and at the same time don’t stop saying the command “Come” or “Come here”.

how to get my dog come to me ?

After a few steps backwards, stop and give your dog the treat and lots of cuddles.

Then gradually increase the distance.

Another way to get a dog who doesn’t really want to understand anything to come towards you is to run in front of him so that the instinct to chase you comes out of him, and at the same time as he runs after you say the command “come here” as soon as you stop, give your dog his reward.

Be generous when you reward your dog, especially the first time he understands what you want from him and comes to you…

Train your dog to come when you call him by adding a distraction

This exercise is to be practiced outside the house, in the park for example or just in the backyard.

Take your dog’s favorite toy (like a ball or some squeaky blue or yellow toy ) and treats with you.

Make your dog pay attention to you, hold the ready treat between your fingers, then throw the toy or ball to one side and go to the opposite side while calling your dog.

my dog never come to me when called ?

Reward your dog immediately when he comes towards you instead of going towards the ball or toy.

If this doesn’t work, have your dog sniff the treat before throwing the ball and call him to the opposite side.

If I have one piece of advice to give you specifically for this training, it is to use the treats that your dog really loves, to be patient and to use the leash so that your dog doesn’t get too far away from you, especially when you start training.

The ultimate test to know if your dog is well trained on the “Come” command

teaching a dog to come

Put a few treats or some of his food in his bowl, hold the ready training treat in another hand. 

Let your dog see the bowl and put it on the ground and at the same time, move away from the bowl while calling your dog.

Reward your dog generously if he leaves his bowl untouched and comes to you when you call him and say the command “come here”.

The ultimate test is to put the bowl of treats between you and your dog, and then ask him to “ come†to you ! 

If he comes to you and does not stop to eat the treats in the bowl, then tell yourself that you have successfully taught your dog to come to you every time you call him and under any circumstances.

Tip to succeed

The first time you use this bowl as a distraction, try to hold your other hand containing the training treat close to your dog’s nose and away from the bowl.

4-Teach a dog to lay down or Lie Down and Stand Up ?

how to train a dogh to lie down and stand up

I hope that your dog is doing very well with the previous commands, and if you are having trouble getting results with your dog, please let me know that and help you 

  1. Start by downloading my free books on the secrets to successful training of your dog.
  2. Consider paying just $30 to watch a professional show you step by step how to train your dog and teach him all these tricks (which I recommend).
  3. Send me your questions or please leave them below in a comment and I would be very happy to help you 
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Now let’s continue our training session which will start right Now!! 

Teaching Up and Down to my dog using the Lure Training

The technique we’re going to use now is called “Lure Training”,  

This technique of dog training is very much used when it is mainly a puppy and it consists of , using a treat and bringing it close enough to the dog’s mouth to then move your hand and attract your dog and force him to adopt postures , and the ones we are interested in today are :

First , Take the dog to sit (the SIT command), then to lie down (the Lay Down command), then to sit again and finally to stand (the UP or Stand command).

The most important thing is to associate each position with its command so that your dog will remember it.

First of all your dog has to learn the “SIT” command (look at the beginning of this post), so ask him to sit in front of you and hold a high level treat in your hand.

Teach your dog to lay down

teaching a dog to lie down

Bring the treat close to his snout and when you see that he is interested in it, lower your hand down his front legs and when his snout is at ground level, pull your arm towards you.

If all goes well, your dog will automatically lie down when you pull your hand towards you, leaving it at ground level for sure. 

That’s when you tell him “Lay Down” and you give him the treat and of course you caress him.

Second phase: Bringing your dog back to the sitting position

If your dog returns to the sitting position by himself, tell him immediately “SIT” and give him a treat.

If your dog is lying down, take another treat and bring it close to his nose, raise your hand vertically and gently. 

Your dog will follow the treat and will automatically put himself in the sitting position, called “SIT” and give the treat.

Teach your dog the UP command

teach your dog to stand up

When your dog is now in a sitting position, take a treat, bring it close to his nose and raise your hand vertically a few inches, then gently pull your hand towards you. 

What will happen is that your dog will automatically stand up when he follows your hand.

As soon as your dog adopts the standing posture, give him his reward.

