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Why Does my Dog eat Grass & Throw up ?

why does my dog eat grass and throw up ?

my dog eat grass and throw up , what to do ?

My dog eats grass and vomits, should I be worried and what should i do ? 

A dog that eats grass and then regurgitates it is a very normal behavior for canids ( dogs , wolves …). This should not worry you in most cases, but not all !! .I’ve done some research on this subject and here’s what I’ve been able to understand.


Is that normal, a dog that eats grass ?

what to do if my dog eats grass ?Yes, the dog is omnivorous, and eating grass is normal behaviour, although, admittedly, it does seem a bit weird to watch him do it.

This behavior, if it’s infrequent, doesn’t necessarily mean that the dog is ill.

But if on the other hand your dog eats grass too often ( i’m not talking about veggies and fruits but Grass  ) and then regurgitates it, such as it is, you must absolutely take this seriously and take your dog to see a veterinarian.


Why does my dog eat grass?

Grass , is not a dog’s favorite meal as we know  , according to the specialists of the canine species, of which the dog, these last ones can eat grass for various reasons, here are the most frequent ones:


1- Eating grass is an innate behavior in canines. 

why k9 eats grass and vomits after that

Dogs, like wolves, have inherited this behavior from their ancestors.

As I said before, dogs are omnivores and eating grass will meet the nutritional needs of cedars.

Wolves, on the other hand, find this grass, berries and seeds … in the intestines of their prey.

If you have noticed, we often see wolves or coyotes for example eating grass in wildlife documentaries, especially after they have eaten prey.


2-Some dogs just love to eat grass

One could compare this behavior to the love of humans for hot pepper, chocolate, wine … etc.

Some dogs eat grass and we can talk about Food Craving, an irresistible desire, like that of cats for catnip too …


3-Your dog can eat grass to make himself vomit

why dogs love to ,eat grass and throw up just after that ?

When a dog feels a pain in the stomach, a bloating or a gene, he will eat, usually Quackgrass (rich in fiber but indigestible and irritating to the stomach), a good quantity and without chewing it in order to trigger vomiting and relieve his pain.


4-A dog eats grass when he is sick

I read on a vet’s blog that dogs also eat grass to reduce and counter the nausea that can cause certain diseases that affect the dog’s digestive system.

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In these cases, the dog will eat grass more frequently and a visit to the vet is necessary. 

According to this veterinarian, this dog could suffer from one of these diseases:

  • A digestive disorder (the dog has eaten something that his body does not tolerate …)
  • Digestive parasites, such as worms. 
  • A disease of the kidneys, liver or pancreas, a so-called metabolic disease…


How do you know if your dog has worms ; maybe that’s why he eats grass every day?

Here are some clues that your dog is eating grass because of intestinal worms:

  • A dull coat
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • A bloated belly
  • A slimming
  • An insatiable appetite or on the contrary a loss of appetite depending on the type of worm present in the dog’s body


5-A dog that eats grass once or twice a day may suffer from gastritis

According to the opinions of the veterinarians I have consulted online, a dog that eats grass very frequently is probably suffering from gastritis. 

Gastritis in dogs is related to an irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach. 

This irritation is most often chronic (dog gastritis) and is related in most cases to its diet (toxic food …), when it is not related to the side effects of a drug.


6-A dog suffering from behavioral disorders ( Pica ) , can eat grass

why dogs having pica eats grass too

In this case, the dog can even eat feces, dirt, paper …etc…

After that, the dog goes to get some grass to vomit and regurgitate what he ate just before and causes nausea.

To avoid that the case gets worse, to an intestinal occlusion for example if the dog eats paper or rubber …etc, it is absolutely necessary to consult a veterinarian in order to find the cause of this behavior.

In most cases it could be just a dietary deficiency, due to a diet for example too rich or exclusively meat-based …


7- Your dog often eats grass because of its industrial and poor quality food

You may be poisoning your dog little by little and without realizing it, because of the quality of the kibble you give him !

Some brands of dog food use too many animal by-products, such as :

  • Recycled meats 
  • Chemical hydrolyzes of animal and plant proteins 
  • Proteins cooked at very high temperature
  • Protein-enriched plants whose origin is not verified …etc


I invite you to Read these books (they are not free!) if you really care about what your dog eats.

You must absolutely avoid, for example, dog kibbles that contain vegetables but no cereals, as these do real damage to your dog’s health. 

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You will find many tips like this one in these books

These books could help you prevent many problems for your adorable dog and even cancer.

PS / “The price of the book collection is normally $47 but if you pretend to close the sales page, a popup will appear and you will only pay $3


Should I stop my dog from eating grass?

should you be worried if your dog eats a lot of grassNormally No ! don’t do that …!! 

You should let your dog eat his grass, unless you notice that the grass is contaminated, treated with dangerous products like insecticides …etc.

Your dog is  grazing because he/she may need roughage in its diet and grass is a good source of fiber. A lack of roughage may affect your dog’s ability to digest food , so grass may actually help its bodily functions run more smoothly.


When should you absolutely stop your dog from eating grass?

If the grass to which your dog has access is contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, animal dung, therefore risks of contamination with parasites such as Roundworms , hookworms …etc

In these cases, you should train your dog to stop eating grass ( Stop grazing ) if you find out that he is eating grass just to supplement his diet or just because he is bored and just wants to get your attention …etc


How to stop my dog Grazing ?

why my dog is eating grass

In fact less than 25% of dogs that eat grass vomit after doing that !!

It’s just a bad habit in some dogs and a food compliment in others.

That’s why you can find the reason that pushes your dog to eat grass and overcome it with training and some food supplements, if it’s a fiber deficiency for example.

If you are absolutely sure that your dog does not eat grass because he is sick, you can train him to give up this habit, especially if you live in the city, where the grass is usually contaminated and unfit for consumption.

You must absolutely have treats with you every time you are in the presence of your dog outside the house.

And every time you notice your dog is trying to eat grass, you will attract his attention with the clicker or just by saying “No” and reward him afterwards with one or two treats and a lot of praises so that he will forget this habit.

Best treats to train a dog stop eating grass


I recommend using Old Mother Hubbard Classic Crunchy Natural Dog Treats for this type of training.

See them  on Amazon.

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My dog eats grass, what should I do?

If this is the first time your dog eats grass and then regurgitates the grass with a yellowish liquid, and despite this, he still seems to be sick, ask your vet for advice, and expect questions like, what did your dog eat just before? …etc.

When you see your dog eating grass, you must absolutely start to observe him and if for example he does this every time you take him out or go in the park (every day), you must take him to see his vet.

He must absolutely be taken to the clinic if the vomit contains blood or your dog seems uncomfortable like being disoriented, because it could be a poisoning for example.



The vet will generally prescribe a deworming treatment to your dog, if he suffers from germs and worms in his stomach or digestive tract.

But there is no need to worry if your dog only eats grass very rarely and feels better right afterwards and resumes his normal play and behavior as if nothing had happened.


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