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Make Your Own Dog Food ?

Preparing your own homemade Dog food 

Yes It is possible to prepare homemade meals for your dog, it’s not always easy because it is not enough to give the leftovers of his dinner for his dog, it’s far from being a solution because a food known to be balanced for humans, is not necessarily for the dog breed

Not only do you need to know what your dog prefers to eat, but you also need to know how to balance the ration of your dog to provide the nutrients necessary for his growth and well-being, without falling into the trap of excess. 

I will tell you everything you should know before trying to prepare yourself , homemade recipes for your doggy , lets dive in …

Dog Nutrition , doggies recipes are not so easy to make

ingredients to prepare a healthy homemade dog food

Your dog needs his daily dose of nutrients and calories, the intake of nutrients must be sufficient and above all balanced, dogs have different nutritional needs from ours, about fifty nutrients, well balanced are necessary to maintain your dog in good health and in better physical condition too.

You must always be careful when preparing your homemade dog’s food to ensure that it is nutritionally balanced, otherwise your dog may be at risk of health or obesity problems.

Why isn’t your food necessarily good for your dog?  

how to cook for your dogGiving your own food to your dog is not a good solution, because like us, dogs get their calories from their food but from different ingredients than us.

While we humans derive our energy and calories mainly from sugar, dogs on the other hand derive their energy and calories mainly from meat like Chicken meat  , beef , lamb and animal proteins, which means that his ration of meat or animal proteins must be higher, so he must have more meat than we do , so keep that in your mind while preparing your doggy’s food .

Then, you must balance the food that you give to your dog by taking into account his own needs which are different from ours and also the weight of your dog and his activity and his daily needs in calories, so think of adding supplements and vitamin and mineral supplements to balance his meals, here are some: 

The list of ingredients needed for a good homemade dog recipe


Your dog’s ration should ideally contain all the following elements:

1 animal proteins or meats

Beef in preference, poultry if not lamb or pork, your dog needs his daily ration of meat because it is his essential source of calories and energy, it is the equivalent of sugar for our body from which we get all our energy.

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2 Well-cooked green vegetables 

To provide fiber and trace elements for your dog and also to increase the volume of his portion to satisfy his appetite. 

3 Starchy foods 

Notably pasta or rice, these two elements will provide the carbohydrates necessary for the growth of your dog, provided that they are well cooked but not too much either.

4 Uncooked vegetable oil

 for fatty acids and lipids 

5 A mineral and vitamin supplement

 Which I will talk to you about in the following paragraph to avoid deficiencies and possible health problems for your dog.

homemade dog food is rarely well-balanced, I recommend that you use fresh ingredients, those that you use for your own consumption, and in addition to that you will have to pay attention to nutrient, vitamin and mineral deficiencies when you prepare your dog’s food yourself.

What follows is a list of the vitamins your dog needs and the ingredients that provide them and that you should include in your recipes when you make homemade meals for your adorable dog, you must be more careful if you are cooking for a puppy, because a deficiency in vitamins and oleaginous elements will negatively affect his growth and health.

The list of the vitamins and the food which get them for your dog

Vitamin D in cod and fish oils

Vitamin A , in Liver and egg yolk

Vitamin K in green vegetables, that’s why you should make your dog like vegetables and it’s an important element of blood clotting in case of cuts or wounds to stop the bleeding of wounds.

Vitamin E, mix a few wheatgrass germs with your dog’s meal if your dog shows a deficiency in this vitamin E which manifests itself in digestive, muscular and birth problems and during gestation.

Vitamin C your dog will get it if you feed him vegetables and fruits, this vitamin will prevent your dog from infections and will ensure a constant and ideal growth.

Vitamin B12 is found in liver and meat, this vitamin will protect your dog from anemia. 

Vitamins B1 and B6 these two vitamins are found in yeast and a deficiency of vitamin B6 can lead to behavioural disorders and skin problems.

Vitamin B2 is found in liver, eggs and milk, and this vitamin will prevent your dog from obesity as it regulates fat.

Biotin which is found in the liver and eggs and this vitamin or molecule is breathable and will maintain the quality of your dog’s skin and coat and prevent your dog from dermatitis.

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Disclaimer :

I have told you here about the food but do not give a vitamin supplement before taking your dog to the vet .these are some veterinarian advices about homemade dog food supplements .

How much food should you feed your dog?

Every dog and every breed is different from the others, and the amount of food to feed your dog will depend on many factors, such as : 

  • His build and body type.
  • His daily activity
  • Its age and stage of growth
  • His state of health which will require a special diet for example
  • Is he pregnant or nursing in the case of a female? …etc.

I advise you to consult a veterinarian to help you calculate your dog’s daily needs and to make a typical meal that you will try to reproduce at home, in equivalent quantity and quality. 

How many meals a day do you give your dog?

what you need to know before preparing your dog's food yourself

Puppies, pregnant or nursing doggies , dogs in convalescence or sick dogs may need up to three meals a day, whereas an adult dog that is not too active is generally fed only once a day. It is up to you to adapt to your dog’s needs, monitor his weight and calculate the quantity and number of meals accordingly in order to keep him in better health and avoid overweight and obesity problems.

What is the best alternative for homemade Dog Food?

If you are afraid of not meeting your dog’s nutritional needs or if you have decided that it will take a lot of time and effort to prepare his meals yourself, I recommend one brand only.

I have analyzed this food well, I am talking about favorite dog food, I am affiliated to this brand of dog food and to no other simply because it is the best choice, either for the quality, the variety and the price.

The recipes are created by a nutritionist with human grade ingredients, a complete and balanced blend of food and nutrients, all cooked and frozen.

You will only have to reheat the portion for your dog or cat at the same time, each day a different recipe and this according to your order.

You will also be entitled to a discount if you order via this link

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