Here is the sequence of commands and how they should follow each other:

SIT —> LAY DOWN —> SIT —-> UP 

traing a dog to stand up

My advice for this assignment

  • Be really patient with your dog
  • Use the treats he really loves, try cooked turkey and reward your dog generously when he succeeds.
  • If your dog is hyperactive and energetic, increase the speed of the sequence and movement of your hand when you lure them with the treat .In this way, your dog will not get bored and you will be able to capture his attention and succeed in the exercises.
  • For those of you who use a clicker to train your dog, don’t forget to click just before you give and give the treat.

Add your hand signals/Gestures

Once your dog has learned the commands, it’s good to add a hand signal for lay down and stand up, you will need it to give commands to your dog in places where he won’t be able to hear you very well, like in a park full of children playing and making noise.

5-how to teach your dog to roll over and play dead ?

Now that you’ve taught your dog some basic tricks, you can teach him two really fun tricks, Roll over & play dead, this last one is really cool…let’s go!

Teach your Dog to “play dead” or “the Bang Trick”

Teach my dog the bang trick

Start by having a leash on your dog, and prepare some tiny trats in your hand

I always recommend high quality treats when training your dog using the Lure Training technique

For example, small pieces of 0.5 cubic centimeters of boiled turkey or chicken meat (a treat that your dog will swallow very quickly!).

The sign that your treat is not adequate ? it’s simple, if your dog is completely disinterested in this training ! 

Let dive in …

First , make your dog lie down on the ground in front of you. 

Teach a dog play dead trick

Put the treat between your fingers and bring it close to your dog’s nose and once he is interested in the treat, you will then pull his head back as if he is going to look behind him (don’t touch him! just make sure he follows the treat).

By doing so, you will in fact lure your dog and make him fall on the floor in the Dead man’s position, that is to say lying on his side, or even completely on his back and this is the best position for this training.

Once your dog is lying on his back, say the command “Play Dead” and then give him his treats, be generous, 3 to 5 treats if he remains lying on the ground.

Tip to help you with this training

If you have taught your dog the “stay command “, you can use it while your dog is on its back so that he understands that what you expect him to do is to lie on his back or on his side without moving !! until you give him/her the release command .

teaching a dog play dead

After your dog understands this, you will remove the “stay” command to leave only the “play dead” command.

When your dog really masters this command after a few days, you can then introduce the “Bang trick” sound and hand gesture to replace the words play dead.

You will actually do the hand gesture and say Bang before you say play dead to the dog and when he executes the command you will reward him and then you will gradually try to remove the two words play dead to leave only the sound “bang” and the hand gesture.

Eventually remove the treats completely to leave only the praise.

Teaching my dog Roll Over 

dog training roll over trick

To teach this truck to your dog he must first learn the command “Lie Down”, see the previous title.

To start the exercise, do it while your doggy is lying down in front of you and prepare a treat in your hand because we will also use Lure Training for this training session.

You will actually follow the same method we just used to teach your dog to play dead, but this time you will only give the treat to your dog when he turns around completely.

teach a dog to roll over using the lure training

Once he has done that, you will generously reward him with some treats after you say the “Roll Over” command of course.

Believe me, your dog will soon understand what you want him to do and will execute the Roll Over command faster than you thought.

You will then, after a few successful sessions, complicate the exercise a bit by saying the command Roll Over or Play dead, when your dog is only sitting down, whereas at the beginning, he was trained in the prone position.

If your dog passes this exercise, you will finally train him to obey these two commands even if he is standing, without and with distractions as well.

6- Teach a dog to fetch 

How to play Fetch with your dog?

teach my dog to play fetch

The principle of the Fetch game is that your dog learns to bring back to you a toy that you threw, and when he comes to you, your dog must learn to leave it, drop it, release …etc. and can also learn Tug if it is the rope toy for example and then release it for you to throw it back to him. 

What is the point of playing fetch with your dog?

This game is one of the best ways to make your dog spend, Playing Fetch with your dog for a quarter of an hour to 30 minutes, early in the morning before going  work and leaving him alone at home will, in fact, tire him out and so avoid your dog ( the destructive behavior ) it’s to ransack your whole house …

training my dog to play Fetch Tug of war , bring it

Fetch is the best way to build a relationship with your dog, and at the same time provide him with his 30 minutes of daily mental and physical stimulation (your dog needs daily mental and physical stimulation).

Teaching Fetch to your dog is not just about teaching him to fetch ! It is much more than that and that is what we will see in this dog training session.

