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Are Cats Loyal and Friendly Pets ?

Are Cats Loyal ?

Cats can be incredibly loyal, although this loyalty must come from their own free will, and you can only help them in this by being loyal to your cat, as their loyalty to you will be valuable when you earn it.

are cats loyal and friendly pets

How do you know if Your Cat is Loyal ?

To know if a cat really loves you and likes to live with you, you’ll need some time together and may notice some signs that from your Ketty to show you their feelings and love, this is their “body language”. 

Is my cat loyal to me ?

If you take good care of them they become loyal to you. Cats like to be in good condition, to eat well, to play and to feel softness. 

When a cat finds all this in his owner, he will always like to stay next to you  because he has what he needs. So we can say that the loyalty of cats depends on your behavior towards them. 

Cats are really amazing pets n and when the cat comes to trust you and believes that you will do everything it likes, it becomes loyal to you. 

Cats show their loyalty to their parents by showing certain gestures and mimics that they can’t do or it’s difficult to do to some others. 

1- Scratching you 

If your cat is scratching you he’s probably showing some loyalty to you. Because scratching in cats is a special gesture that they can’t do easily to any other than a close family member.

It’s true that it can be painful but don’t reject it, if you can’t allow him to scratch  your skin, you can show him a piece of your clothes that you’re wearing so that he does it.

2- Rubbing its head against yours

When you bring your head close to him and he rubs it directly, it is that your cat trusts you, and this act is difficult to do it to someone else, especially a stranger. 

3- Does she/he sleeps beside you ?

You know, when a cat wants to sleep, he prefers to take a secluded spot or his litter box. However, if he leaves his litter box or corner just to sleep with you, it is a sign of loyalty.

Try another way: Sleep with someone else, or in a group, and he will come to your side or your own bed to sleep with you. He chooses you and not someone else? This is a sign of loyalty.

Are cats loyal than dogs ?

We all know that dogs have proven their unconditional loyalty to their parents, and they don’t hesitate for a second to give their lives to save their parents’ lives.

What about cats! I’ve seen cats attacking dogs and other animals to save a human baby or another cat.

But personally I can’t generalize and say that cats are born loyal like dogs. However, if your cat decides that you are his partner and friend, he will somehow sign a pact with you as long as you keep up your end of the bargain by offering him love, care, food and all the attention he is used to receiving from you.

To sum up, the difference between a dog’s loyalty and a cat’s loyalty is that a dog’s loyalty is unconditional, whereas a cat will remain loyal to you until the first mistake you make!

It will be enough sometimes just that you yell at your dog for him to ignore you for several days!

How do cats show their loyalty and love ?

3 ways that a cat uses to communicate with you and that shows love and their loyalty 

1- Cats Body postures

If you pay attention to the postures of your cat, you will quickly understand some of its intentions and you will detect signs of its loyalty or not!


When a cat gets close to you and then rubs your feet, head or any part of your body, it means that the cat feels comfortable with you and it’s a sign of love. 

Playing with your clothes

If you are walking and he follows your pants or dress while playing with it, it is also a sign of love. Even if you haven’t worn those clothes.

If your cat finds an item that you are holding, a brush, or any piece of clothing and he plays with it, it means that your cat has recognized your sense of smell and he knows that it is your clothing. and it is also a sign of attachment to you.


Even if they turn out to be dangerous or painful, cats do this as a way of playing with you. They don’t know they’re hurting you.

Approaching you by raising their back  

When a cat addresses you by raising its back, it is scientifically approved that cats only do this in 2 situations: when they feel comfortable with a person and when they get up after sleeping.

Voice vibrations

It is also part of the body language that shows love to its parents. Veterinarian Natasha Gibbons, who currently owns 6 cats and has a beautiful collection of Hello kitty’s, and who has done extensive studies on cats as a veterinarian, has claimed that the vibrations present a positive message to the people who own them

2- Facial expressions

Cats that Closing their eyes 

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When your cat looks at you and then closes his eyes it means “I love you” in cat body language. To answer him you can smile and close your eyes too because he will also read your facial expressions and understand your feelings. Cats are very clever at reading facial expressions of their owners.

