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Are Kibble a good option for your puppy ?

why you should never give your puppy a Dry kibble as a daily food.

why dry kibble is bad for your puppy

When most people adopt a puppy, and for practical reasons they let themselves be seduced by the kibble as an exclusive food for their puppy, do they really know the danger that kibble represents for the good growth of their puppy?

Yes Kibble is a worst choice for your puppy and i’ll tell you why

Puppy Dry food, a real problem

Industrialists did not think about your puppy’s well being when they created the kibble, they knew that people have less and less free time, and the kibble was just an easy and practical solution to feed your puppy.

Not all kibbles are bad, there are natural products of excellent quality, but what I’m telling you here is that it’s really not recommended for puppies, you can buy kibbles for your adult dogs, it just doesn’t have to be all they eat, kibbles just have to be an emergency solution, you should rather opt for the fresh cooked dog food as the official and everyday food for your dogs and as an exclusive food for your puppies.

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Let’s stay focused on our main topic which is why Kibbles are not recommended for puppies?

Let’s continue…

I became aware of the problem after reading an article

kibble is a bad choice for your puppy

To hide nothing from you, I can tell you that I did not like anything that is not natural and some Kibbles are part of the food that I would prefer that all pet owners stop feeding their dogs , puppies, cats … etc. with them and opt instead for a good healthy and freshly cooked food for their dogs and cats.

I read in the article that alerted me to the dangers of kibble for puppies a true story of a French veterinarian who adopted a puppy, which he named Namasté and he told in this blog article that he found that his puppy did not run like other dogs when he took him for a walk, and that his puppy had difficulty getting into his car and difficulties of locomotion …

Of course, he fed his puppy exclusively with good quality kibbles, the puppy seemed to have a normal growth but the veterinarian finally understood that his puppy did not have enough strength in his hind legs, besides, the puppy could no longer climb the stairs of the house and he also falls quite often each time he tries to run.

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Do you really care what your adorable dog eats?

dog food secret books

Believe me, I really didn’t want to worry you with these few sentences, but as an ex dog trainer and for the love of these adorable and loyal creaturesI implore you to read these few books.

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Let’s continue…

Why are kibbles a health hazard for your puppy?

are kibbles good for my puppy's health ?

Here’s what the veterinarian who owns the puppy who became ill told in his Blog :

“A little later, I realized that she was still galloping on the same side. I then made the decision to take her to an osteopathic veterinarian who also practices alternative therapies such as acupuncture….

I explained the problem to him and after having handled Namasté, the puppy, he explained me the situation and where his problem came from.

The good news is that I intervened very quickly, well before the end of his growth. Thus, his problem could be recovered with a few sessions of osteopathy and a change in his diet.

The osteopath explained to me that Namasté’s problem was reversible given his age. It probably came from a diet with puppy food that was too rich and caused him to grow too fast.

The puppy Dry food proposed by the industrialists has perverse puppy health insurance food risks  effects well known today by osteopaths and in particular on large breed dogs because of the importance of their growth. This food, which is too rich in proteins and fats, creates an imbalance between bone growth and nervous growth in dogs.

The problem is that the growth of the spinal cord and the spine do not grow at the same rate.

He gave me an image of a pearl necklace to explain. Imagine that the spinal cord represents the thread and the vertebrae represent the beads. If the pearls grow larger while the string is not, then the string is put under tension and becomes deformed.

Why kibble is bad food for puppies?

This tension will be stronger the faster the vertebrae grow than the spinal cord. This phenomenon is called Medullary Traction Force.

Too rapid growth due to the richness of the puppy’s kibble is often at the origin of a too high spinal traction force which could cause serious irreversible damage to your puppy’s health.

What I also understood is that the body of a puppy fed with kibble does not manage to adapt. This can cause postural abnormalities, even lameness or nervous symptoms.

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The health problems that the kibble could cause for a puppy:

In recent years, puppies have obviously grown very fast because of the kibble, but nobody dares to talk about the serious problems that the kibble causes for the well-being of our puppies.

According to a very famous veterinarian, here are some problems that puppies and dogs once they become adults, those who feed exclusively on the kibble:

  • Obesity
  • Osteoarticular affections
  • Ruptured cruciate ligaments
  • Dysplasia, skeletal problems or problems with the puppy’s nervous system …etc…

It is therefore necessary to avoid overfeeding puppies and not to give them puppy food, which is much too rich and would have a significant impact on this problem.

You have an interest in knowing how to please your dog by giving him food that he really likes and, above all, that will not compromise his health and growth. 


The kibbles should serve just as a treat and not a daily and exclusive food for your puppy, opt instead for a good Fresh Cooked pet food,  which have recipes prepared by a reputable nutritionist with healthy vegetables and meats without too much fat or food additives, and moreover it’s not expensive.

the best alternative for a kile to feed your puppy

I would also like you to share this article to warn puppy owners of the dangers of kibble and to allow our dear four-legged friends to live happy and healthy lives.

So I’m counting on all of you to relay this information if you have friends who take puppies. You must alert them to the risks that puppy food or too rich a diet can cause in a growing animal.

And then if you notice in your puppy or your dog a locomotion abnormality, don’t let it set in. Consult an osteopath as soon as possible to help your dog recover or limit his problems as much as possible.

You can also, even if it’s never easy to do, prepare your own meals for your puppy or dog, homemade food can be a good alternative to Kibbles, you’ll just have to know how to balance the recipes you prepare for your adorable pet to ensure better growth and good health.

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