Let’s dive in…

Play Fetch is actually divided into 3 different games, chasing , Bringing and Tug of war

When you teach your dog Fetch, be aware that the treats will not be used in this training and that the game itself, exactly continuing to play is the only reward your dog will get.

training a dog to play fetch

You are actually going to put your dog in “play mode”, and he should not expect treats, but rather spend more time with you playing, running, teething, etc.

The first step when teaching Fetch to your dog is not to throw the toy to him, but to get your dog interested in the toy first !

The best way to get your dog’s attention to the toy is to bring it to life!

Hold the toy in your hand like the Rope toy, it could also be a ball, and give it movement by swinging your hand from right to left and from left to right, and believe me, if you pass it in front of your dog’s mouth, he will catch it…

Which Toy to use when playing Fetch with my dog ?

tug of war rope toy for dogs

Much better than the tennis ball to play Fetch, I recommend the rope Toy for your dog.

Tug-of-War Dog Rope Toy Double Pack for Interactive Play with Your Dog

First , Teach your dog Tug and release ( leave it )

Keep pulling the toy and prevent your dog from taking it out of your hands…

Your dog has just learned how to pull, he will love it, but he will also be taught how to let go the toy and the best way to do this is to lower his interest in the toy.

How can we do this? 

You just have to stop pulling the toy towards you and when your dog doesn’t feel any more resistance from you, he will also lose interest in the toy and let it go !

It’s at this moment that you will make your dog understand that this is what you want him to do !! 

You must make him understand that when you stop pulling on the rope, he must let go too, praise him every time he does this (no treats of course).

If your dog still can’t understand that you want him to release the toy, put your hand between the toy and your dog’s mouth so he will understand what the “release” or “leave it” command means.

Then teach your dog to bring the toy back when you throw it to him

teach a dog to bring back toys when playing fetch

Start by throwing the toy right in front of you a few feet away ,  it’s good to have your dog on a leash if you are afraid that he will go too far away with the toy !!)

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Your dog will surely go towards the toy, if he picks it up and comes back to you ! excellent that’s what we are looking for, then play tug with him and then use the command “release” and re-launch the toy.

But dogs love to keep the toy and usually at the beginning of this training, they don’t come back with the toy to you, what to do then ?

It’s simple; in fact the next time you throw the toy to your dog, just wait for him to pick it up and as soon as he looks at you, act as if you are going to run away from him.

You’ll actually trigger your dog’s chase instinct, and he’ll quickly come back to you, with the toy in his mouth of course; then continue the game with him…

tech a dog to bring back a toy when you throw it

The second way to teach your dog to bring you the toy or ball after you throw it to him is to run right behind him when he chases the toy, and as soon as he takes the toy in his mouth, he will find you right next to him, get down to your dog, arms wide open asking him to give you the toy …

After that, make sure you leave more and more distance between you until you don’t have to follow your dog to pick you up and bring the toy back, but he will do it even if you are very far away.

how to encourage your dog to bring you back the toy in fetch game

What to do if your dog suddenly loses interest in playing Fetch?

It can happen that you throw the toy and your dog will completely lose interest in it !

What you are going to do is to go to the toy and bring it to life, if it is the t rope toy, pull it on the ground, take it and move it in your hand while exciting your dog !

Dogs are very attracted by the movement, a ball that rolls on the ground is more interesting than a ball that doesn’t move !

By giving movement to the toy, your dog will become interested in it again and you will continue the game until your dog spends all his overhang!

 How long to teach Fetch to my Pooch ?

why playing fetch with my dog ?

Your dog won’t like this game the first few days, but as he learns the rules, and discovers that playing Fetch means, Running after the toy and even after you, pulling with his teeth, taking the toy back … he will love this game after one to two weeks of practice and you will even notice that your dog will become calmer at home and will have even more appetite …

7-how to train a dog to walk on a leash

Your dog doesn’t really know how to walk on a leash ? taking him outside for a walk has become really tiring for you, because your dog doesn’t stop one second to pull on his leash, to tuck you in between your legs, to stay behind or to go too far forward !

My name is Samy, former dog trainer and I will show you, right now, how to teach your dog to walk like a model when you take him out with his leash and this by following some simple steps.

Let’s dive in … and lets teach your dog n good leash walking habits

train your dog to walk on a leash

The first step before you start teaching your dog to walk on a leash is to take the time when you are outside, to let your dog feel and get used to his environment so that he will be more attentive to you and what you are going to teach him.

