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The best Treats for Puppy Training

The best Treats for Puppy Training ? 

treats to training my puppy

What are the best treats to use when training my puppy?

The type of treats to use to reward your puppy during his daily training sessions is very important, and these treats have an effect on the outcome of the training.

The most important thing when choosing the treats to use for training your puppy is to never use just one type of treat, but at least three different types of treats.

As a former dog trainer, here are the special puppy training treats that I recommend, and I will tell you right afterwards why this choice was made. 


1- High Value Puppy Training Treats


You can choose one from each category or you can buy them all and do the test (I’ve explained it below) in order to find, among all these brands, the ones that your puppy will love the most, because it will be these treats that will make his training easier.


image5 image3 image6
Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Grain Free Crunchy Chicken Hearts Puppy or Dog Treats – All Breeds & Sizes – Fresh – Natural – Training

Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards Freeze Dried Treats for Dogs

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Single Ingredient Treats


High value Puppy training treats:

These treats that we have classified as “high value”, are the one your puppy loves the most! , they are used to be moist or freeze-dried, extra smelly…

You will only give him these treats on rare occasions, and especially during cases like these:

Reward your puppy when he learns a new good behavior or when he rectifies an old bad behavior and adopts the good behavior you teach him.

During the socialization period to encourage him to get used to humans and other animals, and also when you take him to places where there are too many distractions and despite this he acts well and responds positively to your commands …etc…

To sum up, High Value treats should be reserved for exceptions, your puppy must really deserve them.


2-Medium Value Puppy Training Treats


image4 image8 image1
Zuke’s Naturals Training and NEW! Soft Chewy Calming Dog Treats

Complete Natural Nutrition Buddy’S Kitchen Off-Leash Treat, Fire Grilled Chicken

Charlee Bear Dog Treats Variety Pack includes Liver, Egg and Cheese …


Medium value puppy training treats:

Medium value treats are those that you will give your puppy regularly during training sessions, for example to reinforce a behavior that your puppy has already learned, rework the exercise of the previous training session.

You will also use this kind of treats to reward your dog when he behaves well …but without him doing anything really special !

these treats are usually semi-moist or dry treats made from ingredients that your dog doesn’t get in their regular food.


3- Low Value Dog Training Treats


image7 image2
Dog Training Treats Coconut Apple – Vegetarian, Organic, Baked & Crunchy – Heart Healthy Diet Treats for Puppy or Large Pets – All Natural Fiber, No Grain, Gluten – Apple Fruit, Made in USA

FirstMate Wild Pacific Caught Fish and Oats Formula, 5 Pounds, Grain Friendly Diet for Dogs


Low value puppy training treats :

As far as low value treats are concerned, you can even use his daily food, or just not too caloric kibbles, because these are the ones you will use most often, during training and in normal situations, when your puppy doesn’t deserve to have high and medium value treats, situations like:

If for example your dog tries to execute your order but doesn’t succeed yet, and you will just reward in this case just his perseverance, and you will reserve the other valuable treats for when your puppy succeeds in doing what you expect him to do …etc


And Now ?

So once you’ve received your three types of treats, the one I recommend or many others, you’ll be testing your puppy’s enthusiasm for each of these three types of space puppy training treats right away.

You will then classify them from the one your puppy really loves to the one he doesn’t like so much.

As you may have noticed, I based my choice on the value of the treat, I’m talking about the value your puppy gives to this or that treat.


How do you know which treat your dog likes the most?


You will have to order several samples of special puppy training treats (the ones I recommended for example).

You are going to stand in front of your puppy, two treats of two different models, each in one hand.

You will make your puppy feel your hands and he will surely choose and be more attracted to one kind of treat more than the other …

Give it to him, and test this winning treat once again by putting another type of treat in the other hand.

Repeat this exercise until you are sure that you have a treat that your puppy loves more than the others, this one will serve as a High Value Treat, put it aside and try to detect his second choice to use it as a Medium Value Treat.


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