3- Tail movements

Cats also show their feelings for their owner using their tail. When the cat is in front of you and wags its tail left and right, that means that it  feels very comfortable with you and enjoys the time it spends with you. 

How to make your cat loyal ?

Yes, of course you can make your cat more loyal to you, in a way, here are some practices to make him understand that you are his partner and that he must be also loyal to you:

You’ll have to gain your cat’s complete trust, so here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Cats love routine, be sure to respect the schedules of meals, games, outings …
  • Cats love calmness, avoid scaring them with sudden noises 
  • Cats like to have a corner of their own where they can withdraw without being disturbed.
  • Cats don’t like to be forced to do things they don’t like, so be gentle with them.
  • Learn the cat language to understand its requests and humors
  • Never ignore a cat that wants to play or cuddle, observe your cat and try to understand its character, what it likes and what it hates
  • Never take food away from your cat 
  • Never punish your cat, they will never understand why you are doing it! simply “Punishment means nothing to a cat
  • Never raise your voice at your cat even when it does something wrong, don’t spank or swat a cat.
  • Don’t try to dominate your cat, but rather to become its accomplice and friend.
  • Respect your cat’s wishes, let him come to you instead of chasing him.
  • Cats love treats, you can use them when your cat is reluctant to obey you.
  • Cats love to be clean and quiet, so think about that too.
  • Never leave food out for your cat to eat. Your cat needs to understand that you are the one feeding it, and this will reinforce its dependence on you and its loyalty.
  • Your cat must feel safe in your home and especially when it is with you.

I think , you finally understand that we have to show our cats loyalty first in order for them to give it back, so make an effort, the loyalty of the cat is earned and is not innate in this pet!

Do Cats Forgive their parents mistakes ?

Do Cats Hold Grudges Or Forgive Easily? genuine accidents and honest mistakes are usually forgotten and forgiven by the cat in less than 24 hours but repeated mistreatment and abuse are harder for cats to forgive, a cat that is intentionally abused will remember it for life.

Cats usually forgive small mistakes made by their parents, even if it takes a little time and a lot of cuddling and treats.

If you’re worried about losing your cat’s loyalty to you, be patient and you’ll find that after a few days of attention and affection, your cat will forget the unpleasant incident and become your friend again.

How do you know if a cat is not friendly?

Indeed, cat friendliness is something that happens in the genes. These genes are usually passed on from father to son. When the father is not friendly or unsociable, the son will be like him.

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One can mean the reason that perhaps his origins were a wild cat, but who became a new cat breed through breeding.

You can know if your cat is friendly or not with the same way, while looking at his body language. 

Tolerate cuddles or not 

If he doesn’t like you to touch him or if he doesn’t react when you rub him, it means that this breed of cat is less friendly and doesn’t like people. 

Its walking way

If he doesn’t walk in the middle of the apartment, and he walks right next to the wall (all along the wall) it means that your cat is not friendly and doesn’t feel comfortable.


If you recently bought a cat and it meows all the time, it means that it does not like the place where it feels comfortable. However, not in all situations. 


It’s true that sometimes it’s a sign of love when it bites you while playing. But if he continues to bite you directly every time you touch him, it means that he doesn’t like the sense of touching him, and no pet cat hates that.

6 friendly and loyal cat breeds

Cats also differ from one breed to another. You may find that some cats are less loyal than others, even though you treat them well. 

Some people who have more than one cat notice that some cats adapt easily to strangers who come to their home, while others do not associate easily with others. Generally, sensitive and very affectionate cats are the most loyal breeds of cats. 

1- The Ragdoll 

It’s a very affectionate cat and attached to its owner, many people find it the ideal cat to stay at home or live in an apartment. 

  • Lifespan: between 12 and 17 years.
  • Size: up to 40 cm
  • Weight: for males between 4 and 9 kg. For  females between 3 and 8 kg.
  • Hair: half-long.

Loyalty story of a ragdoll cat 

There is a lot of faithful cat stories n this is a story of a ragdoll female named “Cat” who lives with her two owners Mindy and Luke Criner. One day Cat went missing. 

Months and years passed, and they figured Cat would never come home.