Then start by having your dog sit in front of you and try to get his full attention, make him look you in the eyes and really pay attention to you.

You know why dogs pull on their leash? because they get easily distracted when you are outside and they forget about you completely …

You can reward him when he obeys and focuses on you.

teach your dog to walk on a leash without pulling on it

So you should start by getting your dog used to looking at you frequently when you walk him outside so it will be easier for you to give him instructions all along the walk.

Leave two to three feet of leash for your dog. 

You will then walk backwards while encouraging your dog to follow you and while looking at you as much as possible in the eyes, draw his attention and his gaze towards your face by raising your finger and putting it in front of your eyes …

The leash must always be relaxed and never pull your dog towards you when using the leash.

Reward your dog generously when he follows you easily and without pulling on the leash, make the dog go back and forth and make sure that your dog always stays in contact with you and looks at you from time to time as if he is expecting instructions from you, which is the purpose of this leash !

After that, give two feet of slack to your dog’s leash, and make him walk beside you 

leash walking dog training step by step

When your dog tries to get ahead of you, don’t pull on his leash ! Just hurry up and catch him by putting your hand in front of his face so that he slows down, take the opportunity to give him some treats when he comes back to your side.

If your dog stays behind or looks away and seems distracted, immediately grab your dog’s attention by talking to him and giving him a treat.

In fact, you will need a lot of treats during this training, because that’s what will hold your dog back at first and make him walk beside you.

As you progress through the workout, you can start replacing treats with praise and hugs …

What if my dog pulls on his leash when he meets another dog?

teash walking step by step

In this case, if your dog starts pulling on his leash when he sees other dogs or other distractions like birds or pigeons in the park …etc… 

In this case you will need the help of a friend who has a dog to keep him on a leash next to you and your dog; otherwise you will need to train your dog and apply these recommendations every time someone passes in front of you and your dog when you are outside.

What you are going to do is that every time your dog starts to pull his leash, call his name and sit him down and when he finally pays attention to you, give him his reward.

Repeat this exercise, getting closer and closer to other walkers or your friend with his dog … until your dog learns to be quiet and calm in the company of other dogs and then he won’t pull on his leash anymore.

If not, keep your dog on a leash when the other walkers pass by and every time a walker passes by with his dog, do your best to keep your dog sitting and concentrating on you and not on the other dog !

Reward your dog generously for his efforts.

Another way to get your dog’s attention when you walk him and you pass another dog, and give him a little kick with the tip of your foot on his behind (practical for large dogs) to get his attention.

Finally, when your dog learns to stay calm and not to pull his leash when passing or approaching other walkers, resume the exercise in movement, that is to say ask your friend to hold his dog at the side of the road and train your dog to pass in front of them without pulling his leash, starting by holding the treat close to his snout when you pass by your friend …

The golden rules when teaching your dog to walk on a leash :

my dog is pulling on its leash

1-Always start this training right outside in front of your house, and don’t venture into the park until your dog has at least learned to listen to you!

Never use force to pull on your dog’s leash to bring him/her to your side.

2-All along the training, you must act at the exact second and at the very instant when your dog just starts to become interested in the other dog and wants to pull his leash, you must act immediately by calling him back and asking him to sit or lie down….

3-Don’t skimp on treats, this exercise is very demanding for dogs, reward your dog generously every time he does something and an effort that goes in the right direction.

4- If your dog is completely out of control and pulls on his leash when cars and other animals pass by and pulls you behind him, you will have to tire your dog before taking him for training. 

The best way to tire your dog is to play fetch and tug of war with him.

You will tire him and before he recovers all his energy, you will train him not to pull on his leash.

 5- The secret to success in this training is to get your dog’s attention and interest more than the distractions around him that make him pull on his leash and if he is not interested in the treats all the time, try his best toy, I recommend Squeaky toys, they work great in this kind of dog training when you have difficulty getting results using the treats.

8- how to stop a dog from jumping

how to stop my dog from jumping

We will now continue this complete dog training, and see how to make your dog stop jumping on you.

