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Double Doodle Breed Guide: All You Need to Know

Double Doodle Breed Guide: All You Need to Know

When on the lookout for a Poodle crossbreed, the Double Doodle is the perfect option. It is a favorite among dog aficionados. This breed is a cross between two of the most popular Doodle subtypes that include the Golden Doodle and the Labradoodle. Thus, it makes for a lovable and energetic pup that has an adorable curly coat.

Double Doodle Breed Guide: All You Need to Know

Boasting a height of 20 to 29 inches, it might just be the right fit for your home. However, it is important that you learn more about the breed before getting one. Even if you own a Double Doodle, it makes sense to read our guide. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started…

What Is a Double Doodle?

Although Poodle crossbreeds became popular in the 1970s, it was only in the early 90s that demand actually took off. It was during this that breeders started to experiment more with crossbreeding to provide a plethora of Doodles, including Double Doodle Dogs.

The mix between the Golden Doodle (Golden Retriever x Poodle) and Labradoodle (Labrador Retriever x Poodle) was established in the 90s to provide dog enthusiasts with the option to enjoy the qualities of both subtypes; If you want to learn more about the Golden Doodle and the Labradoodle, you can visit Animalso.

Thus, the creation of a puppy that resembled an adorable teddy bear and oozed personality became an instant hit.

In fact, their high demand meant that people had to wait for up to a year to get their hands on the pooch. Here is what you need to know about the dogs involved in crossbreeding.

  • Golden Retriever: It is a service dog breed that is known for its intelligence, patience, and gentle nature. These long-haired yellow pups provide a loving demeanor to the Double Doodle.
  • Labrador Retriever: A well-balanced, sturdy dog that has a tail that signals its outgoing and optimistic temperament. It matches the credentials of a Golden Retriever as both dogs are working dogs.
  • Poodle: The Poodle is what put the Poodle in the Double Doodle. It is an energetic, intelligent, and astute breed that is known for its low shedding allergy-friendly coat.

Double Doodle Temperament

Double Doodle full guide

Considered to be a lovable and sociable pup, the Double Doodle is a true family pet that you will come to love.

Unlike a purebred Poodle that tends to be anxious or fearful around new faces, the confidence and inquisitiveness of the Labrador and Golden Retriever override such behavior.

This is why the Double Doodle is an outgoing and sociable dog that enjoys meeting new people.

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The fact that it desires to be around humans rules it out as an efficient guard dog.

Owners of the Doodle have claimed that a possible thief can simply offer a belly scratch to the pup to ensure that it invites them in.

However, you can count on the pup to form a close bond with your family. It also displays a protective streak in case it senses that you are in trouble. Hence, some barking is common.

A Double Doodle prefers living indoors with the family rather than outdoors. It copes well with other pets and children.

Double Doodle Training

The most important question that you might want to know the answer to is whether these adorable pups are easy to train or not.

Each of the purebred dogs that form the Double Doodle has an extensive history of taking on working duties for supporting humans.

It means that they all bring intelligence and can easily collaborate with humans. Thus, you can count on the Doodle to be obedient.

Moreover, it is a bright dog that has a mischievous streak and tends to outwit others, especially if there is food involved. A positive reward-based training approach offers the best results when training the dog.

Since these Doodles form a close relationship with humans, punitive training would make them anxious and result in unwanted behavior. 

House training is especially essential; when you bring a puppy home, it’s your responsibility to train them well. You must set a schedule to feed and water your puppy and once they have eaten, go outside immediately for potty.

A puppy has a small bladder so you may to take it out a lot; if you are unable to do that, you can also keep a litter for your pup at home. You can use non-tracking litter that is easily available for cats and small dogs.

Is “Non-tracking litter is formulated”? Why yes, it is! We recommend the non-tracking kind because it controls odors and doesn’t stick to your puppy’s paws.

You may also use crate training to help your puppy potty train; simply restrict your puppy to one or two rooms in the house or their personal pen or “crate” where they have a designated litter box so they get used to going in there. Following a schedule is an absolute must, and if you have big dogs we recommend taking them out!

Double Doodle Size

The Double Doodle is predominantly a mid to large size dog. Even though it comes in 3 sizes that include Standard, Miniature, and Toy, both the Labrador and Golden Retriever come in one size.

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As the Labrador and Golden Retriever are matched in size to the Poodle, breeding is easy. A crossbreed is created by breeding a Standard Labradoodle and Standard Golden Doodle.

A Standard Double Doodle has a height of 20 to 29 inches and weighs anywhere from 50lbs to 80lbs. However, there has been a trend that favors smaller dogs in recent times.

It has led to breeders perfecting the Miniature Poodle breed, which has a height of just 16 to 18 inches and weighs 12lbs to 30 lbs.

Double Doodle Maintenance and Coat Type

The coat of the Double Doodle varies from tight curls to wavy, wiry. As it is a hybrid, there tends to be variation in coat types even in the same litter. As the Poodle sheds minimally, the Double Doodle does not shed as much. But, regular grooming is necessary for preventing the hair from getting tangled.

A full brushing is required by this breed at least twice every week. It is important that you get your Doodle comfortable with grooming daily from a young age to reduce stress.

However, you must avoid over bathing the pup as it would strip out its natural oils, which would make its coat drier. Thus, you must only provide a full wash and shampoo every 4 to 6 weeks. As for color, the Doodle comes in golden, tan, brown, black, and creams.

Double Doodle Exercise Requirements

As three high-energy working dog breeds come together to create a Double Doodle, it means that you cannot expect them to be couch potatoes.

An adult Doodle will require a good walk of at least an hour every day. Being an intelligent breed means that physical exercise not only tires its legs but also allows the dog to sniff and explore.


The Double Doodle is a healthy dog breed that requires exercise daily. However, it does experience joint problems, hypothyroidism, and diabetes. But, you can rest assured knowing that it has an average life of 12 to 15 years.

As long as you provide 2 to 2.5 cups of quality dog food daily, the Doodle will be able to lead a healthy life. The adorable and loving nature of the dog is something that will draw you to it. It can easily adapt to a home environment and loves being around kids.

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