536 days after Cat disappeared, they received a call they no longer believed. 

Cat had been found by a man who had been feeding him for a year, thinking he was a stray. One day, Cat was hit by a car, and was sent to the vet to have his injuries treated. There, the vet scanned his microchip, and found his former owners. 

Cat’s owner Mindy, when she received the call, couldn’t hold back her tears when she saw her cat alive, so she got down on her knees and looked at her silently, not daring to believe it.

Seeing her in turn, Cat immediately jumped into Mindy’s arms, and gave her a huge hug while purring with all her might.

This story shows that despite more than 12 months, Cat has not forgotten her owner Mindy. 

2- Moggy cats 

What are moggies ? 

Moggies are a breed of domestic cats that were born from the first time without any human intervention. their origins are unknown. moggy cats with short hair are the most common. and they are expensive because of their very good quality. 

This breed of cat is known to be a pet cat and likes to live with people and to stay at home. It’s especially a very loyal breed.  

Loyalty story of 2 moggy cats 

It Happened in LA in 2015, a cat named “Tara” saved the little son of his mother. This little boy was riding a bike when a dog attacked him but the cat saved him by jumping on the dog and screaming. The dog was shocked and fled from the mouth of a dog! 

The video is still on youtube with more than 26 million views on Roger Triantafilo’s channel under the name “My Cat Saved My life”. 

This moggy received the “Hero Dog Award” which usually rewards dogs that come to help humans.

Another touching story of the same cat  breed 

This is a story about a family that moved from Ouzbékistan to Russia without their cat named Mimine, thinking that the long journey would be very tiring and destabilizing for him.

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In 2008, the cat left the garden and walked 3200 km to reach Russia. A story marked by the daily newspaper in 2010. 

One day in 2010 the teacher opened the door and she observed mimine at the door of his new home in Russian. 

The owner revealed that the cat had left their neighbor’s house right after they moved. The owner told the newspaper: “I have no idea how he found us, but I’m very happy that he did.

3- The bombay Cat

Bombay is probably the most famous black cat breed. This breed is known for its strong attachment to people, which is affectionate and therefore loyal. 

A Short story of a bombay cat that proves its Loyalty

Dany Morsilli is the owner of a cat called “BOB”, the poor cat disappeared on May 11, when Dany’s family and her cat went for a walk away from the house. Dany waited for 2 to 3 days for him to come back but she lost hope saying that if he doesn’t come back during those days, he will never come back.

But the miracle is that on June 13th, Dany heard a meow behind the door, she opened the door and found her cat bob coming back by himself! 

4-  Sphynx

Only unique people buy it, because of its weird appearance but is admired by many. This breed of cat is loyal to its owner, very affectionate and among the most suitable breeds to live in an apartment.

5- Ragamuffin

It’s  among the most affectionate cats and very attached to their owner which makes them loyal . This splendid cat with long and silky fur that is easy to handle is classified among the “dog cats”. It’s  necessary to count around 1 000 € to offer a Ragamuffin.

6- Chinchilla Persian

When you leave him at home and you go to work, he knows how to stay calm while waiting for you. When you come back, he shows with his body language signs of affection and joy to see you again. So it is a faithful and loving cat. This breed is a cross between two Persian cats (Smoke and Sylver tabby).

There are also  other breeds loyal to their owners like the Devon rex, the Tonkinese and the sacred cat of Burma. 

Should I be sad if my cat is not loyal to me?

First of all, don’t expect your cat to be loyal to all members of your family with the same intensity, cats often have their favorites, and they choose who they will be loyal to.

You should also know that loyalty is not really a factor when choosing a cat, so if you are so attached to that trait, adopt a dog instead.

Finally, if you show your cat that you love him and that you are loyal to him, sooner or later he will return the favor and become loyal to you in turn, and this loyalty is sometimes stronger than that of dogs, and there are many stories of cats who have become true heroes by exposing themselves to danger to save their human friend.

Lets Wrap all this Up

Finally, after reading some stories we can confirm that cats are also loyal and very sensitive and affectionate pets. If you take good care of them, they will show you a lot of affection, because they are pets that need a lot of attention and care. 

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