Actually, jumping people is the second bad habit I hate the most in dogs, after the one when they lie on their  back when I’m having my dinner !! . I really hate when a dog jumps on me, dirty my clothes, scratches me…etc, it’s not his fault, he’s just a little bit enthusiastic and we’ll see right away how to eliminate this bad behavior that some dogs have, which is jumping on people

Let’s dive in to finally learn how to handle your dog from unwanted  jumping 

Why does your dog jump on you?

stop my dog from unwanted jumping on me

Dogs jump on us either because they have excess  energy maybe you don’t make them spend enough energy, no daily walks or training. 

The cause of this behavior can also be a lack of communication, i.e. your dog just doesn’t understand that you don’t like the fact that he is jumping on you.

Dogs jump on us also to bring their face closer to ours, usually just to say Hi !! and sometimes even to make us understand how happy they are, for example !! and it’s not because they want to dominate us !!! 

Let’s see first of all the gestures not to do when your dog jumps on you

1- Never push your dog away when he jumps on you using your hands, he will just take it as a game because your dog sees your hands as a tool that you use to play with him. 

2- Never move backwards when your dog jumps on you, it’s an opportunity that he will seize and keep jumping just to make you move back a little further, that’s what the dominant evils do towards the second rank dogs, so never move backwards in front of your dog.

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So how do you stop this bad behavior ?

The first method to make your dog stop jumping on you and your guests

Pet corrector to use to stop dogs from jumping on you

If you want to get quick results, I advise you to use something like Pet Corrector Spray ( Link to Amazon ) ; to push your dog away every time he jumps on you.

This kind of horn ( just a sound and a jet of air that will scare your dog a little and make him stop jumping on you or your children and guests).  If you do not want your dog to keep jumping on you, he will understand that you don’t like what he is doing and stop his nonsense.

You can reward him afterwards if he keeps quiet.

When you use a Pet Corrector, don’t yell at your dog and pretend that you didn’t even make that noise.

This method will take time, and you have to do it several times to make it work.

Second method to teach your dog not to jump on you anymore if you don’t ask him to

how to discourage my dog from jumping on me and people ?

You can also just raise your knee just as your dog jumps on you. 

Cross your arms, look him in the eyes, tell him “No” and give him just after a firm command to sit down, and you can even chain two or three commands, like SIT, DOWN, UP … etc. so that your dog returns to obedience mode and thus, you will distract him and make him forget this bad behavior that he will quickly associate with these chains of commands that you just made him undergo.

Don’t forget to reward him right after the execution of these commands.

Third method, using the treats

The best way to stop and correct a dog’s bad behavior is the moment just before your dog commits it .

stop your dog from jumping , step by step dog training

So you go and ask your dog to sit in front of you, move back a little and then walk towards him with the treat in your hand, and at the exact moment you see him about to jump on you, lean towards him and ask him to sit firmly and stroke him on the head to establish physical contact, the one he is looking for but jumping, and give him the treat. You can also just turn around and ignore him.

After several rehearsals, your dog will understand that jumping on you is just taking you away from him ! 

The fact of touching him on the head will remove in him the desire to jump on you, because the contact is now established between you and the only way for your dog to have your attention is not to jump on you and to keep his 4 legs well anchored on the ground …

What to do when your dog jumps on your guests?

In this case, you will stand between your dog and your guest and use what I told you before to calm your dog down, especially, you must instruct your guests and children never to pet your dog when he jumps on them and they must wait until he calms down to do so.

9-how to train dogs to pee and poop in designated area ?

teach a dog to pee and poo in a designed place

Tired of your puppy or dog pooping all over the place in and around your house? 

I’ll show you how to potty train your doggy so that he learns to do his business (pee and poo) in a place that you will define specially for that, in a corner of your backyard for example far from the eyes and the draught and easy to clean.

Let’s go there to learn how to potty train a dog easily and in just a few easy steps ?

Let’s dive in guys, right now …

First step during potty training is to choose a name for this command, one word that will mean to your dog that you ask him to do his business, you can use any word, ” Pee , Poo , Business , …”. 

A few things you need to know to successfully train your dog to relieve himself always in the same place you will choose for him of course:

Their mother teaches the puppies from a young age that when they want to relieve themselves and do their business, they must stay as far away as possible from the kennel ( So that they do not attract predators, they even eat their excrement when they are too small to move away), the place where they sleep, so you will choose a place in your backyard, a little isolated from the playground of your dog and its crate or house if it is installed outside too.

How do I know when my dog wants to go to the bathroom?

