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What is a dog’s life expectancy and how caring of senior dog ?

Your dog will age before you and will ask for your assistance

how to take care of a senior dog

Your lovely dog will not remain a young puppy all his life, he will age like all of us, it is true that the life expectancy of dogs has improved in recent years, thanks in particular to care, good food and especially the appearance of the modes and practices of walking and playing with his dog, which ensures them a better physical condition, as well as a greater longevity for our adorable dogs.

How to calculate the age of your dog?

To make it easier for you to understand the difference in growth and aging between a dog and its owner, be aware, for example, that the majority of dog breeds reach sexual maturity at the age of 8 months, while men and women must wait 16 to 18 years for them to be able to procreate

Dogs are getting old but at a faster rate than humans. In fact, 27 years is the maximum age a dog can reach.

But since each year lived by a dog is comparable to 6 years in humans, the calculation is quickly done, and we will consider that a dog will be considered old when it reaches its 9 or 10 years of age, which is equivalent to 60 years or even a little more in its owner

The average life expectancy of dogs is estimated at 13 years, your dog may not reach this age, but may well live longer too, depending on his lifestyle and the care you provide him.

Who lives more, the small breeds or the big dogs?

caring of old dogs

Contrary to popular belief, it is the breeds of small dogs that live longer than bigger dog’s breeds, a Chihuahua generally lives longer than a bulldog or a German Shepherd and the theory is valid for all other breeds of dogs, the smaller a dog is ( the body), the longer it will live in the same conditions and the same environment of course.

Thus, a small dog becomes old after 13 years while a large breed dog reaches the age of old age from 9 or 10 years old 

How can you help your dog live longer and take care of a senior dog ?

The equation and recipe for longevity in dogs is the same as that of humans, so to make your dog live longer, here are some tips:

  • Choose a healthy puppy and a small dog breed
  • Ensure good nutrition 
  • Ensure a good hygiene of life for your dog
  • Perform periodic health checks for your dog
  • Prohibit good insurance for your dog so that the veterinarian can follow him and treat him well , I recommend Pet Assure for old pets , especially senior dogs with preconditions , i will tell you more about this amazing plan bellow …
  • Monitor your dog’s food and weight and prevent him from becoming obese, in which case put your dog on a diet
  • Make sure your dog has excellent teeth 
  • Make sure your dog is active and does sport and exercise every day
  • Ensure a peaceful and secure environment for your dog, far from stress and pollution as well
  • Avoid contact between your dog and wild animals, especially stray dogs
  • Take care of your dog naturally if possible , don’t forget to trim its nails periodically for example. 
  • Buy him its basic needs and a  a good health insurance for your dog because he has become more fragile and will have to consult a veterinarian more often, so he will be on treatment more often than before .
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How do you know your dog is getting old?

Your dog starts to age if you notice some attitudes and behaviors in him, here they are: 

  • Your dog will sleep more often and for longer
  • Your dog’s hair loses its shine and becomes dull
  • Your dog will become slower and lose his vitality and seems to lack energy 
  • Your dog will stick out his tongue more often and will run out of breath very quickly for the slightest effort
  • Your dog will become more contemplative and calm, a more passive character
  • Your dog will no longer finish his bowl as before
  • Your dog will have more and more pain in his joints, back and stomach
  • Your dog will either become leaner or obese for no apparent reason, just old age of course

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How to take care of your dog when he starts to age?

When you notice the signs present in your dog, know that he has become a Senior and it is your duty to accompany him in his old age and try to make his life easier 

You will bable to accompany your dog in his old age with these few gestures and good practices and these few daily cares:

Taking care of your old dog’s eyes:

how to take care of a senior dog eyes

When your dog starts to age, his eyes will become bluish ,a kind of cataract and his eyes will drop especially in the dark, and especially, his eyes will no longer be hydrated as when he was young

You can then relieve him and clean his eyes every day or every two days with a compress soaked in Physiological Saline, because an old dog’s eyes no longer produce enough tears to clean themselves.

Trim your dog’s nails ( claws)

You will have to treat your dog’s claws more often when he starts to age, because the upper layers of his nails will no longer fall, because your dog no longer runs as before, so his claws no longer wear out and therefore no longer cut themselves.

Relieve pain in your dog’s pelvis

The risk of osteoarthritis is high in an older dog, so your veterinarian will probably prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain in your dog’s pelvis and back. 

Learn to know when your dog is in pain and give him his painkillers, you can also take him out every day, especially when the weather is nice and sunny and let your dog walk to his rhythm and avoid being run too much too.

Final Thoughts

When your dog gets old, it is your duty to make his life easier, to look after his well-being and to give him back all the happiness he gave us when he had all his strength

Regular veterinary follow-up and daily care for your dog is therefore necessary to ensure that he lives as long and healthy a life as possible.

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