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Online Dog training School ( Best video courses )

Online Dog Training School 

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If you’re looking for an Online dog training school, know that I have three online dog training programs that I will advise you and will assist you and accompany you to train your puppy or dog even if you have no idea how the dog training is going. 

You will never pay more than $67, either if you just want to learn how to train your puppy or dog or even why not take the opportunity to become a dog trainer and make it your profession.

An online dog training school, how does it work ?

It’s simple, this kind of program, you will have access to it just after you make the payment. 

You will usually find a series of videos that explain the training and exercises that you will apply and practice with your dog.

You will then just have to watch the dog trainer how he does it, and do the same to teach your dog new tricks at home …etc…

I am going to present you these three dog training programs, it is the equivalent of a dog training school because you will have access to courses and lessons that you will learn and apply with your dog in order to teach him, obedience, going to the toilet, essential tricks, brain games …etc.

The dog training programs are:

1- Brain Training for Dogs

This dog training program, created by Adrienne Farricelli, has received nothing but praise online and those who have tested it have said nothing but good things about it.

The price is very affordable, only $47 for all the classes, brain games for dogs, access to the private group…etc.

It’s the first dog training system I’ve ever recommended.

This program is really complete, you will have access to videos of course to teach your dog obedience, before this, the crate training if you have a puppy. 

You will also have videos about brain games for dogs , which you will teach your dog and then have fun with him. 

You will find on Adrienne’s website, more information about this Dog training program, the videos are very clear and the exercises are easy to reproduce and apply for your dog.

If I have to rate this program, I would give it a mark of 9/10.

Brain training for dog Reviews from real people that really tried this training

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2- Dog Training World By K9-1

Learn from an experienced mentor that consistently produces highly skilled professional dog trainers.

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Your primary instructor will be K9-1 founder, Michael D’Abruzzo, who with over 26 years experience as a dog training student, professional trainer, system developer, and supervisor of many high volume training projects, has the credentials and experience to provide you with the education you deserve. 

He is the creator of a patent-pending system for behavior modification and training of all animals, as well as a certified career and technical education teacher of Animal Related Careers in New York.  The support forum on this site has been helping serious dog trainers since 2008.

Here, you will find an affordable online education and support site that will exceed what is found in many commercialized options because it is created out of an honest passion for educating better-qualified trainers in an otherwise unregulated field.  The public is in desperate need for better qualified dog trainers.

Membership will give you access to K9-1’s entire educational video archive with 100s of hours of video including the latest Foundation Style Dog Training Course v.4.0, weekly live-streamed classes with Q&A, 1000s of forum posts, a curated selection of reference books and articles, and most importantly, a community of professional trainers and serious hobbyists.

Go to Dog Training World training web site and Get access to their online video training for 3 days for only $3

3-Dog Training Secrets 

This is my third choice, this dog and puppy training program is a new one . Created by Anthony , a real passionate and dog trainer 

The uniqueness of this online dog training system is that you can never use Treats to train your dog. 

Anthony, the creator of this system will be available every time you have difficulties to apply his teachings and especially this new method of dog training gives results in record time. 

Here’s Anthony giving us a demo with a puppy on the results you can expect if you take his classes.

Like all the other trainings I have chosen, Anthony also gives you guarantees, satisfied or double refunded. 

The price will be $67, it’s really cheap, I really encourage you to go to Anthony’s website and learn more about this dog training system.

Why do I recommend these dog training programs?

I haven’t told you about Doggie Dan’s dog training program, nor about Dr. Dunbar’s “ Top Dog Academy ” ( $20/Month ) and other dog trainers’ dog training programs.

Need to know more about Dunber’s Dog training School ? Follow this link :  Top Dog Academy

For the following reason:

I’ve chosen just the best, easiest to follow, and most cost effective dog training programs that are truly complete and effective.

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Doggie Dan’s Dog training courses for example are Too expensive even if nothing differentiates it from the other programs, it’s just a training without using treats, and this method is also used with the training system that Anthony offers with the Dog training Secrets. 


If you want to train your dog, I strongly advise you to do it yourself.

Nowadays, it is not necessary to take your dog to a training school. 

Just buy online training  courses or subscribe to an online dog training school. 

As a former dog trainer, I have been interested in some of these programs and I have chosen the three previous programs for you, they all have a guarantee and I have heard nothing but good about them.

I wish you good luck and if you have any questions, please ask me by leaving a comment or with a Direct message on my Insta :@Famillypet_Official 

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