You will also have to anticipate the times when your dog will probably go to relieve himself, first by feeding your dog always at the same time of the day so that you can predict when your dog will want to relieve himself, if not, here is usually when it happens:

  • From 5 to 20 minutes after you feed your dog.
  • 10 minutes after play time 
  • A few minutes after you wake up in the morning or just after.

You should also know that liquids spend about 45 minutes in your dog’s digestive system, while solid food will be digested in about 8 hours, so do your math to predict when your dog will go to the bathroom to prepare for training.

Start potty training:

potty training a dog and a puppy

You will have to put your dog on a leash (so that he can’t go to the bathroom to relieve himself), if you want to rush his desire to relieve himself, mix a hot water worm with his kibble, and be ready to take him out after 5 minutes, because he will surely want to pee.

Take him to the place you have designated for this, ‘ Inside your house like in the bathroom on its pee pad or outside the house in the backyard …etc ) and as soon as you see your dog peeing or pooping, Say the word you have chosen for this command as “pee now” (so that your dog associates this word with defecating).

As soon as your dog finishes peeing, repeat the word “Pee now” and give him a favorite treat (so that he now associates this command with a reward which will make him think even more).

You will then repeat this exercise for a week, and after that you will start training your dog to relieve himself in that specific area, but this time without the leash.

get a dog to pee and poop in the same place

The golden rule in this case is to prepare two types of treats, the normal treats or his kibble, to give to your dog if you arrive too late after he has defecated, so you will just say the command “Pee Now” and give him the low level treat.

But if you can figure out when your dog is going to want to poop and you call him to the designated toilet area, then you will use the high level treats, the ones he likes the most, after you have of course said the “Pee Now” command, so that he understands that you want him to poop in that area and not somewhere else, and that this is the only way for him to get his favorite treats.

Your dog will quickly understand what you want him to do and especially what makes him earn his favorite treats and he will now always come back to this place to relieve himself even after you have stopped rewarding him for it, with treats but only with hugs and praise.

A few tips for successful potty training:

As you know, a dog will never relieve himself in the place he considers as his living space, his home, so you will have to give your dog access to all the rooms of your house gradually, so that he adds them to his living space and so that he doesn’t think about marking them or relieve himself in them unless you designate a place for him like in the bathroom for example or your own toilet.

potty training my dog

If you want to control your puppy’s environment so that he doesn’t poop in the house without your knowledge, you will have to put him in his crate, see the puppy crate training or use the baby gates to limit the living space to your dog, this will also prevent him from defecating in it because he will consider this small space as his living space that he will not dirty even if you turn your back to him.

Note also that a puppy must go outside (hold him near the place you designate as his toilet) to relieve himself at least once every hour or two (even if they are not going to relieve themselves, it’s good to give them the opportunity to do so before putting them back in their crate). so be prepared for that.

So just wait until your puppy finishes pooping to reward him with his favorite treats (or a few minutes of play), after you say the command of course “Pee now” or another, then put your puppy back inside, see in his crate.

Last advice : never punish your dog when he does his business in the house, just don’t reward him and just ignore what he has just done ! be more vigilant next time.

If you live in an apartment, I recommend that you train your puppy to use the potty pads ( i linked to the pee pads that i recommend on Amazon ) in order to get your dog used to the texture of the carpet, otherwise you will have to take him outside to relieve himself all his life, if he gets used to relieve himself only on the grass, which is natural as well!

Puppy Potty Training Schedule

Puppy Potty Training Schedule By M Samy

Puppy Potty Training Schedule By M Samy


6:00 – 6:30 Take puppy outside IMMEDIATELY.

7:15 – 7:30 Indoor Playtime

7:30 – 8:00 Give puppy food and water, place puppy in crate (Allow 15-20 minutes for digestion)

8:00 Take puppy outside

8:15 Place puppy in crate


12:00 Take puppy outside

12:15 – 12:30 Indoor Playtime

12:30 – 1:00 Give puppy food and water, place puppy in crate (Allow 15-20 minutes for digestion)

1:00 Take puppy outside

1:15 Place puppy in crate


5:00-5:30 Take puppy outside

6:15 – 6:30 Indoor Playtime

6:30 – 7:00 Give puppy food and water, place puppy in crate (Allow 15-20 minutes for digestion)

7:00 – 8:00 Take puppy outside

8:00 – 9:00 Playtime

9:00 Return puppy to crate

11:00 Take puppy outside

11:15 Return puppy to the crate for bed time


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