How to get my dog eat Dry food again ?

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My Dog Won’t eat Dry Food Anymore !

how to get my dog eat dry food again ?

Your dog is not interested in it’s dry food anymore , Kind of annoying , right ? Here’s how I made my dog eat dry food again.

If your dog refuses to eat his dry food, take him outside, exercise him, this will make him even more hungry (Cesar Milan’s tip).

Another quick tip to encourage your dog eat its dry food, is by adding to the kibble, half a glass of hot water and a tablespoon of peanut butter, mix it all together and give it to your dog.

These are only two temporary solutions ( that may won’t work !! ) , that’s why I’m gonna help you in this article , try to understand why your dog refuses to eat its dry food, what could be the reasons, and especially how to make so that your dog starts to eat again its dry food and in a healthy way moreover.

The reasons why doesn’t your dog want to eat Dry food anymore?

Your dog may reject his bowl of dry food and refuse to eat for different reasons, here are the most common ones:

1 -Your dog may be sick

why my dog is not eating its dry food ?

If you are used to see your dog throwing himself on his dry food and eating a large quantity of it, but suddenly he stopped eating !!

You should know that he/she has to make a visit to his Vet, after you have taken him outside and you are sure that he should normally be hungry know! and that there is no apparent reason why your dog refuses to eat his food !!!

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You give him all kind of food that dogs love to eat , its favorite food , treats he loves the most and he still refuses to eat?

Your dog is probably sick, such as dental problems and the veterinarian would be a much better adviser than me.

If you are sure that your dog does not show any other signs of illness, or his vet has confirmed it, then we will see what other reasons could cause your dog to fast.

2-Your Dog’s Dry Food (kibble stock) may be out of date

Remember to check the expiry date of the dry food you give to your pets, especially your dog, because he has a very sensitive nose and a very developed sense of smell.

how to get my dog to eat dry food

Your dog refuses to eat his kibbles because they may be outdated, he has smelled them, but put down !

A few tips to store your dog’s dry food well and avoid that it gets contaminated or spoiled

Your dog’s dry food should be stored in a specially made container ( See on Amazon the one i recommend ) and put in a dry and elevated place.

You must also clean your dog’s food Bowl every day , and when there is still food left in it, put it in a dry place, away from your other pets , insects and humidity.

3-Stop its bad eating habits to make your dog eat dry food again

You , or maybe someone else in the house (why not the children, Pappy can be !!), secretly gives treats or table scraps to the dog !!

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If it’s you, review the way you feed your dog, stick to his only one or two meals a day, and some treats when he’s training or really deserves them… and that’s it !

If the kids feed your dog with cheese and Becon, icecream or any other kind of what we humans eat, without your knowledge, your Pooch will probably never be interested in his bowl of kibble !!

4- Consider making the transition to raw, semi-raw or wet dog food

First , If your dog refuses to eat the kibble or its usual dry food , consider sprinkling some raw food over them .

This may encourage your dog to eat the kibble right after the raw food pieces!!

Instead of throwing bacon or raw meat on the kibble, your picky dog may love it, MEAL MIXERS Free Dried Raw, try also Air Dried Raw dog food…etc.

Pour a little fish oil on the croquettes to increase their palatability.

If not, consider buying premium kibble for your dog, it may be that the quality of the current kibble is not good !

whow to deal with a dog who won't eat dry food ?

5-Your dog refuses his dry food because you are no longer the dominant one!

You may not have noticed it yet, but it could be that your dog has only gotten the better of you, and is now behaving like an alpha male !

He refuses to eat because he wants you to feed him by hand for example, or he would only accept treats …etc…

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If probably the case if your dog goes through the doors first and you go behind, if he does not come when you call him …

Try this :

First of all, make sure you eat before you give food to your dog, and especially, give him only about twenty minutes to eat and remove his bowl, even if he has not touched his kibble!

This way you can make him understand that you are the boss and he’d better eat !

You must consider a behavioral recovery by submitting it to an Obedience training.

6-Your dog eats his dry food but just doesn’t finish its Bowl!

You may be giving your dog just a little too much dry food, and he just doesn’t finish his bowl! Look at this post to find out how much food you can give your dog, depending on his breed, size, age and daily activity.

7-Changing the dog’s food may cause the dog to refuse to eat

Your dog may refuse to eat his dry food, because you may have bought him a new model, which has a different taste or smell that he is not used to and which he simply doesn’t like ( if he eats it , he surely throw it  up after eating grass )  ( if he eats it , he surely throw it  up after eating grass ) !

what to do when my dog wont eat its kibble

You may have bought kibble of lower quality than what your dog usually eats, or of lower nutritional value !

If this is the case, you just have to order the food your dog usually eats and everything will be back to normal.

Your dog doesn’t want Dry food anymore ; Try Fresh Cooked dog Food

You can also consider giving your Pooch a slightly more balanced and healthier food than this kibble.

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I always advise dog owners to try Fresh Cooked Dog Food, , they have different recipes and a different menu for every day of the week.

So your dog won’t get bored, eating the same food every day !

The ingredients used are of human quality, the recipes are balanced and the dogs love them !


To sum up, if your dog refuses to eat his dry food, make sure that he is not sick, that it is not a new behavioral problem and finally check his food and be sure to change it if necessary !

A last advice : never force your dog to eat, he will hate you for it because you will make him sick, just be patient, your dog will end up eating it’s dry food again if you follow the steps and do the checks I recommended you.